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miranda and gary in bed

Have a couple of beers, see what happens.

So, I'm back from the Wolf's Bane con and London and I had a great weekend! :D

OMG! The Teen Wolf cast is the best cast ever. They were all just great and fun and awesome and I love them to pieces!

- Tyler Hoechlin is even more beautiful in RL! And adorable! And a Sterek shipper. Hah.
- JR Bourne has probably the dirtiest mind ever. And you could see it on his face the moment his mind went there. After he learned about shipping, he pretty much shipped everything. Especially Stargent. :D
- The two panels with Keahu Kahuanui, Stephen Lunsford and Sinqua Walls were hilarious.
- Melissa Ponzio and Linden Ashby... just lots of <333
- The last group talk was probably the funniest thing ever, the Pivot Questionnaire. It was hilarious. Especially when Stephen said that he hated the word "moist" and Linden actually made that noise. And then, because Linden hates the sound of two cats fucking, Tyler made that noise! Also, lots of money was exchanged in this panel. ;D
- Also, there was the time I was in the hotel Starbucks and counted out the coins (British money, so funny!) and JR and Tyler had to wait behind me. Whoops.
- So much happened that weekend, it was just awesome! Still making lots of squee noises!

Also, shoutout to [personal profile] bingeling, chani_atreides, kat_fanfic, mamoru22, mareen, the_milky_way, tika_w and tmz_cori! *hugs* <333

the_milky_way and I spent another couple days in London after the con. We went to see The Internship in the cinema, a good way to round out the con weekend. :D

And on Tuesday we went to the Globe to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was really awesome. Also, lots of half naked men! :D

Monday night, I had dinner with raven_lore! It was so great to see her again and just talk about fannish things. I miss talking to her and it was so lovely! :D

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Life is just a quick succession of busy nothings.

This month has been pretty good so far!

I visited mabiana and went to see Robbie Williams in concert with her. Then there was the NSYNC the fabulous performance.

And very early tomorrow morning I'm flying to London for Wolf's Bane, the Teen Wolf convention. Haha, if earlier this year anyone would have told me I'd ever go to a Teen Wolf con, I would have laughed in their face. And now, look at me!

Many of my friends are also going to be at the con, so it's going to be a lot of fun. :D

After the con, I'm going to spend a couple days in London. Don't know yet, what I'm going to do, but I'm sure I can think of something. I will be back next week on Wednesday. :D

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princess (turlough)

Camp Sparkle: Possessed & Undressed

I've been back home from Camp Sparkle for a week now and I still miss everybody and why can't there are people that cook for me every evening???

Camp was awesome. Brighton was fantastic, there was so much to do and so much to see. The house was fine too. Well, except for the tiny, tiny fridge and only three bathrooms for 16 people and the incredibly loud seagulls. But other than that I quite liked it. And the house was so close to the beach and to everything else really.

I had such a good time and it was so great seeing everyone again! I love you and I miss you all! <333

Thursday, adelate, ihearthings_ii and I went to London to see Colin Morgan in The Tempest. The play was brilliant (never seen it before) and all the actors were fantastic. And we managed to see Colin and get his autograph after the play. :D

For some reason, we didn't really watch a lot of sparkly dance boy footage. Instead we watched pretty much of Dante's Cove, which is so hilariously bad. The acting! And the plot! And all the naked people having sex! A+++ entertainment really.

Can't wait for next year!

Have some pictures over on my tumblr:
London and Colin
Playing Dixit at Camp*

*I played those Dixit cards knowing that everyone would get it immediately. But everyone's reaction!!! So worth it! ;D

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To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.

I'm back from Camp Sparkle! Well, I've been back since Sunday evening, but I haven't had much energy to post. I spent most of my time getting caught up with everything, watch all the shows, do lots of laundry, buy groceries, go back to work and stuff like that. Exhausting!

Anyway, Camp has been fabulous! It was so good to see everyone again and finally meet [personal profile] sperrywink, adelate and ihearthings_ii in person! (They are lovely!) :D

Most of us went to see NKOTBSB in concert on Saturday (which was not the webcast one) and it has been a lot of fun! I didn't expect the joint concert to work so well, but it was great. The awesome company didn't hurt either. :D

A few of us went to see the Avengers together as well. Great movie, lots of fun! :D

The house was very nice and it had wifi! I did tweet a bit and checked LJ a few times, but didn't really do much online.

