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Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.

- It's my mom's 58th birthday today and we went out to have lunch at an Indian restaurant. It was my mom's and my brother's first time having Indian cuisine, but they both seemed to like it. There was also cake in the afternoon! Yay.

- It's also my LJ's 11th birthday. So yay for that! :D

- My friend S not only gave me Arrow to watch, but also all three seasons of Haven. I have now watched the first four episodes, I'm not quite sold yet, but it's interesting enough that I'll keep watching.

- I haven't finished a book since November. I totally blame Teen Wolf for that!

- Speaking of Teen Wolf... Tyler Hoechlin's face!!! His smile!!! I just... yeah. *flails*

- Oh, oh, Community is coming back on Thursday! I so can't wait! I've missed that show so much!

- I was feeling quite awful a couple weeks ago. Went to the doctor and said I had bad heartburn. Got meds and it's a bit better now. Well, I was feeling better this past week. In any case, I haven't slept as much as the week before where I just couldn't get enough sleep. Stupid body.

- Gregor Schlierenzauer won two ski flying competitions today and he's now at 48 victories, which is the most victories of any other ski jumper ever (the previous record was Matti Nykänen's 46 victories). He's only 23 years old. It blows my mind.

- The ski racing world championships start tomorrow. Wohoo!
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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

I'm too lazy to do the proper end of year meme, so I'm just going to mention a few things about Collapse )

Unlike last year, where I was home alone, I rang in the new year at a friends place. There was yummy food and cake and piggy muffins! We played games and watched the fireworks at midnight outside. Was back home at about 4 am or so. It was nice!

It's back to work tomorrow. I really, really don't want to.
santa rob has no regrets (rikes)

I have a simple philosophy. Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. And scratch where it itches.

Thanks to everyone who sent me Christmas/holiday cards! They were all such nice surprises and I loved them all, especially because I didn't have a Christmas card post up this year and also didn't leave my address on any of the card posts I saw on my friendslist. So, thanks again! :DDD <333

Christmas was a nice quiet affair, like every year and just the way I like it. I spent Christmas Eve (the really important present giving day here ;D) with my mom and my brother.

Early in the morning we went to the TV studio where we picked up the Peace Light and then we had Glühmost on empty stomaches (like you do on Christmas ;P) and then we went to the cemetery to visit my dad's grave. Then there was lunch and I went home for a bit and later that day gift exchange and more food. And alcohol. Yay.

I got some very lovely presents; gift certificates from my mom and my brother paid for my Robbie Williams concert ticket. :D Also, a lovely knitted hat from mabiana and a Hard Rock t-shirt from saba1789. (She also got me a Hard Rock t-shirt for my birthday! One from Barcelona and one from Helsinki. <333)

On Christmas day we visited my grandma. Some of the other relatives were there too and it was quite nice. At some point old photo albums were looked at. I was such a cute child! :D

I had to work Thursday and Friday, but now I've got a long weekend again. Yay. I'm still a bit upset that I have to work next week Wednesday to Friday, but what can you do.

Oh, oh! It's Four Hills Tournament time again! Yay! The best thing that's happening in the last week of the old year and the first week of the new year! :D
They had the qualification yesterday and today is the first competition. Can't wait! Yay, ski jumping! :D

Also, also, Miranda is back!!!!! I'm so excited about this, you can't imagine! I've missed that show so much and now it's back and it's just as good as ever. I laughed so much! It was Sue Perb! :D
(But I really hope that Miranda and Gary get their shit together, because yes!)
owen harper

Variety is the soul of pleasure.

Before I forget again, thanks so much, [personal profile] sperrywink, for the Thanksgiving card! It's very cute! *hugs*

My mom is still playing Plants vs. Zombies and in the process ranting a lot about zombies. So strange!

In general I've been feeling pretty blah and listless about everything lately. Definitely not in the mood for the fast approaching holiday season.

I haven't read Merlin fanfiction in a while. Pretty much clear sign that I'm more or less ready to move on. I haven't latched onto a new fandom yet, but after rewatching the show I've read a few Flashpoint stories. Not that there are many (and even less good ones). Woe. It makes me sad that Flashpoint will be over soon.

I'm definitely not admitting to reading some of the Teen Wolf stories that were rec'd on crack_van. No, not at all. Not me. At least werewolfs don't sparkle.
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When a man is wrapped up in himself, he makes a pretty small package.

For the longest time, my mother only played Solitaire on her computer. But now she's apparently addicted to Plants vs. Zombies. Talked to her on the phone just now and she was distracted, because she was playing the game. So strange!

I finally managed to raise my second WoW toon to 90, getting me the [Dynamic Duo] and the [Double Agent] achievement. Wanted those from the start! :D

Next levelling project is probably going to be my rogue. Maybe. Or someone else.

After 6 weeks, I finally got my new phone (iPhone 5) this week. It's so pretty and so, so fast compared to my old iPhone (it was a 3G model, so old that I couldn't update the iOS beyond 4.2). And getting all the data from my old phone to the new one was so easy. Yay. <333
mr. spock 2.0

The future is uncertain... but this uncertainty is at the very heart of human creativity.

