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I've stopped drinking, but only while I'm asleep.

Last weekend, saba1789 visited me. It was so good to see her, hadn't seen her since Camp!

I picked her up from the train station on Friday right after work. Friday we went bowling with my mom and my brother (my brother got three free games, because it was his birthday on Thursday). We played three rounds and surprisingly I won two of them! Usually my brother is the better player, but we both haven't played in ages.

Saturday we had lunch and (my brother's) birthday cake at my mom's place and in the evening we went to the Danube park to see the Klangwolke, an open-air concert/media/performance extravaganza. This year the theme was communication/Internet and involved viewer participation (big self-designed letters that lit up in time to the music, the music was sound bits from people all over the world), houses/apartment buildings lit up by light, colors and pictures and about 50 drones that painted pictures into the sky and a lot more. It was pretty impressive, although, I did miss the fireworks at the end.

Sunday we had lunch at my favorite Mongolian BBQ restaurant, we spent so much time there and ate so much food!

And in between all of that we were lazy, watched stuff, talked, tweeted etc. Saba slept once again with all of the Backstreet Boys! (I have Backstreet Boys sheets! ;D)

And then it was time to say goodbye! Nooooo! :(((

I've been rewatching Highlander - The Raven lately and I think I never saw all the episodes before. At least I don't remember everything. Just like in Highlander, they shot at least two episodes in Pierrefonds. Haha, it amused me greatly!

The second half of the season is definitely better than the first. Too bad it got chancelled after only one season.

ETA: Thanks stellamira for the postcard from Oxford! Got it on Friday! :DDD
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