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Water, taken in moderation, cannot hurt anybody.

Friday, after work my friend S. and I went to Höhenrausch, which is an exhibition (sort of) on the roofs of several buildings in the inner city of my home town. Two years ago, when my home town was the cultural capital of Europe they already had version #1 of this and because it was such a success they decided to do it again.

This year's theme was water.

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It is better to understand little than to misunderstand a lot.

1) Happy Birthday, [personal profile] ruric! I wish you all the best! *hugs*

2) Monday evening I met up with [personal profile] bingeling again! First we went to a cafe and after that we played with some pretty lights at the Ars Electronica Center. \o/

The thing is, in the evenings and at night, the AEC is lit up with pretty lights (just like the Lentos, the museum for modern art). The lights change periodically. And during the Ars Electronica Festival you can go there and control the lights of the building yourself!

You can change the patterns of the lights, the colors, you can press your hands on the control panel and it'll convert your pulse into pretty colors on the building (although, that feature didn't seem to work when we were there). And the best thing is you can plug in your mp3 player and play whatever music and the lights will match the rhythm! And the music is played for everyone to hear! So, so awesome!

We did that until they cut off the control panel at 10 pm. So, cool! :-D

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4) The past couple days I've been pretty grumpy and overly emotional. I think I need a break soon! I haven't had a real vacation yet this year. I've had a week off for Fedcon and since then just a couple days here and there. I want to go somewhere, but I don't know where. Also, I'm feeling pretty anti-social at the moment. Maybe I should go find myself a remote island or something.
merlin and arthur #3

It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds.

1) Happy (belated) Birthday, elfy and fleurrochard! I hope you both had a great day! *hugs*

2) Happy Birthday, digital_diva! I wish you all the best! *hugs*

3) On Saturday I visited [personal profile] bingeling at the Ars Electronica and in the evening we went to see the Klangwolke together. The Klangwolke was awesome, there were trains and people dangling from a helicopter and music and trains on ships and fireworks!

4) Going to meet up with [personal profile] bingeling again tonight before she leaves tomorrow. \o/

5) Can't wait for new Merlin next Saturday!!! :-D
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All programmers are playwrights and all computers are lousy actors.

1) Thank you for the vgift, stellamira! Yummy waffles! ♥

2) On Monday I spilled cocoa all over myself and my office desk. /o\ At least I wore something dark, so the cocoa stains weren't too noticeable, but still. My keyboard still smells like cocoa.

3) I think I've developed a thing for lists in my entries.

4) Yesterday, the lady boss asked me which day this week I'd like to leave early. Naturally, I said Friday, because early start of the weekend FTW! Today, she sent me an email telling me that co-worker G will have a half day off today and tomorrow and asks me if I want to leave early today or tomorrow, because she will leave early on Friday. Uh, what?

I replied with a "WTF?!? I told you yesterday that I wanted to leave early on Friday." and her answer was just an "oh, I thought it was a maybe." o.O

I talked to her about it again a bit later and she said it was okay for me to leave early on Friday, "no problem, my son will have to go home by train then." Of course that made me feel guilty! On the other hand, she had half a day off last Friday and a whole day the Friday before that. And her son is 17 years old, he's more than capable to go home by train and bus on his own. Gah!

I like the lady boss, I really do, but she's driving me crazy with all her (most of the time unannounced) days off and half days off! :-/

5) I watched the first two episodes of Collapse )

6) Awesome Tricorder App for Android! Unfortunately, I don't have an Android phone. Boo! I want a Tricorder for my iPhone!

7) My home town wants to become an "open commons region" (press release in German here). If they can manage that, it would be really cool! The city already has over a 100 free Internet hotspots and every person above the age of 14 who lives here can get free webspace and email account at the public space server. \o/

8) I really like lists!
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The more things change, the more they remain... insane.

I haven't updated in a week, because I'm quite lazy. Oops.

This past week has been quite stressful at work. We're understaffed, because pretty much everyone else is on vacation or soon on vacation. (Except for me, because who needs a vacation? Not me apparently. My summer vacation is now in September.) Unfortunately, the work load isn't much less than when everyone else is here, so, lots and lots of stuff to do. *sighs*

On Tuesday I had an appointment at my hairdresser's. Got a new hair color, yay! It's now very dark, which looks sort of violet when the sun shines on it. Not that I can see it myself ;-). She didn't cut a lot, because I'm trying to grow out my hair a little bit. I don't want to have long hair, but just a bit longer than I had it in the past few years.

