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princess (turlough)

Camp Sparkle: Possessed & Undressed

I've been back home from Camp Sparkle for a week now and I still miss everybody and why can't there are people that cook for me every evening???

Camp was awesome. Brighton was fantastic, there was so much to do and so much to see. The house was fine too. Well, except for the tiny, tiny fridge and only three bathrooms for 16 people and the incredibly loud seagulls. But other than that I quite liked it. And the house was so close to the beach and to everything else really.

I had such a good time and it was so great seeing everyone again! I love you and I miss you all! <333

Thursday, adelate, ihearthings_ii and I went to London to see Colin Morgan in The Tempest. The play was brilliant (never seen it before) and all the actors were fantastic. And we managed to see Colin and get his autograph after the play. :D

For some reason, we didn't really watch a lot of sparkly dance boy footage. Instead we watched pretty much of Dante's Cove, which is so hilariously bad. The acting! And the plot! And all the naked people having sex! A+++ entertainment really.

Can't wait for next year!

Have some pictures over on my tumblr:
London and Colin
Playing Dixit at Camp*

*I played those Dixit cards knowing that everyone would get it immediately. But everyone's reaction!!! So worth it! ;D

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piggy kisses (sunlitdays)

Caaaaaaaaamp Sparkle

It's almost time for Camp! Whee!

Late afternoon today I'm going to fly to London (via Düsseldorf) and will stay at [personal profile] pensnest's place for the night and then some time tomorrow we're going to Brighton!

Whee! So exciting!

And it's good to see everyone again! :D And sad that some are not able to make it! :(

Going to be back home next Sunday after a long, long night. Haha.

Anyway, everyone have a good week! :D

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stargate (by digital_diva)

There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home.*

Oh, hello there, I haven't updated in ages and I'm sure you've all missed me. Or not. Probably not those that follow me on Twitter and Tumblr (I keep going to Tumblr maybe once a day where I then reblog a million things at once).

* Fedcon is in two weeks and and it seems as if there are more guest cancellations than in previous years. Cancellations are to be expected, but it does suck when it only seems to be the guests I've been really looking forward to. Meh.

Canceled guests: LeVar Burton, Alexander Siddig, Katee Sackhoff. :(((
(And Christopher Kirby, but he doesn't fall into the category of people I've been looking forward to see.)

There are still plenty of people that I want to see, but yeah.

* Camp Sparkle will be in June this year and some of us have already made plans to go to London to see Colin Morgan in The Tempest! So exciting! :D

* Work has been kind of awful in the past month. But on the bright side, the annual performance review went well. Yay.

* Got a Dreamwidth notification that my paid account is expiring in a few days. I'm not sure if I should renew for another year or not. It's not as if I post that much and of course I tend to forget to check my Dreamwidth reading list. A free account would totally suffice (except maybe for the icons). Need to think about that.

* Going to see Iron Man 3 on Tuesday! Can't wait!

* Have I mentioned yet that I now have more TV stations, which one of them is Syfy (still a very stupid name)? The fun thing is that they air like a million Star Trek episodes every day and I'm totally loving it! :D

The ironic part is that while Syfy shows Defiance only a day after the US (and you can watch it in either the German dubbing or the English original version), I still have to acquire it by other means, because it airs on Tuesdays which is usually my cinema day!

* There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home. --> LOLOLOLOLOL
six&#39;s sexy legs

May I never miss a sunset or a rainbow because I am looking down.

I finally got my first two massages this past week and they were so good, but way too short! I got them early in the morning, which is really nice, but especially on Friday it made me drowsy as hell. And then I got a headache and for once I decided to leave work early. Hah!

For a little over a week now the fan of my graphics card has been very loud, especially when I first start the computer. Sometimes it quiets down again, but sometimes not. It's very disconcerting, but I tried to ignore it as much as possible. Well, until yesterday, because then the the monitor turned black twice while I was playing WoW. Rebooting the computer worked, but I couldn't play anymore. Woe!

Things like that always happen on the weekend! Because it was already so late, I couldn't go out and buy a new graphics card anymore. And of course, around here, stores are closed on Sundays. I will buy a new graphics card tomorrow after work with the help of my brother, who hopefully will also put it into my computer.

Of course, now that I know I can't play WoW, I really, really want to. Even though sometimes I go days without opening the game. DDD:

I just want it to work again! *whines* At least, I can do normal things on my computer without the graphics card overheating.

On the upside! I finally booked my flights for Fedcon! Whee!

And! Camp Sparkle is a go! Booked my flights and everything and this year we're going to Brighton! :D I can't wait to see everyone again!
nsync stars (geneli4)

To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship.

I'm back from Camp Sparkle! Well, I've been back since Sunday evening, but I haven't had much energy to post. I spent most of my time getting caught up with everything, watch all the shows, do lots of laundry, buy groceries, go back to work and stuff like that. Exhausting!