How is it already November???

Last Sunday I visited my Oma (my grandmother) in hospital. By that point, she'd already been in hospital for about a week. She's got osteoporosis, so she's hurting a lot and she's got too much water in her system. By now, she's home again (of course I was the last one to know she went home on Tuesday, meh). She's doing okay, but well, she's old (88) and she's not getting younger. Meh.

One of my cousins was there as well with his girlfriend and he was so hungover! It was quite funny, poor boy. Ah, youth! ;D

I'm still in the middle of rewatching Flashpoint. I'm up to season 4 now. <333

And I wanted to write more about Flashpoint, but I can't remember now, because my cousin called and asked if I wanted to go to the Wildstyle & Tattoo fair that is in town this weekend. So I went and it was really nice.

Lots of tattoo studios there, lots of people getting tattoos, lots of people having tattoos. Was nice. They had a stage show, which wasn't that impressive but nice enough. (No really, I don't need to see some random guy on stage getting a lap dance. The two half naked guys doing acrobatics were nice, though.)

Hmmm, maybe I should really get going on my next tattoo that I've wanted for a while...
simon amstell is adorable (bing)

The reverse side also has a reverse side.

Things I did in the past week:

- Went to a family fest on Saturday. It was the 85th birthday of my great-uncle (my mom's uncle). It was nice enough, but lots of people that I didn't know. The food was yummy in any case!

- Lost an hour last weekend! I want it back! I really don't like that Daylight Saving's Time business.

- Had a day off on Monday. Went shopping and spent too much money on new clothes. Now I need new shoes as well.

- Went to the Sneak Preview* last night, where we got to see "My Week with Marilyn". While my companions didn't like it much, I enjoyed it quite a lot. Michelle Williams was really brilliant in it!
(*They have a Sneak Preview every other Tuesday.)

- Just booked the hotel for [personal profile] bingeling's and mine Simon Amstell weekend in June. \o/

- Everyone seems to talk about hockey slash lately. All I care about at the moment is that my home hockey team (the Black Wings) is in the playoffs finale! Best of 7, they are now in the lead with 2:1, next game tomorrow night! Wohoo!
cookies (saba1789)

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.

I'm still mainlining Fringe and only two more episodes and I'm all caught up! This makes me sad, because then I have to wait like everyone else for new episodes. DNW!

This show makes me flail so much! Just finished watching the Collapse )

Series 4 of Merlin is awesome as well! Collapse )

My brother is cute and annoying at the same time! He makes me give him the current episodes of H50 and NCIS:LA, because he doesn't want to wait for them to be on TV here. He's watching them in English, because he doesn't want to wait!!! Anyway, he's watching the episodes (he's a couple episodes behind, because it does take him longer to watch things in English) and then he calls me and asks me stuff about plot points and little things, even though he doesn't actually want to know these things.

He wants to watch unspoiled and he still calls me. I guess, it's his way of being a fanboy and flailing about the shows. Heh.
mick st. john

When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one... (cont.)

...but you won't come up with a handful of mud either.

It was my little brother's birthday two days ago. He turned 33 and wow, that makes me feel so old! D:
And because I'm a great sister, he'll be getting the Fast Five on blu-ray as soon as I get it from Amazon.

My brother is a bit of a fanboy (it's in the family, my dad loved SciFi and Comics) and he can't stop talking about Hawaii Five-0. I'm supposed to bring him the season 2 opener as soon as I have it. He's even braving the English language to get his hands on it! Hahaha! And apparently, he's just as much a fan of True Blood.

After the little celebration (with cake!) of my brother's birthday, I went to the cinema to see the Sneak Preview. We saw about half an hour of Friends with Benefits (Justin's little face! :D) before the projector (or something) broke! We couldn't see anything else, but at least we did get a voucher for another film. Woe.

I'm going to see The Three Musketeers tonight, hopefully everything works this time!
captain jack is happy

Nobody ever died of laughter.

I had the day off today! Yay! Good Friday isn't a public holiday here (except when you're Protestant), but my work place gives us the day anyway. And we don't even have to use a vacation day! :D

My mom also had the day off, so she offered to help clean the windows. She came by this morning and we did that. Now I can see the outside through my windows again! :D
And because we were already in a cleaning mood, we did the rest of my flat too. We even cleaned under the bed, which I usually tend to... um.. forget about. Lot of dust bunnies there. *coughs*

In generell I've been in a bit of a decluttering mood. I've done my desk and I've gone through my official documents and threw away a whole bunch of old documents. Why did I still have insurance documents for my car? I've sold that car years ago! *shakes had* Well, I shredded them (I shred everything that has personal information on it).

Oh, I found 30 Pounds doing that decluttering thing. Awesome! I should declutter more often, me thinks. :)

Somewhere in between I also watched the latest Collapse )