Other than the above we were lazy, went on a few trips, played sparkly games, watched footage and wrote the five word story, which actually does make sense. Somewhat at least. Heh.

After Camp I went back to London and spent the weekend there. I met up with the lovely raven_lore, who I haven't seen in far too long!

Saturday I went to see Hampton Court Palace, a pretty amazing place! It was a special weekend thing apparently, because in the kitchens they had people make real food!

Didn't do much on Sunday, slept in, made my way to the airport very slowly. Heh.
linz home

You have to learn that if you start making sure you feel good, everything will be okay.

I'm back home! I had a great week with mabiana in London! She's a great travel companion and I'm not just saying that because I got to braid her hair a few times! :D

I finally got to see Stonehenge!!! And after my failed attempt to see David Tennant in Hamlet, I finally got to see him on stage in Much Ado About Nothing. And Catherine Tate as well! :DDD

We did so much by the end we both were sooooo tired! And I'm glad to be home and have my own bathroom. The bathroom in the hotel was so teeny tiny!

A longer report (with maybe added pictures) soon! :D

Little by little, one travels far.

It's been just a little bit over a week after I got back from Camp Sparkle and I'm off again tomorrow. This time to London for a week with the lovely mabiana. We've already planned quite a few things and maybe we can fit even more stuff into that week! :)

And yes, before anyone asks, I'm nervous and anxious and worried (I hate myself and my issues) and also very excited! (I love travelling, but I really could do without that anxiety thing. D:)

Supposedly, the hotel we're staying at has free WiFi. So, I might be able to get (at least) on Twitter. If not, I guess there are quite a few places with free WiFi in London! :)

On the leak-in-the-kitchen front; it really might be the dishwasher that's the problem. I turned off the water to the dishwasher and then turned the water in the kitchen on again. No water on the floor so far. But just in case, I will turn off the water entirely in the whole flat and I asked my mom to check a couple times while I'm gone.

ETA: I'm back Saturday evening. :)
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I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something.

I've been lazier than usual when it comes to updating my journal. I think of something to say, but I never actually write it down. I suck!

-- I've been feeling sad, because this weekend was the annual Querstrich meeting. A mini slash con in Germany, which is always so much fun. But this year I couldn't go. Stupid work. D:

-- I'm also feeling mighty nervous about Camp Sparkle, which starts next Friday. It's my first Camp and I don't really know what to expect. Except for lots of sparkly dance boys of course. ;)

-- After Camp I'm going to be home for a week and then I'm off to London for a week with mabiana! I'm not yet nervous about that, but it'll come eventually. ;)

(I suspect I have some form of social anxiety, because I always get so nervous and worried about meeting people. D:)

-- Oh, before I forget! Thanks so much to everyone, who commented on my thread at the You Are Beautiful Meme! *hugs you all* ♥♥♥

-- This week, aside from the final preparations for Camp Sparkle, I'm hopefully going to see Thor tomorrow night and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Thursday night! \o/

-- [personal profile] bingeling posted this in her journal, but I have to have it in mine as well! Because, OMG, how can he be so awesome?!? :D Collapse )

-- Just when you think Community can't get any better, you get the last two episodes and they are beyond awesome! I've watched it a few times now, but I'm still not beyond the "OMG! So much squee!" phase. The intros alone for those two episodes are awesome! The first run through, I had to stop every few minutes! *flails so much* ♥♥♥

-- Last night, I watched the Eurovision Song Contest at home alone... and with a bunch of people on Twitter! It was awesome! I didn't like the winning song at all, but there you go. Oh, and Austria ended up on the 18th place. Bleh. I do think we were better than that, but well, Europe thought otherwise (but thanks to Germany for the 12 points!).

Part of being sane, is being a little bit crazy.

I went to see Stomp last night, which was all kinds of awesome! It's funny and also really cool. :-)

Today I had a day off, so I could pack and do some stuff and in about half an hour my co-worker picks me up (she had to work, poor girl) and she'll drive me to the airport. She lives near the airport so it's not out of her way or anything.

Gonna spend the weekend with raven_lore in London! Wohoo! I'm going to be back Sunday evening! See you then! :-)