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He can make me love something just by showing me the energy with which he loves it.

trobadora is asking if anyone's interested in a Porn Battle. The poll is here.

A couple days ago, the blood bank called me and asked me if I'd like to donate blood plasma. It was so totally out of the blue, especially because I haven't donated blood in years (way too long!).

I wasn't so sure if I should do it, because the times when you can donate are very inconvenient. On the upside, it's just a couple minutes from my work place and you get a little bit of money for your trouble. And chocolate! Can't forget the chocolate! :D

Today I went to the blood bank after lunch to make an appointment and they took some blood to test if they can actually use my blood for a plasma donation. The nurse had quite some trouble finding the vein, poking around in my arm. Ouch. They'll let me know if I can do the blood plasma donations in a couple weeks.
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