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Love flies, runs, and rejoices; it is free and nothing can hold it back.

First things first: Thank you, [personal profile] turlough and scolaro, for the lovely cards! :D

About memes:
This talkative December meme sounds really interesting, but as usual I'm way too late. And I'm not even sure I'd be able to talk a whole lot about things, also not sure if people would even leave me prompts! (I tried something similar a couple years ago, but no one asked me anything. *sadface*)

TV shows:
I watched the Psych musical yesterday and it was a whole lot of fun. Except in the middle of it, I got really tired so I took a nap (for a couple hours *coughs*) and then watched the rest. Whoops. But it was still fun to watch. :D

I find Almost Human really fun, especially the banter between John and Dorian. All the hearts around them. The cases are a bit boring, but they really make up for it. :D

Sleepy Hollow is still fun to watch. And Orlando Jones is quite the gift to fandom. Or something. And it just occurred to me that I might have mentioned that before, the gift to fandom thing. Whoops again.

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Variety is the soul of pleasure.

Before I forget again, thanks so much, [personal profile] sperrywink, for the Thanksgiving card! It's very cute! *hugs*

My mom is still playing Plants vs. Zombies and in the process ranting a lot about zombies. So strange!

In general I've been feeling pretty blah and listless about everything lately. Definitely not in the mood for the fast approaching holiday season.

I haven't read Merlin fanfiction in a while. Pretty much clear sign that I'm more or less ready to move on. I haven't latched onto a new fandom yet, but after rewatching the show I've read a few Flashpoint stories. Not that there are many (and even less good ones). Woe. It makes me sad that Flashpoint will be over soon.

I'm definitely not admitting to reading some of the Teen Wolf stories that were rec'd on crack_van. No, not at all. Not me. At least werewolfs don't sparkle.
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I've stopped drinking, but only while I'm asleep.

Last weekend, saba1789 visited me. It was so good to see her, hadn't seen her since Camp!

I picked her up from the train station on Friday right after work. Friday we went bowling with my mom and my brother (my brother got three free games, because it was his birthday on Thursday). We played three rounds and surprisingly I won two of them! Usually my brother is the better player, but we both haven't played in ages.

Saturday we had lunch and (my brother's) birthday cake at my mom's place and in the evening we went to the Danube park to see the Klangwolke, an open-air concert/media/performance extravaganza. This year the theme was communication/Internet and involved viewer participation (big self-designed letters that lit up in time to the music, the music was sound bits from people all over the world), houses/apartment buildings lit up by light, colors and pictures and about 50 drones that painted pictures into the sky and a lot more. It was pretty impressive, although, I did miss the fireworks at the end.

Sunday we had lunch at my favorite Mongolian BBQ restaurant, we spent so much time there and ate so much food!

And in between all of that we were lazy, watched stuff, talked, tweeted etc. Saba slept once again with all of the Backstreet Boys! (I have Backstreet Boys sheets! ;D)

And then it was time to say goodbye! Nooooo! :(((

I've been rewatching Highlander - The Raven lately and I think I never saw all the episodes before. At least I don't remember everything. Just like in Highlander, they shot at least two episodes in Pierrefonds. Haha, it amused me greatly!

The second half of the season is definitely better than the first. Too bad it got chancelled after only one season.

ETA: Thanks stellamira for the postcard from Oxford! Got it on Friday! :DDD
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I can't complain, but sometimes I still do.

More than a week since my last entry... time flies! My cold is gone! Mostly anyway. And my ear is fine again as well. Yay.

I got two lovely cards this week!
A St. Patrick's Day card from [personal profile] sperrywink! Thanks so much! *hugs*
And a self made card/letter from my twisted twin, [personal profile] kriski! <333 *hugs* (Don't let me forgt to write you an email!)

Aside from WoW (where I finally managed to get my fifth toon to level cap, my only male toon and he turned out to be a gay crossdresser *shakes head*) I also started playing Sims Social on Facebook a few weeks ago.

That game is addicting! And frustrating! And for some reason my female Sim is dating the female Sim of one of my co-workers. And on the side she's also in a very naughty relationship with dominik's Sim. Naughty little thing!

In addition to that two of my co-workers and I discovered this little phone app, where you pick one of three words and then you draw it and the other one has to guess it. We can't draw at all and my fingers are too big to draw smaller details, but it's really fun!

I just wish I had the foresight to save some of those drawings, because I'm quite proud of my attempt to draw the Avengers! (Thor's Hammer, Iron Man's head, Captain America's shield and a little green stick figure that's supposed to be Hulk. Heh.)

Btw., Community is back! Wheee! Awesome little show and I love it so much! <333

Oh, oh, oh! I booked my tickets to see The Hunger Games next Thursday! So excited about it! :D

Now I must go! Going to a Tupperware party to night. Never thought I'd ever go to one of those...
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To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive.

