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If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.

There were a few things that I wanted to write about, but then I never did (the story of my LJ/DW life!). Oh well.

* One of my co-workers retired and she invited us out to dinner at a nice restaurant, where the food was delicious and then a group of guys out on a Polterabend (stag night) crashed our dinner and flirted and gave us shots and stuff. They were pretty hilarious and the soon-to-be-someone's-husband wore a bee costume!!! Poor guy. ;)

After dinner a few of us went out to the Altstadt (old town), which is pretty much just one bar after the other. We went to one bar, which was tiny and filled with smoke (still coughing thinking about it, also we don't have a general no smoking law here, woe!). I had one drink and then I went home, because ugh. The others went on to another bar that was just as tiny and filled with smoke (which is why I went home).

* OMG! Flashpoint is back! I love that show even though it makes me cry a lot. I heard it was to be the last season of the show. :(((

* Yesterday, I finished levelling my 7th level cap character in WoW! It's a resto druid, a tauren girl. :) I levelled her in a pair with liriel_'s orc warlock, good team, and Li seemed to be quite in awe that she managed to get a warlock to 85. ;)

And now I'll enjoy my 7 level 85 toons for three days (!) before the next expansion comes out and they raise the level cap to 90. Heh.
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