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simon amstell (bing)

Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.

- It's my mom's 58th birthday today and we went out to have lunch at an Indian restaurant. It was my mom's and my brother's first time having Indian cuisine, but they both seemed to like it. There was also cake in the afternoon! Yay.

- It's also my LJ's 11th birthday. So yay for that! :D

- My friend S not only gave me Arrow to watch, but also all three seasons of Haven. I have now watched the first four episodes, I'm not quite sold yet, but it's interesting enough that I'll keep watching.

- I haven't finished a book since November. I totally blame Teen Wolf for that!

- Speaking of Teen Wolf... Tyler Hoechlin's face!!! His smile!!! I just... yeah. *flails*

- Oh, oh, Community is coming back on Thursday! I so can't wait! I've missed that show so much!

- I was feeling quite awful a couple weeks ago. Went to the doctor and said I had bad heartburn. Got meds and it's a bit better now. Well, I was feeling better this past week. In any case, I haven't slept as much as the week before where I just couldn't get enough sleep. Stupid body.

- Gregor Schlierenzauer won two ski flying competitions today and he's now at 48 victories, which is the most victories of any other ski jumper ever (the previous record was Matti Nykänen's 46 victories). He's only 23 years old. It blows my mind.

- The ski racing world championships start tomorrow. Wohoo!
mr. spock

I've got a theory, It could be bunnies!

It's time for an update, isn't it? Back to lists for this one, it's easier.

- I think there's a chocolate thief living in my flat. I want chocolate and it's all gone! D:

- I hope you all already noticed my new super-duper userhead! _bettina_ A Vulcan userhead! With thanks to the awesome, scolaro! ♥

- sperrywink, thanks so much for the lovely Easter card! ♥

- I started watching Sanctuary and so far I quite like it.

- Last week, everyone at work got an Easter egg and my co-worker and I decided that it would be awesome to draw faces on them. And then I took pictures and posted them on Twitter. And what happened then was probably the most awesome eggsome thing ever!

Thanks everyone for participating! ♥ And thanks to chani_atreides for compiling and cleaning it up. I feel the need to repost this in my journal as well. :D

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love candy heart (shalowater)

The great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in what direction you are moving.

It's my mom's birthday today! There was cake! Yum!

It's also my 9th LJ anniversary! I can't believe it's been that long! I created my journal back when you still needed a code to do so! Met lots of awesome people in those years! Some of you I've met in RL, hugged, kissed, and even slept in the same bed with :-D. Thank you, everyone, it's been a great time! *hugs you all*

And as I look at my profile page, I realize I really, really need to update the interests and do something about the bio. I have no idea what to write about myself. Boring and lame, that is me.
cooper/sherman (shadowhuntress)

I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it.

1) I will never figure out how people are able to play WoW (especially dungeon runs) and type in chat at the same time. I'm probably the least multitasking able person in the history of multitasking! I just can't do two or more things at the same time. I already have problems playing and reading what's going on in chat. D:

2) This is one of the sweetest and best fandom secrets ever! The Neverending Story is my top favorite book. I love it so much, the characters, the setting, everything. I loved the first movie and the sequel too. (Never seen all those weird movies that have "Neverending Story" in the title. They don't count anyway.) The only thing I didn't like about the movies was that Atreyu didn't have green skin. Boo!
To the maker of this secret: I ♥ you! I'm reading so Fantasia will never die!

3) I've had this entry open in Semagic for the better part of today. I guess it's time to post now. I fail at this posting thing. /o\
quiet time

All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.

1) Thank you for the vgift, stellamira! Yummy waffles! ♥

2) On Monday I spilled cocoa all over myself and my office desk. /o\ At least I wore something dark, so the cocoa stains weren't too noticeable, but still. My keyboard still smells like cocoa.

3) I think I've developed a thing for lists in my entries.

4) Yesterday, the lady boss asked me which day this week I'd like to leave early. Naturally, I said Friday, because early start of the weekend FTW! Today, she sent me an email telling me that co-worker G will have a half day off today and tomorrow and asks me if I want to leave early today or tomorrow, because she will leave early on Friday. Uh, what?

I replied with a "WTF?!? I told you yesterday that I wanted to leave early on Friday." and her answer was just an "oh, I thought it was a maybe." o.O

I talked to her about it again a bit later and she said it was okay for me to leave early on Friday, "no problem, my son will have to go home by train then." Of course that made me feel guilty! On the other hand, she had half a day off last Friday and a whole day the Friday before that. And her son is 17 years old, he's more than capable to go home by train and bus on his own. Gah!