Thanks so much for the dragons, leashy_bebes and fuzzytomato02! They really made my day! *hugs*

And thanks, [personal profile] sperrywink, for the Valentine's card! A robot Valentine's card, so awesome and cute! Hee. Thanks so much! <333

All this social networking stuff is getting a bit much lately for me. Haven't been on Tumblr in ages. Have been on a little Twitter break this past week as well. It's just getting a bit much and I'm getting a bit overwhelmed and stressed.

Took a day off tomorrow. Partly because I have too much overtime (everything that's over 20 h overtime at the end of the month will get cut) and partly because it's Oscar night. Let's see if I can manage to stay up all night. The show starts at 2 am overe here.
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When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.

Thank you, thebratqueen, for the Christmas card! It's lovely! :D
And thanks a lot for the very cute New Year's card, [personal profile] sperrywink! :D

Despite this being a short week (tomorrow is a public holiday here), it's been a very long week. Last week (also a short week) was incredibly long too. But long weekend now (and I also have Monday off!) and I plan on sleeping in and being as lazy as possible!
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When I step into this library, I cannot understand why I ever step out of it.

Another week with lots of Christmas mail! Yay! :D

Thank you stellamira (the little key ring is so cute), binel63, _inbetween_, tikiaceae, [personal profile] rikes, [personal profile] dirtyzucchini and raven_lore! Thanks so much, they are wonderful! <333

Yesterday was my birthdy (OMG! So old! o.O) and it was really nice! Thanks to everyone for the birthday tweets and comments and emails and vgifts and FB messages! So awesome! <333

Unfortunately, I had to work, but we had a little Christmassy celebration at work with food and cake, so that was good. And I got to leave early as well. And then my mom and my brother had a nice birthday dinner at the Mongolian BBQ. Om nom nom.

I got lots of awesome gifts as well! Books and a beautiful necklace from my friend S. My brother gave me the DVD box set for Roswell! <3 I also got wonderful wristwarmers from mabiana and a Loreena McKennitt DVD from saba1789! <333 And can't forget the combined Birthday/Christmas present from [personal profile] kriski, awesome warm knitted socks and a calendar with her beautiful photographs! <333

Oh, and almost forgot, I got flowers from my co-worker! White roses! And they sparkle! :D

We did a little Christmas gift exchange at work and my co-worker (the one that got me flowers) gave me a stuffed Cut the Rope monster. We both love that game and it's so, so cute!

Tonight I'm going to the cinema for the third time this week! So many movies that they show in English at the moment, we have to take advantage of that!

On Monday we went to see Mission Impossible 4, which had some really great action sequences. Some of those scenes probably would look really awesome in 3D.

Tuesday we went to the Sneak Preview (which is every other Tuesday) and they showed This Must Be The Place with Sean Penn. Interesting movie, quite intense, funny at times. Not really a movie I would have watched otherwise, but it's a good one! :)

And tonight we're going to see Sherlock Holmes 2. Can't wait!
sheepy wants to give you a flower

You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.

This past week has been a great mail week!

Thanks so much for the wonderful cards [personal profile] pensnest, liz_mo, fleurrochard, [personal profile] chalcopyrite, [personal profile] turlough (and Lancecat <3), yavannauk (and Bradley and Colin <3), [personal profile] ell and [personal profile] temve (loved the statistics! <3), trumpeterofdoom, mabiana (and the packages <3), and _titch!

I loved all the cards, they are so pretty and cute and <3. :D

And thanks myorangecrush, the_milky_way, and anonymous (who are you? :D) for the Snowman Cookies on my LJ profile page! <3
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If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.

Thank you, padfootie, for the lovely card! *hugs*

Saturday evening, I had my work Christmas party. Had a very nice dinner at a fancy restaurant! Pricey, but so, so good! :D

For once, I looked really good (I rarely think so!). Very nice hair style, which I did myself, and nice make up and I got lots of compliments. :D

Although, while working on my hair there was also a little accident. I used one of those round combs and it got tangled in my hair and I couldn't get it out anymore! DDD: Was so close to crying. Had to call my mom and ask her to come and get that damn comb out of my hair. D:

She did a great job, but she still had to cut off a bit of a hair. Damn comb, damn hair. At least it turned out okay in the end.

Also, on Saturday, mabiana and I bought our Fedcon tickets! Whee!

Lots of awesome people are coming to Fedcon next year again! Brent Spiner! Jonathan Frakes! Joe Flanigan will be there again! And Kavan Smith! :D Also, Felicia Day! <3

I had the day off today and I spent it with wrapping lots of presents. Some of them will be mailed out tomorrow. Go me!

I also watched Cowboys & Aliens while I wrapped all those presents. There's really not much point to that movie, is it? Except that it has Cowboys and Aliens. ;)