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The universe may not always play fair, but at least it's got a hell of a sense of humor.

It's been almost three weeks since the accident and I'm mostly fine. The knee and hip doesn't hurt at all anymore, but the ankle is still giving me trouble. Walking, climbing stairs up and down and some movements still hurt, but that's to be expected. Who knows how long that's gonna take, according to the doctor who saw me at the check up I shouldn't be so "impatient". Meh.

I've got an appointment with my attorney (well, the one that my insurance company assigned to my case) on Tuesday and let's see what they've got to say.

In the past couple months we've had quite a few game nights, which I'm really enjoying. I really love board games and I don't mind losing as long as we have a good time. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it like that. There have been a couple bad moments with people being sore losers and also the one couple tends to fight with each other while playing against each other. It can get a bit frustrating, but mostly it's fun times!

My friend S is really into the Print & Play games and the two of us have tried out a few of those. We've tried Gods, which was nice to play. Also Hive, which was really fun to play. But this one is probably not for someone who can't stand insects at all! There was another tile laying game we played, but I can't remember the name of it.

It's Oscar night and I've got tomorrow off so that I can watch the whole thing live. It's become kind of a tradition for me to do that, even though I haven't seen even half of the movies (or a third or a fourth) that are nominated.

But I finally got to see Gravity in 3D today! I've wanted to see it since it came out last year, but I never managed to see it and no one wanted to go with me. But then I found out that one cinema had an Oscar special today, where they showed all movies that are nominated for Best Picture. So, I went to see it and it really didn't disappoint! The 3D was fantastic and I really enjoyed the movie! :)

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space - the final frontier

The end of the world as we know it

This afternoon the German SyFy channel had an apocalyptic movie marathon and because I love cracktastic disaster movies I had to watch! Heh. They showed four movies and because it's SyFy they also showed them in Zweikanalton, which means the German dubbing on one channel and the English original one on the other. Awesome!

Anyway, on to the movies!

Earth's Final Hours
Some super-dense meteorites (created from a white hole) hit the Earth and go right through it. The effects are devastating, because this event causes the Earth to stop rotating and the magnetosphere is collapsing.
This was kind of boring and I didn't see all that much, because I fell asleep. Whoops. It had an FBI agent, a scientist, a hacker teenager (the son of the FBI agent) and in the end they saved the world with satellites that sealed (?) the hole through the Earth and then the Earth started rotating again. Or something.
See the trailer here: Earth's Final Hours

Collision Earth
The sun turns into a magnetar for a very short time, magnetizes Mercury and knocks Mercury out of its orbit around the sun. And because Mercury is now magnetized it's drawn to Earth's magnetic field, bringing it to a collision course with Earth.
This was kind of fun and it had Diane Farr (Numb3rs) and Kirk Acevedo (Fringe) in it and I like both of them. Mercury is such a strong magnet that lots of metal things on Earth randomly start floating. Also, lots of people (usually the bad ones) die, because things like cars fall on them. Awesome! ;D
Short trailer here: Collision Earth

End of the World
The heliosphere is collapsing and because of that some interstellar wave is about to hit Earth and destroy it. The only thing that can save us now are two SciFi nerds.
This was pretty hilarious with all the nerdy and geeky references, it didn't take itself too seriously. The nerdy guys had prepared for all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios, the scientist they try to find (who is in a mental institution) also had prepared for all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios in his bunker, all kinds of people die. It was pretty awesome. Heh.
Short trailer here: End of the World

I trust that everyone knows what this movie is about, I think quite a lot of people have seen it. It's one of my most favorite movies and I just can't not watch it when it is on. And every single time I cry! It's not as if I haven't seen it a million times and don't know what happens. ;)
Also, it's the first time I've seen this movie in English. It was a bit weird at first, because I'm so used to the German dubbing, but I got over it fast.
Trailer: Armageddon

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stargate (by digital_diva)

There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.*

Oh, hello there, I haven't updated in ages and I'm sure you've all missed me. Or not. Probably not those that follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (I keep going to Tumblr maybe once a day where I then reblog a million things at once).

* Fedcon is in two weeks and and it seems as if there are more guest cancellations than in previous years. Cancellations are to be expected, but it does suck when it only seems to be the guests I've been really looking forward to. Meh.

Canceled guests: LeVar Burton, Alexander Siddig, Katee Sackhoff. :(((
(And Christopher Kirby, but he doesn't fall into the category of people I've been looking forward to see.)

There are still plenty of people that I want to see, but yeah.

* Camp Sparkle will be in June this year and some of us have already made plans to go to London to see Colin Morgan in The Tempest! So exciting! :D

* Work has been kind of awful in the past month. But on the bright side, the annual performance review went well. Yay.