Wednesday, _sushi_ and I went to Höhenrausch - Art on the rooftops of Linz, which is part of Linz09 (European Capital of Culture 2009). It was really fantastic, even though the entrance fee was a bit pricey. They have a ferris wheel on top of it! Not that I went on it, because I'm just too scared!

On of the coolest things is that they had this "rain dance" thing. You got an umbrella and you had to stand under the shower and the when the water hit the top of the umbrella you could hear music. That was quite fun! And then there was the millions of metal pellets right under the roof that were arranged in different patterns. It looked really cool!

And now pictures from the past month:
* Landesritterfest Linz: tournaments and knights.
* London: from two weekends ago.
* Höhenrausch - Art on the rooftops of Linz

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Peace is when time doesn't matter as it passes by.

Thank you mabiana, meinnim, and withdiamonds for the virtual Valentine's gifts! *hugs you all*

Via saba1789: A lovely German article about my hometown, which is Europe's cultural capital this year. Despite the obvious problems of Linz09, it was really great to read. I do love my hometown! :-)

Tonight, _sushi_ and I met up with H., an old friend I haven't seen in about a year. We used to go to the cinema on a regular basis and early last year he and his girlfriend moved to a town near Vienna. It was so good to see him again!

We went out and had dinner at a Chinese restaurant and later we spent some time at Sushi's place. We talked about the usual stuff, which was mostly about movies, TV shows, and computers. There was also some talk about babies (his girlfriend is pregnant). I do miss him a lot!

I hope everyone else had a good Valentine's Day! :-)
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To imagine the unimaginable is the highest use of the imagination.

"Leberkas-Pepi" is sort of a cult fast food restaurant here in Linz. As the name suggests, they sell Leberkäse in all forms and variations. They have three different stores in town and, as I found out today, they just opened a "Leberkas-Pepi" restaurant in London, England (link is to an Austrian site).

Okay, it's not called "Leberkas-Pepi," but rather Imbiss - Austrian Beer Food, but still, I had really, really big eyes when I read that today. Heh. I need to check that out next time I'm in London *g*.

I looked at Joe Mallozzi's wrap party pictures and I might have squeed a little bit when I saw the picture of Collapse )
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Choose your pleasures for yourself, and do not let them be imposed upon you.

There was a book fair in town (the first one and I have a feeling that it was also the last one *sighs*), but it was kind of disappointing. Apparently, there have been some serious problems behind the scenes and that resulted amongst other things to almost no advertisement of the event. The book fair was pretty deserted the whole time I was there. :-(

I was there with _sushi_ Friday evening (no entrance fee). They had a nice calendar exhibition and there were a couple nice book stands. I was quite amused with some of the books in the "children's and youth books" section. Some of those mangas weren't quite kid friendly...

I was there again, yesterday, to see koorifumi and liriel_. Li was quite busy all afternoon, because she was part of the jury for the cosplay competition. Koorifumi and I had lots of fun, though. Both of them were in costume and Li's was very... eye-catching ;-). Heh.

I've been so very tired these last couple days. Friday and Saturday night I went to bed very early, I just couldn't stay up for longer than 10 p.m. And because I went to bed so early, I also woke up very early in the morning. But instead of using the extra time to do some much needed apartment cleaning, I pretty much wasted it in front of my computer with the watching of my TV shows and reading fanfiction and LJ. It was very nice and relaxing. My apartment still needs cleaning, though.

You know, the big problem with Torchwood fandom is that they take characters like Captain Jack and Ianto Jones, who are both quite bad ass, and turn them into some version of this. I'll probably never get over the "Big bad Jack hurting tiny crybaby Ianto" thing. o.O

I watched Doctor Who on German TV today (they aired "The Empty Child") and I found it very weird that the Doctor and Rose say "Sie" to each other. "Wo waren Sie, Rose?" Why, oh why? Gah!
Captain Jack's German voice didn't make my ears bleed, which is something, I guess.