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robbie has no regrets

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

Where has the time gone? Apparently, it's been a while since I last updated here, but whenever I think I should write something, I'm distracted by something else and I never do. *boo's self* Anyone have any suggestions on how to update more often? I need some pointers!

Anyway, last weekend was spent in Munich with saba1789, stellamira, mabiana and franzi1981!

We all went to the Take That concert on Friday, which was just awesome! Rob is still the best and I love him so much (surprise, surprise!) and the rest of the boys were awesome too! I just wish I could have seen a little bit more. But I guess that's the downside of a concert in a football stadium. Hehe.

The rest of the weekend we spent in Munich, doing all the things. Saba, Mabiana and I went on a sightseeing walking tour that lasted for four hours! It was great, but also exhausting, because the tour guide was a fast talker and a fast walker. Heh. All in all, a great time was had! Mabiana posted a few of her pictures here.

And! The first thing Saba noticed (after the hugs) was "You have grey hair!!!" Yes, yes, I really do. D: I was too lazy to go the hairdresser before the Munich weekend (and I'm also a bit sick of having to constantly dye my hair), so there was lots of grey hair. D:
(ETA: And I think I should add that I didn't mind so much Saba noticing, I just hate how noticeable the grey hair already is. Dying would help, but I'm so lazy. See, it's an unbreakable circle!)

Work-wise the past week has been very stressful! So many people are on vacation and then a couple more got sick and just a handful of people were left to do all the work. D: This coming week should be a bit better, because there are a couple of people coming back from their vacations. *crosses fingers*

Also, we had some annoying problems with the new digital dictation system. Every time the IT people do some upgrade something else gets broken. They started to implement that new system last November and it's still not working properly! Gah! Everyone's so frustrated, so much that some doctors have gone back to dictate things on mini-cassettes. *headdesk*
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A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

My Highlander re-watch has come to an end! Woe! I watched the last episode on Sunday and it has been really great! Collapse )

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Munich for the weekend! I'm going to meet up with mabiana, saba1789, stellamira and franzi1981 and we're going to see Take That together (Wheeeeeeeeeee!)! I'm so excited! :DDD
(And maybe when I'm get back home on Sunday LJ will be back. *crosses fingers*)
chinese lantern (enriana)

Every crowd has a silver lining.

* Thank you aerisaturner and elsmoka for the Chocolate Userhead! Very yummy! :D

* My cold is slowly fading. I'm still hoarse, but it's getting better. And there's the occasional coughing fit still (very annoying during the night!).

* After years and years of discussions, they are going to change a passage in the Austrian anthem. They are changing the line that talks about the country's great sons to include the great daughters. From "Heimat bist du großer Söhne" (Home of great sons) to something like "Heimat großer Töchter und großer Söhne" (Home of great daughters and great sons). Such a little thing and yet it means a lot. :D

* Tonight I'm going to see Harry Potter! :D (Hopefully without coughing fits!)

* There's a new Take That video out! :DDD

(Take That - When We Were Young)
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Market price? What market are you shopping at?

Just so you know, I love Community a lot! ♥♥♥

Last night I watched the entire ECHO awards, because I wanted to see Take That perform. And perform they did... at the end of the show! At least I got to see them get their first ECHO... right at the beginning of the show. *headdesk*

One of the hosts asked them, "When have you last seen each other naked?"
Robbie: "1993. That's how we got into the band."
Oh Rob! ♥

Anyway, Take That performing Kidz at the ECHO awards:

(Direct link.)

I think I've mentioned it before, but the Austrian version of Dancing with the Stars (called Dancing Stars) has a male couple competing. This is their first dance from last week. Next show is Friday next week, no show today because of the football game Austria vs. Belgium.

Alfons Haider and Vadim Garbuzov performing the Cha-Cha-Cha (Dancing Stars 2011):

(Direkt link.)
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Why are our days numbered and not, say, lettered?

Happy Birthday, [personal profile] writerlibrarian! I wish you all the best! *hugs*

Just a little comment about the latest episode of Collapse )

I watched "Wetten, dass..?" tonight for the first time in ages and just because of Take That! Whee!

They performed "The Flood," it wasn't too exciting, but it was good to see them live. And then Howard said a few words in German and... *melts*. I so have a thing for native English speakers to speak German. *flails*
igelchen (enriana)

The worst thing you can possibly do is worrying and thinking about what you could have done.

I got some more holiday cards this past week! Snail mail was very slow, because I think all of them were sent before Christmas! So, thank you so much meelie, turps33, tikiaceae and ramblinround! *hugs you all*

And I got a postcard from London from stellamira as well! Thank you! *hugs*

First week of work in the new year done and over and it was a good, quiet week. Hopefully the rest of the year will be the same!

The Four Hills Tournament (ski jumping) ended this week as well, which was quite the triumph for the Austrian jumpers! Whee! Go Thomas Morgenstern, go! :-D

franzi1981 wrote me Mark Owen/Robbie Williams slash!!! It's awesome and you can read it here! Thank you again! ♥♥♥

And I may have to go to Fedcon this year as well! Damn you, Wil Wheaton! *shakes fist*
linz home

Better to get up late and be wide awake than to get up early and be asleep all day.

My mom, my brother and I visited my grandmother and the rest of the extended family today. It was a rather short trip, because of the weather, but at least we got to see everybody. The extended family all lives in a little village and getting there was a bit of an adventure. Usually it only takes about 40 minutes to drive, but today it took us 1 1/2 hours. The roads were horrid. Bleh. Going home was a bit faster, thankfully.

My brother got me the Battlestar Galactica boxed set! It has a Cylon action figure included! Hee!

And yes, this is another post with a Take That performance vid. I just can't help it!!!
It's a performance from a German show. Gary seems to be sick, because Howard sings his part and then there is Robbie and Mark at the 1:50 min mark. Be still my heart! ♥♥♥