* Got a Dreamwidth notification that my paid account is expiring in a few days. I'm not sure if I should renew for another year or not. It's not as if I post that much and of course I tend to forget to check my Dreamwidth reading list. A free account would totally suffice (except maybe for the icons). Need to think about that.

* Going to see Iron Man 3 on Tuesday! Can't wait!

* Have I mentioned yet that I now have more TV stations, which one of them is Syfy (still a very stupid name)? The fun thing is that they air like a million Star Trek episodes every day and I'm totally loving it! :D

The ironic part is that while Syfy shows Defiance only a day after the US (and you can watch it in either the German dubbing or the English original version), I still have to acquire it by other means, because it airs on Tuesdays which is usually my cinema day!

* There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. --> LOLOLOLOLOL
sheepy wants to give you a flower

It's okay if you mess up. You should give yourself a break.

In the past week I went to the cinema for the first time this year. Unlike my usual cinema times, it wasn't a Sneak Preview. S and I watched Jack Reacher, which was quite boring to be honest and nothing what the trailer promised. Woe!

I haven't read any of the Jack Reacher books, but I still found it all kinds of amusing that a character who is described as being over 6 feet tall is played by Tom Cruise. Hah!

That was on Monday and Tuesday evening I met up with an old friend from primary school. She's pretty much the only one I'm still sort of in touch with and actually see at least once a year. Although, I think we haven't managed to meet last year. Anyway, it was quite fun, we went out to dinner and the food was very good. She's a very, very talkative person and you can't help talking a lot as well just to get a few words in. Heh. It was nice, but I was pretty much talked out when I got home that evening.

Wednesday marked the day that the lady boss came back to work from her vacation. I was so relieved, because I hate dealing with all the whiny people in our department in her absence. Wah! And of course I immediately asked if I can have a few days off in compensation for my cancelled holiday after New Years! So, yes, I've been off since Thursday and I'm going back to work on Tuesday! So needed that!

Thursday, I pretty much slept and read and that was all. Didn't even leave my flat, not even to go to my mailbox!

Friday evening I went to T and M's place for a game evening. It was pretty much the usual Sneak Preview crowd with two additional people and it was quite fun. We played The Settlers of Catan, which was only my second time playing (first time being at New Year's Eve) and I lost tragically.
After that there was food and another game called Nobody Is Perfect. Fun game, but again I didn't win. (But I didn't lose either!)

Somewhere in between I also played a bit of WoW, not that much, but I finally managed to get my third character to level 90. Yay.
poldi will dir fressen

I think it's always a good move to listen to that inner voice, if it doesn't lead to a crime.

I was supposed to have January 2nd - 4th off work, but then my the lady boss (who is on vacation from December 21st to January 8th) "asked" me to cancel my vacation. She'd totally forgotten that someone new will start on January 2nd and when she's not in, I have to do all that stuff. Great. So looking forward to it. Not.

But I insisted on having at least December 21st off, especially because I'd already asked to get that day last January! It'll be the first time I have a day off on my birthday. The last few years I wasn't allowed to go.

But! I have tomorrow off, because I'm going to Innsbruck for the weekend! And it'll be fun! I've never been to Innsbruck and I'm very much looking forward to it! I so need this weekend away!

I've watched the Japanese teaser trailer for the Collapse )

And I have tickets to see the Hobbit next week Thursday! Wohoo! :D

There will be new Miranda in a few weeks! Wheee! :D
Tom Ellis says so! Here and here! This is what I call awesome! Such fun! :D
kissing is hot #2 (geneli4)

Never eat more than you can lift.

Things of note:

-- It looks like I'm going to Fedcon again next year! Yay! mabiana, [profile] tmzcori, [personal profile] chanii, and I bought our tickets at pretty much the same time, so there's hope that we have con numbers that are close together (more chance to sit together). mabiana and I are sharing a room at the second con hotel again! :D

-- I have not seen the new Spiderman movie and I probably won't, because I missed all the non-dubbed showings. I'm not very keen on seeing movies when they are dubbed, which is unfortunate, because they dub everything! D:

-- I have seen Ice Age 4, though, which was cute and funny! :)

-- I saw Die Ärzte in June in Vienna and last week I bought tickets for the Ärzte concert in my home town in October! Yay. It's their comeback tour! The tour is called "Das Comeback", because they haven't been on tour in a very, very long time. No really. It'll be months between the current tour and the next, it's a long time. Um, yeah, what can I say, it's the Ärzte. ;)

-- Summer time means lots of people on holiday means busy time at work. I'm already exhausted. Also, the lady boss called in sick today.

-- First post in July. Only three posts in June, I really don't know how that happened. I should post more. (Yes, I know, I always say that.)