Anyway, Camp has been fabulous! It was so good to see everyone again and finally meet [personal profile] sperrywink, adelate and ihearthings_ii in person! (They are lovely!) :D

Most of us went to see NKOTBSB in concert on Saturday (which was not the webcast one) and it has been a lot of fun! I didn't expect the joint concert to work so well, but it was great. The awesome company didn't hurt either. :D

A few of us went to see the Avengers together as well. Great movie, lots of fun! :D

The house was very nice and it had wifi! I did tweet a bit and checked LJ a few times, but didn't really do much online.

Other than the above we were lazy, went on a few trips, played sparkly games, watched footage and wrote the five word story, which actually does make sense. Somewhat at least. Heh.

After Camp I went back to London and spent the weekend there. I met up with the lovely raven_lore, who I haven't seen in far too long!

Saturday I went to see Hampton Court Palace, a pretty amazing place! It was a special weekend thing apparently, because in the kitchens they had people make real food!

Didn't do much on Sunday, slept in, made my way to the airport very slowly. Heh.

There is only one you... Don't you dare change just because you're outnumbered!

100 things about me and my hometown

001: (Travel) Anxiety

As much as I like travelling to places, meeting people, seeing things, travel anxiety gets me every time. I worry about everything, packing and repacking and re-repacking my stuff, checking a million times that I haven't forgotten anything. Worrying that my suitcase gets lost, worrying that people won't like me (even though they seemed to like me before). Already missing my flat, my alone time, my own stuff before I even went away. And then the doubt sets in, wondering if I even should go, maybe staying home would be better. And so on and on and on.

I hate it. But nothing much I can do about it.

Anyway, it's Camp Sparkle time soon. I'll be gone for more than a week! See you all when I'm back! :)
hiro did it

You're never too old to become younger.

Thank you, aerisaturner, mabiana and elsmoka for the glass hearts! <333

It snowed quite a bit during the night, as I discovered this morning when I stepped out of the house. And of course the sidewalk wasn't cleared yet (the streets were, though). I didn't get far before I slipped and fell. Have a bruised knee now. You can't see anything on my hands, but they are a bit sore. Boo!

Checked my credit card online today. *gulps* Did I really book three flights for later this year? Yes, apparently I did! Flights for Camp Sparkle! For Fedcon! And flights to see Simon Amstell's new show in June. \o/ But damn, why is everything so expensive???

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joey joy (saba)

Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.

Last night I was so damn tired that I went to bed at 8 pm and slept through until my regular wake up time during the week. I guess I really needed all that sleep!

On the other hand, tiredness and lots of sleep is for me usually a sign for a depressive phase. Yay?

Asked the lady boss today and I got time off for Camp Sparkle next year! Yay! :D

And now it's Sneak Preview time!
lance game

To be amused by what you read--that is the great spring of happy quotations.

I'm back from Camp, have been since Friday evening! Boo! Since then I watched all the shows I missed, did all the laundry, played all the WoW or something like that.

It's been a great week, very relaxing, even for little introverted me. But being home in my own space is nice too. But I do miss everyone! Who will hug me now?!? ♥♥♥

I should sort through the pictures I took, but I'm too lazy.

And I really don't want to go back to work tomorrow. The lady boss texted me while I was in England to tell me she needed two days off this week. Bleh. At least it's only a week and then I'm off to London for a week! \o/ And when I'm back from London we've moved to new offices at work. Yes, they'll move while I'm away, which means I need to pack up everything at work this week. Not looking forward to that. I have too much stuff, even at work.

ETA: And I have a million (= 21) DW invite codes, just in case someone still needs one (or a few).
nsync stars (geneli4)

Time does not change us. It just unfolds us.

Hello from Camp Sparkle! It's the second to last day of a week full of fun and squee and sparkly goodness! Tomorrow everyone will leave and then it's over. Booo!

Needless to say I'm having a great time. I really shouldn't have worried so much, but what can you do. I always worry (and right now I'm worrying about getting to the airport in time tomorrow and stuff like that; apparently I'm a worrier ;).

We had two awesome outings. One to Hardwick Hall and a food fair and the second to Sudbury Hall and the Museum of Childhood. It was fantastic! :D

Of course we also watched lots of sparkly footage and music videos. I haven't seen much NSync or BSB footage in the last few years, but this was great. Also, sparkly boys should always be half-naked, wet and on their knees! It's their best look! :D

For some reason we also watched "Harry and Max", which was all kinds of disturbing. Luckily, I dosed off a couple of times during that. I also managed to watch two episodes of "House of Carters" before I gave up. It was just as disturbing. *shudders*

I've now seen the Eurovision Song Contest twice (we did that last night)! I still don't like the winning song. Booo!

What else? Hmmm. There has been lots of hugging. And I've played with lots of people's hair, which doesn't sound creepy at all. *coughs*

Oh! Tuesday night we had a fancy dinner to celebrate nopseud's birthday, which was awesome! All in all we had awesome food this week with someone else cooking every day! Om nom nom!

We played cracky sparkly games as well!

Can't remember much more at the moment. In any case, it was all awesome! And sparkly! :DDD