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All people want is someone to listen.

They show this Snickers commercial with Joan Collins (German version) constantly on TV here and when Joan Collins says deodorant in the commercial, which is just "deo" in German I always understand "dildo" instead. /o\

Health update:
Blood tests came back normal. Had the first appointment for physiotherapy for my back Thursday morning. The doctor did a bunch of tests and then prescribed a whole bunch of physiotherapy stuff. On the same day I already had the first sessions of physiotherapy and something that's called Hydrojet therapy.
Hydrojet is basically a water bed and jets of water massage your back. Very nice thing! Friday I got fango-packs on my back, which was nice. Although, lying on my back for 20 min. wasn't that great (my lower back hurt so much!).
I'll get massages as well in a couple weeks. Next physiotherapy session is Thursday morning.
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This is like deja vu all over again.

1) Two posts in one day! But I found more things to list! And one day in the hopeful not so distant future, I will post without lists again!

2) As I said on Twitter: Here goes my dream of ever becoming Mrs Williams. Rob, you broke my heart! ;-) But I wish you all the best!

3) My most favorite tumblr blog: Bookshelf Porn. It makes my insides all fuzzy!
(This is me on tumblr, by the way.)

4) I had dark chocolate (75 %) today! I love dark chocolate! Although, next time I should not have it for dinner.
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When I was younger, I could remember anything, whether it had happened or not.

1) I should have gone grocery shopping today, but it's so cold and rainy that I didn't go. I suck at this household stuff. Speaking of household; I should clean up too. There's way too much stuff just lying on the floor.

2) I've had yummy mom-made blueberry strudel today. Soooo goood!

3) My brother bought a new printer and then I got his old one. I've got a working printer again! \o/

4) I've started this post yesterday and I still haven't posted. I fail! /o\
(1 - 3 from Saturday, 4 - 7 from today.)

5) I went to bed at a ridiculously early time last night. On a Saturday. /o\

6) Via digital_diva: Making the group: Old-Town. Hahahaha, just funny and awesome!

7) Joe Flanigan and his best mate Jason pubcrawling in Dublin.

8) Happy Birthday, the_little_owl! I wish you all the best! *hugs*
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All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.

1) Thank you for the vgift, stellamira! Yummy waffles! ♥

2) On Monday I spilled cocoa all over myself and my office desk. /o\ At least I wore something dark, so the cocoa stains weren't too noticeable, but still. My keyboard still smells like cocoa.

3) I think I've developed a thing for lists in my entries.

4) Yesterday, the lady boss asked me which day this week I'd like to leave early. Naturally, I said Friday, because early start of the weekend FTW! Today, she sent me an email telling me that co-worker G will have a half day off today and tomorrow and asks me if I want to leave early today or tomorrow, because she will leave early on Friday. Uh, what?

I replied with a "WTF?!? I told you yesterday that I wanted to leave early on Friday." and her answer was just an "oh, I thought it was a maybe." o.O

I talked to her about it again a bit later and she said it was okay for me to leave early on Friday, "no problem, my son will have to go home by train then." Of course that made me feel guilty! On the other hand, she had half a day off last Friday and a whole day the Friday before that. And her son is 17 years old, he's more than capable to go home by train and bus on his own. Gah!

I like the lady boss, I really do, but she's driving me crazy with all her (most of the time unannounced) days off and half days off! :-/

5) I watched the first two episodes of Collapse )

6) Awesome Tricorder App for Android! Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone. Boo! I want a Tricorder for my iPhone!

7) My home town wants to become an "open commons region" (press release in German here). If they can manage that, it would be really cool! The city already has over a 100 free Internet hotspots and every person above the age of 14 who lives here can get free webspace and email account at the public space server. \o/

8) I really like lists!
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It was a robot head!

No, seriously, it was a robot head!
Sometimes fandom is really, really awesome! ♥

Also: Canned Unicorn Meat and the best-ever cease and desist *snorts*

Aside from the World Cup there's also Wimbledon going on at the moment and two players (John Isner, US and Nicolas Mahut, F) have already the world record for the longest tennis match. They've been playing already for close to 10 hours (!). They are in the 5th set, 59:59 (!) and the game is going to be continued tomorrow afternoon! Crazy game!
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Living in a vacuum sucks.

Do you know what happens when a random insect starts to walk over your computer monitor that just happens to be a touch screen monitor?

I was commenting, when that random insect decided to walk over the "post comment" button... and it did just that. Luckily, the comment was already finished, but still. o.O

On a side note: Never ever touch your touch screen monitor when you're playing WoW. It can have some rather interesting consequences, like unintentionally walking off a cliff.
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One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.

