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Books are not made for furniture, but there is nothing else that so beautifully furnishes a house.

I've got a bit of a cold. Well, mostly a really sore throat and a cough. It started Monday night, but it was really bad on Wednesday. So, I left work early on Wednesday and stayed home yesterday. Although, that was mostly, because my co-worker S. insisted that I stay home and not infect everyone at work.

It's a lot better today, which is really great, because I'm going to visit saba1789 for the weekend and we (that is Saba and mabiana too) are going to the Frankfurt book fair this weekend!

So exciting! I've always wanted to go the book fair, but never went. But now I do! Wohoo! :D

I haven't watched Glee in ages, but I watched last night's episode earlier and it was hard to watch. I was crying so much. I mean, I'm usually crying a lot when sad (or in general very emotional) things happen on TV, but it's even worse when you know that it's not just the character that died. :(((

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We did not change as we grew older; we just became more clearly ourselves.

  • We're in the process of moving to new offices at work. Well, new to us and we have to take most of our old furniture with us. The upside is that instead of a big office with 12 people I will be in a smaller one with just 4 people in it.

    The moving date is next Friday, but since I have the week off (to go to London \o/), yesterday was my last day in the old office (sad pictures: moving box, bare desk, hall). So, when I come back IT and the movers have (hopefully) moved everything and I just need to remember to go to the new office instead of the old one. I already put a reminder in my calendar!

  • Sometime last night I noticed water on the floor near my sink in my kitchen. At first I thought that I accidentally spilled something and I mopped it up. But then the water came back! D: I couldn't see where the water was coming from, it ran out from underneath the kitchen cabinet, but all the cabinets were dry inside. I ended up turning the water off entirely in the kitchen. A friend of my mom's thinks that maybe the dishwasher is the problem, somewhere a leaking seal (?) or something.

    In any case it's really great timing! Because a) it's the weekend and b) I'm flying to London Monday morning. DDD:
    My best option right now is probably to turn off the water in the entire flat for the week (just in case) and then try to find someone to take a look at it when I'm back.

    I hate dealing with grown-up things like that! DDD:

  • Campers (and Twitter people) already know this: A few weeks ago my finger slipped on the "buy" button and I got myself a Kindle. I really love it! It's easy to read on and even though I have to convert the fanfiction so I can read it on the Kindle, it's not much of a problem. And of course, the AO3 lets you download the stories in the right file format! :D

  • Last night I finally finished [Loremaster of Outland]! Yay! Now I just need to finish up Northrend and I'm done, done, done! It'll take some time as well, but there's the end in sight!

    And I'm still undecided if I want to grind Netherwing rep or not. But the Netherwing drakes are so pretty! On the other hand, I hate grinding and farming.

lesen ist abenteuer im kopf #2

Language is the source of misunderstandings.

Yesterday, I went to the post office to mail out a few BookMooch books and a gift. There they tell me that I can't pay with my bank card anymore. Do you know what that means to me, the person that hardly has any cash in her wallet and most of the time pays with her bank card?!? I barely managed to pay for the packages in cash and now I have to remember every time I go to the post office to get some money beforehand. D:

Speaking of BookMooch; anyone need points? I have 160 points and no way of using them. If you let me know your user name I can send you a few.

Had yet another dentist appointment today. Another root canal and if that one doesn't work they have to remove the tooth. I hate dentists and my teeth! D:
lesen ist abenteuer im kopf #2

The important thing is not to stop questioning.

I was a little bit excited when I was finally able to mooch a book from Bookmooch. Most books I want are not available or when they are available people don't send them to my country. I have a ton of Bookmooch points. :-(
Anyway, got the book today and it appears I accidentally mooched the Norwegian version of the book. D:
This is how smart I am! Not!

Took another "short" 1 1/2 hour nap today. Bleh.

Tonight I'm going to see TRON: Legacy. I don't care that it apparently isn't that great, but I've been waiting for this movie for so long! I just want to finally see it.
winter bear (sunlitdays)

Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer.

I've wanted to update my journal for a few days now, but somehow I never do. I "write" the post in my head, but I never actually open up Semagic and write it down. I'm so lazy! Why can't I just project my thoughts into an entry?

(Case in point: I started this entry yesterday and it's still not much further along than this. I fail at this journaling thing. Edit: And it took me several hours to complete this entry, writing a sentence here and a sentence there.)

So, I had a long weekend last weekend, which I really enjoyed. Most of it was spent just relaxing and reading (got the 5th book of Lynn Flewelling's Nightrunner series) and also playing WoW (of course).

