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GSSU Archive

Many years ago I created the GSSU archive (German Speaking Slashers United) for the German fannish contingent that I was a part of. The stories were in German and English from a variety of fandoms. It was the archive of the Querstrich mailinglist.

While this mailinglist still exists, our mode of communication has changed and moved to other channels like LJ/DW, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. By the same token people have started posting and/or archiving their stories other places as well.

Therefore, after many many years of maintaining the GSSU archive, I've decided to give it up.

It has been a very hard decision for me to do that. While I really loved doing it the first 7 years, I haven't really updated the site for 5 years now nor were there any people asking to archive their stories there.

However, I still paid the monthly hosting fee. And while it's not that much money, it's still money that I could use for other things.

I will keep the site until the end of the year so that everyone has the chance to move their stories somewhere else. I also still have all the files of every story, so if you've lost it you can contact me and I'll email it to you.

If someone else wants to take over the archive, they can contact me too. I have all the files, you'd just need your own hosting space.
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It's always hard giving up stuff like that, but I can understand your reasoning. *hugs*
It really is. And even though I haven't done much with it for the past few years, it's still been close to my heart. It is my baby and it is hard to give up. *hugs back*
Thank you for your years of work and dedication - and not least for paying the hosting fees for all that time!

Have you considered importing the archive to AO3? Preserving fannish archives like this one is one of their main missions, and I know I for one would love to see it stay on for fannish posterity.
Thank you!

I have thought about it, but I wasn't sure how exactly to do it. I always thought that it was only possible to import archives to AO3 that run on the automated archive system.
I'm sure that if you contact the AO3, they'll find a way to import the archive, or otherwise get it transported over. My impression is that they're very interested in preserving such fannish history, and that they find solutions on a case-by-case basis if required. It'd really be a good thing to preserve this slice of German fandom, I'd say!
I've written and asked the Open Doors people about it now. Maybe they can suggest a way to preserve it. I would really love it if there's a way to save it. :)

Total zu verstehen und das Fandom hält sich ja wirklich mittlerweile an anderen Orten auf - bei Stories allem voran auf AO3, so dass es wohl wirklich sinnvoll wäre bei AO3 eine GSSU-Collection aufzumachen, wie ja auch schon auf der Mailingliste vorgeschlagen wurde.

Nochmal vielen, vielen Dank, dass Du all die Jahre so viel Zeit, Mühen und Geld in das Archiv gesteckt hast!!
*hugs back*

Eine GSSU-Collection wäre natürlich auch eine Möglichkeit, daran hab ich noch nicht wirklich gedacht. Ich weiß von anderen Archiven, die in AO3 importiert wurden, aber ich dachte immer das sind nur Archive, die auf dem automatisiertem Archivsystem basieren. Vielleicht wäre auch das doch noch eine Möglichkeit.
Was das Importieren von ganzen Archiven angeht, kenne ich mich nicht aus...

Für die Collection würde jeder, der seine Geschichte bei AO3 postet oder bereits gepostet hat, diese der GSSU-Collection (die natürlich erst noch erstellt werden muss, was aber keine große Sache ist; wir hatten das für BoyxBoy damals auch gemacht) hinzufügen. (Das ist auch wirklich mit einem Mausklick getan. Vorraussetzung ist natürlich, dass die GSSU-Autoren sich auch einen AO3-Account anlegen. Ansonsten ist die Collection halt unvollständig, da nur noch die Sachen drin wären von den Leuten, die auch bei AO3 sind. Und ein paar Leute sind ja vereinzelt noch anderswo unterwegs (eigene Websites, etc.)
Ich wusste nicht, dass man so einfach eine Collection machen kann. Das wäre natürlich auch was. Das große Problem ist halt echt dann, die ganzen Leute, die im Archiv Stories hatten zu kontaktieren.

Ich hab jetzt mittlerweile mal die AO3/Open Doors Leute angeschrieben und angefragt was man tun könnte. :)
Heh. I was going to ask if you'd consider importing everything to the AO3, but I see everyone else has already thought of that. I think it'd really be nice to preserve the archive that way ...
I do want to preserve the archive in some way, because it is hard to let it die like that. I thought about AO3, but I always thought that only the automated archive system was importable to it. Maybe a collection is a possibility as well. I really don't know. I need to check things out.
Yeah, can't hurt to ask them!
I wrote them this morning via the contact form. Let's see what they can do about it. :)
Keeping my fingers crossed!