Bettina (_bettina_) wrote,

List of my stories


NSync and BSB


Lean On Me
JC/Justin, during the time when Lance is sick, Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2003, for Tomilee.

What's Your Flava
JC/Lance, just the sex with flavored lube/condoms, 100 Ways challenge.

Some Days Are Made For Rain
Chris/Lance/Joey and the rain, for ephemera, go4it, and stellamira.

Still Be Here
Lance/Justin, a Challenge for the Children story, for Saba.

Nick/Joey, Nick needs something different.

Behind Your Eyes
Joey/Lance, Joey POV, AU, for the cross-dressing challenge.

Family Ties
GSF, Fortune's Five challenge.

Caught In A Moment
Chris/JC, it's long over or is it?, Don We Now Our Gay Apparel 2004, for Kim.

First Time Kiss
Lance/Chris, there's no sex, and it's Germany area. Written for picfor1000 and the first popslash_flash challenge.


Chris/Lance, Euro-area, ficlet.

Nick and Brian, not really slashy, ficlet.

Chris/JC Drabble
For Terri.

Popslash Ficlets
#1: Chris/Lance, age issues.
#2: Chris/Nick, on a boat.
#3: Chris/Lance/Joey and rain.

Chris/Joey Ficlet
Chris and Joey the street performers.

Justin/Joey Ficlet
Homesick Justin.

Chris/JC Ficlet
Chris and JC in the closet.

Two Popslash Drabbles
#1: Chris/Lance
#2: Chris/JC

AJ/Brian Drabble
Until that show in Munich, AJ had never paid much attention to Brian's body.

Chris/Lance Ficlet
Foot Fetish.

Two Popslash Ficlets
#1: It's Chris' birthday.
#2: What are they doing on the other bus?

Chris!Puppet: Part 1, Part 2
Somehow, during the night, Chris had turned into a puppet.

Chris/JC Ficlet
Chris gets a show.

[Toy Soldiers]

Starting Things
Billy/Joey, ficlet.

[Stargate Atlantis]

Untitled McKay/Sheppard Ficlet
Sheppard is Kirk.

Two SGA ficlets
#1: Ford and Grodin ficlet
#2: McKay/Sheppard ficlet

McKay/Sheppard ficlet
ZPM vs. ZedPM vs. ZeePM ;-). 1 1/2 drabble.

What happened to Bates after he was attacked in The Siege.

I Dream of Rodney
SGA ficlet on crack, inspired by Rodney in the episode Aurora.

Two food comment!ficlets
Originally written for saba1789.
#1: Sex on the kitchen table.
#2: Rodney and his porny noises when he eats.

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