It seems I'm only allowed to post once a week anymore...

This week's post is very important, because today is the birthday of the fabulous and adorable saba1789! I could say so much about her, how awesome she is, but one of the best things about her is that she's the most hug-able person ever! Saba hugs are the best! So, Happy Birthday, Saba! *hugs tight*

It's also the birthday of chani_atreides, the queen of unicycles! Happy Birthday, Chani! *hugs*

And, stellamira, thank you so much for the card from Rome! I already got it a while ago, but I always forgot to thank you! *hugs*

Other things:
* I've got tomorrow and Friday off. Yay!
* Watched "Clash of the Titans" yesterday and that's ca. 100 min that I will never get back. Sid had about 2 seconds of screen time. Boo.
* I've watched the first season of "Southland" (because I really don't have enough shows to watch) and I like it. A lot. Tasha Yar was in one episode!
* Watched "Glee." As much as I love Emma, but her big eyes freak me out a little.
* Wheeaaaatoooon!

That's it. See you next week for my weekly post.
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We are always the same age inside.

I've got mail! I love getting mail! :-D

First, a lovely postcard from Copenhagen! Thanks so much, saba1978! ♥
And secondly, I got a beautiful Christmas card from stellamira! Thank you! ♥
*hugs you both*

And! I was sort of productive yesterday and I wrote most of the holiday cards. And today I mailed them out. So expect a card from me in the next few days. Please, don't mind any mistakes or weird handwriting. I'm not used to writing by hand so much! All I do is type all day long.

I'm kind of scared of my bursts of productivity in the last couple days, though. Weird that! Maybe I'll even manage to get all the presents in time!

xkcd comic: I'd totally watch this movie. After the awesome The Core, now the awesome The Sun! Fantastic! :-D

It seems that the LJ notification system works again. My LJ inbox is full, but not all the email notifications have arrived in my mail inbox yet. Hopefully soon!

And now I should go to bed. It's way past my bedtime (yes, I go to bed ridiculously early, I'm old! and in a couple weeks I'm even older!). I sort of lost track of time, while I was playing WoW. Was having fun with my fellow guild members. :-)
ronon wants to go back to bed

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.

Haven't really felt like posting, nothing to tell anyway. I had my last day of classes yesterday and the oral exam is Friday next week (from 11 am to 1 pm). I feel a lot less nervous about that one. Unfortunately, I also feel a lot less motivated to actually study. :-/

In any case I'm on study vacation starting tomorrow. Have to work Friday next week, because the oral exam is at my work place anyway.

Link round up of things that I posted to Twitter this past week:
* minotaurs died last Sunday. I've met him once at Friscon (10 years ago), where he had one of his famous panels. I got to talk to him for a little while, which was really nice. He'll be missed.

* I'm really sad that they decided to cancel Primeval. I know that a lot of people didn't really like series 3, but I enjoyed it a lot. Danny was awesome! Becker and Sarah ♥. Also Abby/Connor ♥! I will really miss it.

* This particular nomination for the Advisory Board Election makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

* Gewaltspiele sind ungefährlich (German article). Games don't kill (Flickr picture group).

* Australian Torchwood: Children of Earth trailer. Very creepy!

And it seems that we finally have an airdate for TW series 3. Sort of. Apparently BBC1 will air it between July 4th and July 10th. \o/

The last season of ER is airing on German TV at the moment and I can't tell you how awesome I think it is. It really hasn't been that good since John Carter left. I've never been fannish about it, but I always watched and I will miss this show so much!

I finally managed to update my iPhone to OS 3.0. I'd downloaded the OS yesterday, but then the activation server wouldn't connect. Woe! Did it today and finally, copy & paste! :-D Also, I really need to try out Internet-Tethering (connect your iPhone to your laptop and use it as a modem), which is available here. :-D

I also have four DW invite codes left. If you want one comment and I'll send it your way.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

Merlin Songivd recs:
1. The Dance by mamoru22. Just: ♥♥♥ :-).
2. A general overview vid by sache8, which is really nice! :-)

I started this post shortly after lunch and I still haven't posted. But I was distracted by the ski jumping competition and then I watched some stuff (the Doctor Who 11th Doctor Confidential among them) and then I had an awesome phone date with saba1789 (we had dinner together! ;-) and more watching of stuff on my computer.

And now it's hours later and I still haven't finished this post. Oops. Not that I wanted to write about all that interesting things. At least I don't think so, because I can't really remember what I wanted to write about. Double oops.

So, how was your Sunday?