I like the lady boss, I really do, but she's driving me crazy with all her (most of the time unannounced) days off and half days off! :-/

5) I watched the first two episodes of Collapse )

6) Awesome Tricorder App for Android! Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone. Boo! I want a Tricorder for my iPhone!

7) My home town wants to become an "open commons region" (press release in German here). If they can manage that, it would be really cool! The city already has over a 100 free Internet hotspots and every person above the age of 14 who lives here can get free webspace and email account at the public space server. \o/

8) I really like lists!

Be discreet in all things, and so render it unnecessary to be mysterious about any.

Two posts in a week! I'm chatty!

First of all; thanks to elsmoka and ihearthings_ii for the adorable puppy on my profile page! ♥

I had yesterday and today off, just because. Yesterday, I had an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair dyed again (with red-blond-ish highlights). It looks good again! :-)

And after that I went to my optician to check up on my contact lenses. They are fucked up again :-( even though hard contact lenses are supposed to be worn for about two years. The last few years I always had to replace them once a year. But at least the insurance company will pay for a large part of it.

I talked with him again about the possibility of wearing soft contacts, but he really doesn't recommend them with my dry eyes and working in front of the computer all day.

Will get the new pair of contact lenses sometime next week. At least my eyesight hasn't gotten worse.

Random fact: This guy has been my optician since 1988, when I got my first pair of contact lenses at the age of 11 (for medical reasons). Time flies by!

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I've got a headache, but I can't take a painkiller, because I'm going out later tonight. I intend to drink lots and lots of cocktails! And I just took a picture of myself and I suppose I don't look too bad for once.

ETA: Twitpic seems to have some problems and the picture of myself isn't available anymore. I uploaded it to LJ Scrapbook and you can see it behind the Collapse )
seasons - spring

Food is an important part of a balanced diet.

Because I suck I haven't thanked coreopsis yet for the squirrels in love! So, thank you and mea culpa! ♥

In a few weeks (April, 25th) we've got the presidential election here and today I got the info that this time I'm not a election supervisor, but just a reservist. Which means that on the day of the election I have to be on call from 5 to 9 am in case they need someone somewhere in town. That should be fun. Um. At least I'm getting a bit of money for being on call. If I have to substitute somewhere, I get the full amount everyone else gets.

Someone added me on Facebook and I have absolutely no clue who that is. We don't have any mutual friends, I don't recognize the name and since their profile is locked I can't see anything beyond their friends. Facebook is just a place to keep in touch with family, co-workers, and other friends *cough*and to play Farmville*cough*. Should I just ignore their request?

On the WoW front; I managed to get into the Oculus the first time today and wow, that is a sucky dungeon! I didn't have a clue at all what to do (I did mention that I haven't been there before), I just flew with my dragon behind everyone else and tried not to get lost. We wiped twice on the final boss (fighting a giant dragon in mid-flight!) and then one of the dps and the healer decided to drop group and then everyone else left, too. D:
kitten - hello world

When you can't have what you want, it's time to start wanting what you have.

Happy (belated) Birthday, shetiger! And Happy Birthday, withdiamonds! I wish you both all the best and I hope you have (had) a great day! *hugs*


I'm feeling somewhat better, I'm still coughing a lot and my voice isn't quite back to normal. But I don't have a fever anymore and that's good. So, everything's good to go for me going back to work tomorrow! I really don't want to ;-).

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The commenting debate is going on again and this post by [personal profile] thefourthvine surfaced again: Why Aren't People Commenting on My Post/Story/Whatever?

It's a great post, which I should take to heart more often. Because I do get frustrated (and sad) when I don't get many comments on my posts (I'm not even talking about stories, because, hah, when was the last time I posted a story?!?). I get frustrated (and sad) when certain people don't comment. I get frustrated (and sad) when I don't get replies to comments I made somewhere else.

So yeah, I should re-read that post from time to time to get some perspective. And of course, I probably should stop thinking there's a deeper connection with some people than there actually is.
merlin is smiling (spirograph)

Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light.

Happy Birthday, ihearthings_ii! I wish you all the best! *hugs*

I'm so, so glad this week is over! And this is probably what my weekend is going to look like: Weekend Life. *g*

LJ has made some modifications to the comment notification system. I haven't had any multiple notifications like some other people, but instead I don't get the notifications for anonymous comments for the entries (kinkmeme, anon meme) I'm tracking. I want my comments!

First I thought they still ended up in the message center inbox, but I was mistaken. They are neither there nor are they getting mailed. :-/