I quite enjoyed Collapse )

On the Collapse )

We currently have very hot weather, I hate heat! I'm melting and it's uncomfortable. I think my best option right now is to move to the Northpole. :-/
teyla is pretty

Everyone has a purpose in life. Perhaps yours is watching television.

First things first; I had a yellow watermelon and a yellow kiwi today! \o/ Soooo good. Especially the yellow kiwi, because unlike the regular green kiwi it doesn't make my mouth tingle (or at least not as bad).

So, this past week I watched Collapse )

I started watching The Middleman. It's really funny and I like the main characters and the stories are so... comic book style. Heh. I watched the Collapse )

I finished reading Lynn Flewelling's Collapse )

And now I wait for Doctor Who...
love (jiatra)

Choose your pleasures for yourself, and do not let them be imposed upon you.

There was a book fair in town (the first one and I have a feeling that it was also the last one *sighs*), but it was kind of disappointing. Apparently, there have been some serious problems behind the scenes and that resulted amongst other things to almost no advertisement of the event. The book fair was pretty deserted the whole time I was there. :-(

I was there with _sushi_ Friday evening (no entrance fee). They had a nice calendar exhibition and there were a couple nice book stands. I was quite amused with some of the books in the "children's and youth books" section. Some of those mangas weren't quite kid friendly...

I was there again, yesterday, to see koorifumi and liriel_. Li was quite busy all afternoon, because she was part of the jury for the cosplay competition. Koorifumi and I had lots of fun, though. Both of them were in costume and Li's was very... eye-catching ;-). Heh.

I've been so very tired these last couple days. Friday and Saturday night I went to bed very early, I just couldn't stay up for longer than 10 p.m. And because I went to bed so early, I also woke up very early in the morning. But instead of using the extra time to do some much needed apartment cleaning, I pretty much wasted it in front of my computer with the watching of my TV shows and reading fanfiction and LJ. It was very nice and relaxing. My apartment still needs cleaning, though.

You know, the big problem with Torchwood fandom is that they take characters like Captain Jack and Ianto Jones, who are both quite bad ass, and turn them into some version of this. I'll probably never get over the "Big bad Jack hurting tiny crybaby Ianto" thing. o.O

I watched Doctor Who on German TV today (they aired "The Empty Child") and I found it very weird that the Doctor and Rose say "Sie" to each other. "Wo waren Sie, Rose?" Why, oh why? Gah!
Captain Jack's German voice didn't make my ears bleed, which is something, I guess.
teyla and ronon

Wise people are full of doubts (I think).

This is the month of headaches (due to the unusual warm weather). Is it ever going to end?

Today at work I stumbled over a patient with the first name of "Primus." I've come across some very weird names, but this one is definitely in the top ten.

geneli4 is organizing the book exchange again! Yay! So, if you want to participate in a cool book exchange you should head over here and sign up! :-)
joey joy (saba)

Books in 2008

January, February

1. The Novice (The Black Magician Trilogy #2) by Trudi Canavan

April, May

2. The High Lord (The Black Magician Trilogy #3) by Trudi Canavan
3. Trace Memory (Torchwood #5) by David Llewellyn
4. The Twilight Streets (Torchwood #6) by Gary Russel
5. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

6. Shadows Return (Nightrunner #4) by Lynn Flewelling

August, September, October

7. Something in the Water (Torchwood #4) by Trevor Baxendale
8. Pack Animals (Torchwood #7) by Peter Anghelides
9. Skypoint (Torchwood #8) by Phil Ford

10. Almost Perfect (Torchwood #9) by James Goss

Me on GoodReads.
angel and his team (krabbypatty)

Nice guys finish last, but we get to sleep in.

It cooled down a bit, today, for which I'm very grateful. I thought I was melting on Friday! Thursday evening I went bowling, which wasn't a bright idea, because inside the bowling hall it's even hotter. But then all of a sudden it started to hail and the sound of the inch thick hailstones on the roof of the bowling hall was deafening. At least it was cooler then ;-).

I finished reading HP7 this morning, which is really good for me, because I'm a slow reader. It took me a week to read the last HP book. I guess I would have finished reading it yesterday if I hadn't taken a nap during the afternoon and had kept reading past midnight. A few Collapse )

My brother wanted to know everything about HP7 when I met him for lunch. He still has to wait till October to read it (that's when the German edition comes out). He also bought the German edition of His Majesty's Dragon (after I suggested it to him) and I'm looking forward to hear his thoughts about it.

My dad would have been 61 today. Happy Birthday, Dad. I miss you!