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Previously in my life...

I spent New Year's Eve (or as we call it: Silvester) with my mom, my brother and my friend S. eating good food and playing board games. It was quite a lot of fun, even though I didn't win once. Boo! We watched Dinner for One, watched some fireworks and then we all went home. It was pretty nice.

The not so nice part was that I woke up with a cough, a runny nose and cramps. Meh. Since I worked between Christmas and New Year, I was able to take off the Friday and Monday after the New Year (January 6th is a public holiday here), so it kinda sucked that I had a cold the whole week I was home. At least I got to sleep in and I was able to watch Austria kick ass at ski jumping (Vierschanzentournee!!!). Yay!

I'm also quite enjoying the new WoW expansion that came out last November. It's really fun and the garrison stuff is pretty cool, although quite time consuming. However the Molten Core run I did was awful, it took ages and we wiped constantly. At least I got my Core Hound mount. It looks hilarious when my little gnome rides it. Heh.

I booked my flights for Fedcon in May and for the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Frankfurt. So excited for it!

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I'm on holiday! Which is great, not that I managed to do anything at all. Well, I went to the hairdresser yesterday, but that was pretty much it.

Early tomorrow morning (very early in the morning!) I'm flying to Birmingham (via Frankfurt) for the Wolfsbane 2 (Teen Wolf) convention. The third and final convention for me this year, at least I don't have any more planned. Who knows.

I'm flying back Monday morning and on Tuesday I'm off to see the Backstreet Boys! Wohoo!

Lots of stuff for me to do, hopefully I'll survive everything. ;)

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I try to avoid looking backward and keep looking upward.

It's high time that I post about last weekend!

So, I went to visit mabiana and I had a lovely time visiting her! I love her place, even if it's on the top floor and the building doesn't have any lifts. But it's really nice and I love her plants in the bathroom and her balcony and everything.

Anyway, we had fantastic food over the course of the weekend. We went to great Thai restaurant Saturday evening and I had the most awesomest soup (tom kha het for the curious) ever. They had a fish pond inside the restaurant. Very cool.
Sunday we had Chinese and that was fantastic too! Om nom nom! All the food for me! :D

Hah, I made Mabiana watch an episode of Teen Wolf that was on just the moment she turned on the TV! Whoops. I also stole lots of Mabiana's wifi. I'm such a terrible houseguest!!!

The Robbie Williams concert was Sunday evening and it was pretty awesome!

Olly Murs set was really nice, even though I pretty much only know a couple of his songs. Best part was, though, when he ripped his trousers sometime during the first three songs or so. It ripped right down the middle of his ass! Hehe. He was quite embarrassed, but he didn't leave to change and once in a while he wiggled his behind towards us so that we could see his underwear (it was black). ;D

Rob was fantastic! There isn't really much to say, but that, because once you've seen him on stage you know the kind of entertainer he is. And he's got an amazing stage presence, not many have that. <333

The only downside was, when Rob brought the girl up on stage (he picks a girl every show) and after he asked where she was from, the whole stadium boo'd when she said she was from Austria. Not gonna lie, but I was pretty angry at her behalf. I can't remember that the Vienna crowd (listened to that concert on the radio) doing that when that girl said that she was from, I believe, the Czech Republic. She looked pretty taken aback, but good thing Robbie is Robbie and he managed to turn that around pretty quickly. But still, it still makes me go "ugh" when I think about it.

The other downside was that the security at the stadium took Mabiana's pocket umbrella and then they threw it away. Grrrr. I do get that they don't want possible weapons in the stadium during a concert, but a) they weren't really thorough during the security searches (ie they didn't notice/take away her pocket knife!) and b) they could have easily put all the things they took into a big bin for people to collect after the concert.

But other than that, the concert was really nice! And we had great seats! :D

At one point during the weekend we watched season 1 episodes of MacGyver, which was pretty awesome. Also, so damn funny! There was one episode that was set in Budapest and at one point they had a car chase through the city and then all of a sudden they crossed the border to Austria! Heh.

The train rides there and back home weren't as boring as in the past. I bought new tablets that work really, really well against motion sickness. So, I was able to read, which is very awesome! :D \o/

Maybe I should go and get myself a paid DW account again. Only having the same 15 icons is very limiting, especially when I don't even have my Robbie icon here. D:

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I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.

The pre-sale for tickets for Robbie Williams' stadium tour next year started today and of course I just had to get my hands on them! Because Rob! Whee!

So, I tried to get tickets at work (don't tell the lady boss), spent about a million hours in the queue and finally managed to get tickets for mabiana and me! :DDD

It's gonna be the fourth time I'm seeing him in concert. Saw him twice solo and once with Take That. I just can't stay away from this guy! So exciting! :D

Oh, oh, and I want to pimp mfac! It's saba1789's multi-fandom advent calendar and it's going to be awesome like in the past few years! There will be pictures and recs, guest entries and lots of other stuff! So check it out, it's one of my advent highlights every year! :D
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Never eat more than you can lift.

Things of note:

-- It looks like I'm going to Fedcon again next year! Yay! mabiana, [profile] tmzcori, [personal profile] chanii, and I bought our tickets at pretty much the same time, so there's hope that we have con numbers that are close together (more chance to sit together). mabiana and I are sharing a room at the second con hotel again! :D

-- I have not seen the new Spiderman movie and I probably won't, because I missed all the non-dubbed showings. I'm not very keen on seeing movies when they are dubbed, which is unfortunate, because they dub everything! D:

-- I have seen Ice Age 4, though, which was cute and funny! :)

-- I saw Die Ärzte in June in Vienna and last week I bought tickets for the Ärzte concert in my home town in October! Yay. It's their comeback tour! The tour is called "Das Comeback", because they haven't been on tour in a very, very long time. No really. It'll be months between the current tour and the next, it's a long time. Um, yeah, what can I say, it's the Ärzte. ;)

-- Summer time means lots of people on holiday means busy time at work. I'm already exhausted. Also, the lady boss called in sick today.

