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cookies (saba1789)

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.

I'm still mainlining Fringe and only two more episodes and I'm all caught up! This makes me sad, because then I have to wait like everyone else for new episodes. DNW!

This show makes me flail so much! Just finished watching the Collapse )

Series 4 of Merlin is awesome as well! Collapse )

My brother is cute and annoying at the same time! He makes me give him the current episodes of H50 and NCIS:LA, because he doesn't want to wait for them to be on TV here. He's watching them in English, because he doesn't want to wait!!! Anyway, he's watching the episodes (he's a couple episodes behind, because it does take him longer to watch things in English) and then he calls me and asks me stuff about plot points and little things, even though he doesn't actually want to know these things.

He wants to watch unspoiled and he still calls me. I guess, it's his way of being a fanboy and flailing about the shows. Heh.
take that (elsmoka)

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

My Highlander re-watch has come to an end! Woe! I watched the last episode on Sunday and it has been really great! Collapse )

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Munich for the weekend! I'm going to meet up with mabiana, saba1789, stellamira and franzi1981 and we're going to see Take That together (Wheeeeeeeeeee!)! I'm so excited! :DDD
(And maybe when I'm get back home on Sunday LJ will be back. *crosses fingers*)

Because the alternative is unthinkable.

Are you already tired of me talking about Highlander? Yes? No? Not that I'd stop talking about it. Heh.

I've finished watching season 4 and I'm now in the middle of season 5. Only 6 more episodes in this season. Woe! Collapse )

Whee! I could ramble some more, but I have to go now. I'm off to the cinema for the Sneak Preview! :D

(And I think I need more Highlander icons! I only have this Methos one! Definitely need a Richie one and maybe a Duncan one as well. :))
ianto jones

Live. Grow stronger. Fight another day.

I suppose I should update my journal again...

First of all, thanks so much turlough for the Picnic Basket on my LJ profile page! *hugs*

And thank you, raven_lore, for the lovely postcard from Dublin! *hugs*

A meme (via dragonaph):
Go look at your blog journal. Find the last Fandom-related thing you posted. The characters in that post are now your team-mates in the Zombie Apocalypse. How fucked are you?

My last fandom related thing was of course about Highlander. And I suppose, there are worse people to have at your side during a Zombie Apocalypse than Duncan MacLeod and Methos and a few more Immortals. Heh.
But it makes me wonder, can Immortals be zombified?

Speaking of Highlander, I'm still re-watching the show and Collapse )

I've also watched the new Collapse )
captain jack is happy

Nobody ever died of laughter.

I had the day off today! Yay! Good Friday isn't a public holiday here (except when you're Protestant), but my work place gives us the day anyway. And we don't even have to use a vacation day! :D

My mom also had the day off, so she offered to help clean the windows. She came by this morning and we did that. Now I can see the outside through my windows again! :D
And because we were already in a cleaning mood, we did the rest of my flat too. We even cleaned under the bed, which I usually tend to... um.. forget about. Lot of dust bunnies there. *coughs*

In generell I've been in a bit of a decluttering mood. I've done my desk and I've gone through my official documents and threw away a whole bunch of old documents. Why did I still have insurance documents for my car? I've sold that car years ago! *shakes had* Well, I shredded them (I shred everything that has personal information on it).

Oh, I found 30 Pounds doing that decluttering thing. Awesome! I should declutter more often, me thinks. :)

Somewhere in between I also watched the latest Collapse )
mitchell and george (letmypidgeonsgo)

Go and wake up your luck.

Happy Birthday, withdiamonds! I hope yo have a great day! *hugs*

This is what I wrote on Saturday and forgot to post (yay for Semagic and draft saving!):

- Forgot to remove my eye make up yesterday. You don't want to know what I looked like this morning!

- Dreamed that I went to a NKOTB concert with [personal profile] sperrywink and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Jordan and Joey were flirting with each other on stage (while singing and dancing, of course). JGL punched someone in the face. Then there was a break in the concert. Everyone left and got drunk. Then when we got back, the concert hall was on fire. Donnie came out and said that he saw JGL punch someone in the face. Then JGL stripped (maybe to fight Donnie?), revealing very sexy lingerie (black and red) underneath his suit. And then I woke up.
Yeah, I don't know either.

This is what I wrote today:

- I'm going to Camp Sparkle this year. Have registered and booked a flight. Not sure yet how to get to Camp, because my flight's coming in late on Friday and there probably won't be a pick up for me. Figuring out the UK train system will be a challenge!
Also, I'm already very nervous about Camp! And excited. But mostly nervous!

- Watched the series finale of Collapse )

- Going to see The Adjustment Bureau tonight.

- On the WoW front, I've started working on Loremaster, which yeah, is a bit insane considering that all the quests for the old world got wiped when Cataclysm came out. Loremaster of Cataclysm and Eastern Kingdoms are done. Working on Kalimdor now and got the title "the Seeker" on the way.

- Going to Rome on Thursday.
lydia adams (shadowhuntress)

Underpromise; overdeliver.

Happy belated Birthday, gem225! And Happy Birthday, oceana_! I hope you both had a great day! *hugs*

How weird is it that I got a Twitter direct message from George Takei thanking me for following him and asking me to retweet him a lot. Heh. I don't care if everyone else is getting a message like that, I will save that email forever and ever! :-D

Collapse )

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Collapse )
puddlejumper (elsmoka)

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another...

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.

Happy Birthday, turps33! I wish you all the best! *hugs*

I got myself a new mouse! Yay! It's a Razer Deathadder, which feels really nice in my hand, much better than the spare mouse I used for the last couple days. I haven't played WoW with it yet, but it should be okay. And very importantly, it has a blue glowing mouse wheel! Awesome! :-D

I watched Collapse )
ziva david (raven_lore)

Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.

- I've had a headache pretty much since Monday. My neck hurts too. Gah. I blame it on the cold at night/warm during the day weather. And I never know what to wear with weather like that. I need the winter coat in the morning, but of course that is too warm during the day. Bleh.

- I was supposed to have the annual appraisal interview with the lady boss today. But now it got postponed until Monday. I don't know what's worse, the actually interview or all that waiting for the interview.

- I seem to be very "electrically charged" lately. Every time I touch something metallic I get zapped. So annoying!

- I changed all the password on all my various accounts. I didn't know I had so many accounts all over the place. D:

- New episodes of "Notaufnahme" featuring the hospital where I work start again today. (ATV, every Wednesday.)

- Watched the latest Collapse )
becker (primeval) (serenityfreak)

So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering.

Happy Birthday, erilyn and herbalbutterfly! I wish you both the best! *hugs*

Thanks so much, sperrywink, for the Valentine's card! ♥♥♥

It's Monday and the weekend was ridiculously short. I need more hours in the day! I need an extra long weekend and that every week! Hah.

There was Primeval on Saturday, Collapse )