-- Yesterday morning, some fat person (=me) broke the toilet seat. /o\ Bought a new one today. At least the new one is so much prettier (purple stripes!) than the old (white) one.

-- Going to bed now, because I'm so very tired. Good night.

The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you.

This past weekend I managed to get my 6th WoW character to level 85. It's a very cute dwarf lady, a retribution paladin. She's my second melee class (first one being a rogue), but the first one I mostly levelled through dungeon groups.

I usually prefer ranged classes (my main is a warlock), but surprisingly I enjoy playing my little paladin a whole lot. I did a few heroic dungeons these past few days and it's been fun. Some things were not so good, but that's to be expected. And the long queues are annoying.

But, but, she's cute! And awesome. And she's hard to kill. :D

A couple days ago I went to see Rock of Ages. What a ridiculous movie! It was quite entertaining and the music was great, but yeah, quite ridiculous! :D
nsync stars (geneli4)

To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.

I'm back from Camp Sparkle! Well, I've been back since Sunday evening, but I haven't had much energy to post. I spent most of my time getting caught up with everything, watch all the shows, do lots of laundry, buy groceries, go back to work and stuff like that. Exhausting!

Anyway, Camp has been fabulous! It was so good to see everyone again and finally meet [personal profile] sperrywink, adelate and ihearthings_ii in person! (They are lovely!) :D

Most of us went to see NKOTBSB in concert on Saturday (which was not the webcast one) and it has been a lot of fun! I didn't expect the joint concert to work so well, but it was great. The awesome company didn't hurt either. :D

A few of us went to see the Avengers together as well. Great movie, lots of fun! :D

The house was very nice and it had wifi! I did tweet a bit and checked LJ a few times, but didn't really do much online.

Other than the above we were lazy, went on a few trips, played sparkly games, watched footage and wrote the five word story, which actually does make sense. Somewhat at least. Heh.

After Camp I went back to London and spent the weekend there. I met up with the lovely raven_lore, who I haven't seen in far too long!

Saturday I went to see Hampton Court Palace, a pretty amazing place! It was a special weekend thing apparently, because in the kitchens they had people make real food!

Didn't do much on Sunday, slept in, made my way to the airport very slowly. Heh.
simon amstell is adorable (bing)

The reverse side also has a reverse side.

Things I did in the past week:

- Went to a family fest on Saturday. It was the 85th birthday of my great-uncle (my mom's uncle). It was nice enough, but lots of people that I didn't know. The food was yummy in any case!

- Lost an hour last weekend! I want it back! I really don't like that Daylight Saving's Time business.

- Had a day off on Monday. Went shopping and spent too much money on new clothes. Now I need new shoes as well.

- Went to the Sneak Preview* last night, where we got to see "My Week with Marilyn". While my companions didn't like it much, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Michelle Williams was really brilliant in it!
(*They have a Sneak Preview every other Tuesday.)

- Just booked the hotel for [personal profile] bingeling's and mine Simon Amstell weekend in June. \o/

- Everyone seems to talk about hockey slash lately. All I care about at the moment is that my home hockey team (the Black Wings) is in the playoffs finale! Best of 7, they are now in the lead with 2:1, next game tomorrow night! Wohoo!
ianto jones

I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.

More than a week since my last entry... time flies! My cold is gone! Mostly anyway. And my ear is fine again as well. Yay.

I got two lovely cards this week!
A St. Patrick's Day card from [personal profile] sperrywink! Thanks so much! *hugs*
And a self made card/letter from my twisted twin, [personal profile] kriski! <333 *hugs* (Don't let me forgt to write you an email!)

Aside from WoW (where I finally managed to get my fifth toon to level cap, my only male toon and he turned out to be a gay crossdresser *shakes head*) I also started playing Sims Social on Facebook a few weeks ago.

That game is addicting! And frustrating! And for some reason my female Sim is dating the female Sim of one of my co-workers. And on the side she's also in a very naughty relationship with dominik's Sim. Naughty little thing!

In addition to that two of my co-workers and I discovered this little phone app, where you pick one of three words and then you draw it and the other one has to guess it. We can't draw at all and my fingers are too big to draw smaller details, but it's really fun!

I just wish I had the foresight to save some of those drawings, because I'm quite proud of my attempt to draw the Avengers! (Thor's Hammer, Iron Man's head, Captain America's shield and a little green stick figure that's supposed to be Hulk. Heh.)

Btw., Community is back! Wheee! Awesome little show and I love it so much! <333

Oh, oh, oh! I booked my tickets to see The Hunger Games next Thursday! So excited about it! :D

Now I must go! Going to a Tupperware party to night. Never thought I'd ever go to one of those...