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princess (turlough)

Sti(e)lblüten 2012

Alle Jahre wieder kommt es zu kleinen verbalen Ausrutschern meiner Ärzte im Krankenhaus. Wie wir alle wissen, Deutsch ist eine schwere Sprache speziell für Muttersprachler. Außerdem lernen wir in dieser Ausgabe viel Neues über die Anatomie des Menschen! ;D

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laughing cat

Sti(e)lblüten 2009

Endlich schaffe ich es mal die diesjährigen Sti(e)lblüten aus dem Krankenhaus zu posten! Ist ja schon zur Tradition geworden :-). Also, ohne Umschweife hier die kleinen Ausrutscher "meiner" Ärzte ;-).

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Sti(e)lblüten vergangener Jahre gibt es (erstaunlicherweise) unter dem Sti(e)lblüten-Tag.
john sheppard is han solo

Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.

At work we had a patient who thought it was a great idea to put a 15 cm perfume flacon (incl. the plastic cap) in his rectum (during sex with his girlfriend, he said). And then he called his mother, because he couldn't get it out again. They had to surgically remove the flacon and the plastic cap. We wondered if the bottle was empty or not... ;-).

One of my co-workers outed herself as a Backstreet Boys fan and she insisted on going to a BSB concert together. Not that that would be a hardship. Hee.

I hope you all have already seen the pictures of Zachary Quinto as Spock. So cool. He looks so much like the real Spock Leonard Nimoy. It's amazing!

I found this little tidbit: Filming has wrapped on ABC’s Wanna Bet?, a game show based on a German format, in which celebrities wager on stunt-performing contestants. (Source.)
Does that mean we can send them Thomas Gottschalk? *g*