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princess leia (excellentnotion)

The heads of strong old age are beautiful beyond all grace of youth.

I think it's too early to be up on a Saturday after the world ended. I think we all deserve to sleep in until noon at least!

Yesterday was a good day. I had the day off (the only day I had off over Christmas/New Year) after the lady boss canceled my vacation days from January 2nd - 4th D:) and I had my Birthday lunch at the Running Sushi place. The food was really great.

And later that day, there was cake and alcohol! Yay. And there were presents! Wohoo! My brother gave me the entire Babylon 5 collection! And mom paid for my latest Tupperware order (yeah, I know Tupperware! ;)). I also got a lovely little London themed purse from mabiana!

Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes yesterday! <333 *hugs you all*
penelope garcia - criminal minds

You never lose a dream. It just incubates as a hobby.

Happiest of birthdays to stellamira! I hope you have a great day! *hugs*

Thanks so much to scolaro for gifting me a custom LJ userhead. It's a panda! So cute! <333 (_bettina_)

liriel_ was in town yesterday. We went to an Indian restaurant for lunch, which was very good! And after that we met up with keksmitmilch and we went to both Christmas markets. Bauernkrapfen and Glühmost! Om nom nom! :D

And, and, and, it's ski jumping time again! Yay, winter sports! :D
sheepy wants to sleep on your tummy

When I step into this library, I cannot understand why I ever step out of it.

Another week with lots of Christmas mail! Yay! :D

Thank you stellamira (the little key ring is so cute), binel63, _inbetween_, tikiaceae, [personal profile] rikes, [personal profile] dirtyzucchini and raven_lore! Thanks so much, they are wonderful! <333

Yesterday was my birthdy (OMG! So old! o.O) and it was really nice! Thanks to everyone for the birthday tweets and comments and emails and vgifts and FB messages! So awesome! <333

Unfortunately, I had to work, but we had a little Christmassy celebration at work with food and cake, so that was good. And I got to leave early as well. And then my mom and my brother had a nice birthday dinner at the Mongolian BBQ. Om nom nom.

I got lots of awesome gifts as well! Books and a beautiful necklace from my friend S. My brother gave me the DVD box set for Roswell! <3 I also got wonderful wristwarmers from mabiana and a Loreena McKennitt DVD from saba1789! <333 And can't forget the combined Birthday/Christmas present from [personal profile] kriski, awesome warm knitted socks and a calendar with her beautiful photographs! <333

Oh, and almost forgot, I got flowers from my co-worker! White roses! And they sparkle! :D

We did a little Christmas gift exchange at work and my co-worker (the one that got me flowers) gave me a stuffed Cut the Rope monster. We both love that game and it's so, so cute!

Tonight I'm going to the cinema for the third time this week! So many movies that they show in English at the moment, we have to take advantage of that!

On Monday we went to see Mission Impossible 4, which had some really great action sequences. Some of those scenes probably would look really awesome in 3D.

Tuesday we went to the Sneak Preview (which is every other Tuesday) and they showed This Must Be The Place with Sean Penn. Interesting movie, quite intense, funny at times. Not really a movie I would have watched otherwise, but it's a good one! :)

And tonight we're going to see Sherlock Holmes 2. Can't wait!
mitchell and george (letmypidgeonsgo)

Go and wake up your luck.

Happy Birthday, withdiamonds! I hope yo have a great day! *hugs*

This is what I wrote on Saturday and forgot to post (yay for Semagic and draft saving!):

- Forgot to remove my eye make up yesterday. You don't want to know what I looked like this morning!

- Dreamed that I went to a NKOTB concert with [personal profile] sperrywink and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Jordan and Joey were flirting with each other on stage (while singing and dancing, of course). JGL punched someone in the face. Then there was a break in the concert. Everyone left and got drunk. Then when we got back, the concert hall was on fire. Donnie came out and said that he saw JGL punch someone in the face. Then JGL stripped (maybe to fight Donnie?), revealing very sexy lingerie (black and red) underneath his suit. And then I woke up.
Yeah, I don't know either.

This is what I wrote today:

- I'm going to Camp Sparkle this year. Have registered and booked a flight. Not sure yet how to get to Camp, because my flight's coming in late on Friday and there probably won't be a pick up for me. Figuring out the UK train system will be a challenge!
Also, I'm already very nervous about Camp! And excited. But mostly nervous!

- Watched the series finale of Collapse )

- Going to see The Adjustment Bureau tonight.

- On the WoW front, I've started working on Loremaster, which yeah, is a bit insane considering that all the quests for the old world got wiped when Cataclysm came out. Loremaster of Cataclysm and Eastern Kingdoms are done. Working on Kalimdor now and got the title "the Seeker" on the way.

- Going to Rome on Thursday.
merlin is serious

If little else, the brain is an educational toy.

A very, very Happy Birthday to mabiana! And also Happy Birthday, alyse! I wish you both all the best! *hugs*

Tell me this all of you WoW players, how can you keep track of party chat, type in party chat, kill the mobs, keep track of other mobs so you don't accidentally pull them, and be an awesome player all at the same time, because I really, really can't! Usually party chat is the least of my priorities and I do miss stuff there a lot.

Awful dungeon was awful, with an impatient healer that even pulled when the tank wasn't ready and a tank that had the name "Hateyou". Had an argument with the healer, because how can I be in a dungeon and not know tactics, even though I said at the beginning that I've never been there and please to explain everything. Gah! At least the other dps were nice, my guildies. :D

Also, I may resent everyone who is able to watch the Oscars live a little bit. I can't stay up all night, because of work. :(((
lydia adams (shadowhuntress)

Underpromise; overdeliver.

Happy belated Birthday, gem225! And Happy Birthday, oceana_! I hope you both had a great day! *hugs*

How weird is it that I got a Twitter direct message from George Takei thanking me for following him and asking me to retweet him a lot. Heh. I don't care if everyone else is getting a message like that, I will save that email forever and ever! :-D

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