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GSSU Archive

Many years ago I created the GSSU archive (German Speaking Slashers United) for the German fannish contingent that I was a part of. The stories were in German and English from a variety of fandoms. It was the archive of the Querstrich mailinglist.

While this mailinglist still exists, our mode of communication has changed and moved to other channels like LJ/DW, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. By the same token people have started posting and/or archiving their stories other places as well.

Therefore, after many many years of maintaining the GSSU archive, I've decided to give it up.

It has been a very hard decision for me to do that. While I really loved doing it the first 7 years, I haven't really updated the site for 5 years now nor were there any people asking to archive their stories there.

However, I still paid the monthly hosting fee. And while it's not that much money, it's still money that I could use for other things.

I will keep the site until the end of the year so that everyone has the chance to move their stories somewhere else. I also still have all the files of every story, so if you've lost it you can contact me and I'll email it to you.

If someone else wants to take over the archive, they can contact me too. I have all the files, you'd just need your own hosting space.
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"You're going straight to hell!" "Mmm, hell. Fire pretty."

My vacation is over and tomorrow it's back to work. Bleh!

I watched the pilot of Rome on TV and it looks pretty interesting. I kept getting distracted while watching, though, which is usually not a good sign. So, who knows if I keep watching or not. It all depends on whether or not I remember to tune in next week ;-).

But, they had a trailer for Heroes during the show. Apparently, RTL2 is going to air Heroes next fall. I'm already dreading the German voices.

I've watched the last of my downloaded episodes of Psych today and bwahahaha, it's so funny and I love the show. I can't wait to see more. :-D

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And I made another Querstrich gathering icon, because esda said I should. Collapse )

raven_lore, thanks so much for the bear hug! *hugs you back*
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All stories are true, some just never happened.

So, Sib picked me up around 9:30 am on Friday and then we were on the way to Graz. We kind of accidentally took the scenic route, which cost us an hour, but was way prettier than the direct route. But still I would have preferred to get to Graz a bit earlier ;-).

We found our hostel and then we were already on the way to do some sightseeing. We met up with a friend of Sib, who showed us around. Collapse )

On Saturday we went to a big mall just outside of Graz, where I bought a new bag, because my old one is falling apart. It's so pretty and way bigger than my old one. I also bought a new t-shirt. Yay. And then we went home. This time we took the direct route and we were home in no time. This time we didn't really see all that much.

Totally unrelated: I made another Collapse ) Heh! Not all is lost when I still have the ability to amuse myself ;-).
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Never eat more than you can lift.

To the Germans and Austrians or anyone who has the TV channel Das Vierte:
They are airing Thoughtcrimes tomorrow at 20:15. As we all know, Thoughtcrimes is one of Joe Flanigan's failed pilots, but I love it so much. I'd have loved to see more of it. Joe and Navi Rawat are cute together :-).

Yesterday, _sushi_ and I went to see Shrek the Third and I thought it was a cute movie. Maybe not as great and funny as the previous ones, but still good enough for me. But then I just can't resist Antonio Banderas' voice *rowr*. And I thought Justin Timberlake did a great job for Artie. Heh. So cute!

I made shareable Querstrich gathering Collapse )

I'm an experienced woman; I've been around...

well, alright, I might not've been around, but I've been... nearby.

On Saturday, when we all walked to the cinema to see Die Hard 4.0, I kind of forgot to walk* and fell down three measly steps. I ripped my pants and bruised my right shin. I bled a bit and I'm all red and blue now. Poor me. They didn't even have ice for me at the cinema :-/.

*That happens when I talk to other people while walking instead of watching where I go. I was never good at multitasking.

I kind of got addicted to cherry coke. It's so very yummy and it's even better than vanilla coke, which I love a lot too. The downside is that neither is available here in Austria. Woe! I think I have to stick with coke zero. Good thing I love that one too. But still, cherry coke!

We went bowling again tonight and I sucked a lot! Of the six games I only managed to get over 100 once. And somehow we founded a bowling club. Um...
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Granatenstark, Hoschis!

I'm back home and I'm so exhausted! But I had a blast. As predicted we didn't get much sleep, ate lots of junk food, didn't watch as much as in previous years, but we talked a lot, which is even better. Heh.

We watched an episode of Due South, the season finale of Doctor Who, which was my first Who episode ever! We also watched Hot Fuzz, which is absolutely brilliant and not at all what I expected after watching the trailer. We laughed so much! We watched the German dubbing of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, because this movie is probably the only movie ever where the German dubbing is way better than the original one. And we went to see Die Hard 4.0.

The downside of almost 30 people staying in one apartment for the weekend was the constant queuing for the bathroom. Saturday morning the first one went into the bathroom at around 8 am and the last one was finished at about 2 pm. But it wouldn't be a mini "convention" without the queuing experience ;-).

So, I had a blast! But I'm glad to be home where I don't have to share the bathroom with other people ;-).
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The only place where success comes before work is a dictionary.

Happy Birthday, krabbypatty! I wish you all the best. I hope the coming year is going to be lots better than the past one. *hugs*

So, I'm off to Germany now. Well, first to the train station and then to Germany ;-). I'm so excited! Whee. PDA and mp3 player are loaded with new stuff and I also have a book somewhere. Six hours on the train still suck, though. We are going to arrive at mamoru22's place around 5 pm. Yay.
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Getting caught is the mother of invention.

On the way home from work it started raining and I got soaked! Poor me! :-/

But when I got home I found an awesome ficlet the lovely saba1789 wrote for me. It's just awesome. It has Rodney and John in a hot tub. Yum! You can find it here. :-D

I'm now on vacation, just tomorrow and next week, but at least something. So tomorrow I'm going to go to Germany for the slash gathering (whee!) for the weekend. It's going to be awesome! And next week Sib and I are going to make a few short trips to various Austrian places. Whee.

And in other good news, my Internet/phone provider cut the monthly flat rate. I'm all for paying less :-D.

ETA: Despite writing a note to myself I still forgot! Oh no! Anyway, this was my LJ entry #2000! Wohoo!
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It's important to begin a search on a full stomach.

I haven't updated in a while, but there hasn't been anything worth talking about. Not really. Oh, I have a new bowling personal best. My top score is now 167 points. Yay.

I have yet to see the latest Joe Flanigan interview (the pink t-shirt kind of scares me), but I watched David Hewlett's intro for the Glastonbury festival (you can watch it here) and heh. He's such a dork! I adore him. :-D

This past weekend I watched all the Primeval episodes. Despite the several WTF? moments it was lots and lots of fun and it had dinosaurs. That's always a plus *g*.

I also watched Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding just to see a young half naked Jason Momoa. Yum. But I have to say that he looks way hotter with dreads, a beard, and a big gun ;-). And after that there was A Knight's Tale, which I have already seen lots of times, but it's one of those movies I just have to watch every time it's on TV. I love it so much!

And that's it. No more to tell, but I'm so excited about the slash gathering next weekend. A whole bunch of us in one apartment, with lots of junk food, lots of slash talk, lots of TV watching, and not much sleep. Yay! I can't wait :-D.