-- First post in July. Only three posts in June, I really don't know how that happened. I should post more. (Yes, I know, I always say that.)

-- Yesterday morning, some fat person (=me) broke the toilet seat. /o\ Bought a new one today. At least the new one is so much prettier (purple stripes!) than the old (white) one.

-- Going to bed now, because I'm so very tired. Good night.
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To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.

I'm back from Camp Sparkle! Well, I've been back since Sunday evening, but I haven't had much energy to post. I spent most of my time getting caught up with everything, watch all the shows, do lots of laundry, buy groceries, go back to work and stuff like that. Exhausting!

Anyway, Camp has been fabulous! It was so good to see everyone again and finally meet [personal profile] sperrywink, adelate and ihearthings_ii in person! (They are lovely!) :D

Most of us went to see NKOTBSB in concert on Saturday (which was not the webcast one) and it has been a lot of fun! I didn't expect the joint concert to work so well, but it was great. The awesome company didn't hurt either. :D

A few of us went to see the Avengers together as well. Great movie, lots of fun! :D

The house was very nice and it had wifi! I did tweet a bit and checked LJ a few times, but didn't really do much online.

Other than the above we were lazy, went on a few trips, played sparkly games, watched footage and wrote the five word story, which actually does make sense. Somewhat at least. Heh.

After Camp I went back to London and spent the weekend there. I met up with the lovely raven_lore, who I haven't seen in far too long!

Saturday I went to see Hampton Court Palace, a pretty amazing place! It was a special weekend thing apparently, because in the kitchens they had people make real food!

Didn't do much on Sunday, slept in, made my way to the airport very slowly. Heh.
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The fact that a great many people believe something is no guarantee of its truth.

I've still got a cough, but it seems to get a bit better at least. It was pretty bad at work yesterday, though. :(

Sunday afternoon I went to Vienna, met with liriel_ for coffee, and then I went to the Loreena McKennitt concert. The concert was pretty awesome with most of my favorite songs. And it was so great to see her on stage for the first time, I've been a fan for about 20 years (OMG! 20 years? How is that even possible?)! I had a front row seat! :D

After the concert I had about 10 - 15 min to get to the train station, which I barely managed to do. It's not that far from the concert hall to the train station, but I'm neither a fast walker nor a runner and add to that my cold I was breathing pretty hard when I reached the train. Finally got home around 1 am.

But it was so worth it! :D

Still thinking about the 100 things blogging challenge, but I still can't come up with a topic. I was thinking maybe 100 things about World of Warcraft, but I'm not sure so many people would be interested about that. Or more general 100 fannish things that includes everything from WoW to TV shows, books, movies, fanfiction recs, picspams, anything else I can come up with? 100 random things about me? 100 things about my hobbies? I don't know!
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Happiness is something that you are and it comes from the way you think.

I've got a cold, the second one this year. Which is really kind of strange, because I'm not really prone to getting cold. Or getting sick in general. Started with a sore throat and have now progressed to lots of coughing. Bleh.

Hopefully it won't be too bad when I'm going to the Loreena McKennitt concert tonight in Vienna. *crosses fingers*

Did get into the WoW Mists of Pandaria Beta on Friday. Haven't played much, yet, because there are a ton of other people there as well. And the game client keeps crashing. So far, pandas are cute, maybe too cute.

This 100 things blogging challenge looks very interesting. But I don't know if I can even come up with 100 things about one topic. Any suggestions?
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A book is like a garden carried in the pocket.

My Highlander re-watch has come to an end! Woe! I watched the last episode on Sunday and it has been really great! Collapse )

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Munich for the weekend! I'm going to meet up with mabiana, saba1789, stellamira and franzi1981 and we're going to see Take That together (Wheeeeeeeeeee!)! I'm so excited! :DDD
(And maybe when I'm get back home on Sunday LJ will be back. *crosses fingers*)
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We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

Happy belated Birthday, lilysaid!
And Happy Birthday, stellamira!
I wish you both all the best! *hugs lots*

mabiana, I got the card/advent calendar yesterday! Thank you so much! *hugs*

So, Monday I went to Vienna, spent the afternoon with _strange_music_, which was great! :-D
And then I met up with dominik (we met for the first time!) and we went to see Adam Lambert together! The show as really, really fantastic, Adam's got a really great voice. And the company was awesome, too! We had glow stick fights! :-D
Apparently there was some smooching going on on stage, but I didn't see anything. There were too many heads and hands holding phones/cameras in the way. Woe!

Today, I ordered the limited edition of Robbie Williams' The Definitive Collector's Edition. It's really kind of expensive, but as saba1789 and [personal profile] tmz_cori pointed out (which means that I can totally blame it on them!) it's Christmas (and my birthday) in less than a month and I should treat myself. So I did, a present for myself :-).

And when I got home after work I watched Look Back, Don't Stare, a behind the scenes documentary of the recording of Take That's latest album. This was so, so awesome, heartbreaking and also happy-making. I love them all so much! ♥
I think I need Take That icons!