September 5th, 2012

laughing cat

We're not lost. We're locationally challenged.

What I forgot to say, yesterday, was that on our way to the Klangwolke I managed to twist my right ankle and bang my left knee! Woe!

It's the same ankle where I've torn the ligaments a few years ago, which makes the whole thing not that great. Although, this time nothing seems to be torn, but it still hurts when I walk. And the knee is turning blue-ish, but it doesn't hurt that much. Except when I accidentally bang it again, which happens frequently.

The soles of two of my favorite pairs of shoes have gotten very thin and damaged and since those shoes were on the expensive side, I decided to get them repaired. And today I finally managed to go to the repair shop. Yay. I can wear the shoes again. The only downside is that they now have black soles instead of light ones. But you can't have everything!

I think I'm finally getting the hang of the new warlock rotation in WoW. I was so worried before the new patch came out that I'd start hating playing with my warlock, especially since she's my main and I love her. It's quite nice actually, affliction locks seem to have gotten a bit of burst damage. I went with Grimoire of Sacrifice and it's so weird to run around without a minion! A warlock without a minion! So strange!

I haven't really looked at any of my Horde toons yet, haven't re-spec'd them either (except for my druid). Maybe I should do that tomorrow or so.