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Previously in my life...

I spent New Year's Eve (or as we call it: Silvester) with my mom, my brother and my friend S. eating good food and playing board games. It was quite a lot of fun, even though I didn't win once. Boo! We watched Dinner for One, watched some fireworks and then we all went home. It was pretty nice.

The not so nice part was that I woke up with a cough, a runny nose and cramps. Meh. Since I worked between Christmas and New Year, I was able to take off the Friday and Monday after the New Year (January 6th is a public holiday here), so it kinda sucked that I had a cold the whole week I was home. At least I got to sleep in and I was able to watch Austria kick ass at ski jumping (Vierschanzentournee!!!). Yay!

I'm also quite enjoying the new WoW expansion that came out last November. It's really fun and the garrison stuff is pretty cool, although quite time consuming. However the Molten Core run I did was awful, it took ages and we wiped constantly. At least I got my Core Hound mount. It looks hilarious when my little gnome rides it. Heh.

I booked my flights for Fedcon in May and for the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Frankfurt. So excited for it!

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Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.

Hello, there! I'm not dead! I just keep thinking of posting stuff, but somehow I never end up actually posting anything. If I made New Year's resolutions, I'd totally put "post more to LJ/DW" on my list. But well, I'm not one for resolutions.

I still read my friends list, though. Well, at least the LJ one (sorry, DW only users!). I have not forsaken LJ/DW for Tumblr, which I don't actually go to all that often. Sometimes I will check it out for a few days and then not go on Tumblr for months. I'm mostly on Twitter* now.

Since I posted last (July) a few things happened:

I went to Wolfsbane 2, a Teen Wolf convention, which was lots of fun! Spent time with friends, went to panels, got autographs, got a picture with Tyler Hoechlin (and I don't actually look too stupid in it). All in all, very enjoyable.

Sometime during the summer I started to go swimming every week, which is really fun. In the fall I did a swimming class that taught how to correctly swim, so you don't damage your back. So yes, you can actually swim breaststroke without hurting your back!
The teacher was really good and since the class ended I've been trying to keep everything he taught me in mind, which is not always easy, but I'm getting there. The only thing that really annoyed me about the swim coach was his assumption that I started swimming to lose weight and his constant "advice" what else I could do to lose weight and his very judgmental comments after I mentioned I'd eaten a chocolate Nikolaus. *grmpf*
For the record; I go swimming because of my bad back and my almost permanent tense neck/shoulder/back muscles. Swimming helps a lot with that. Also, the really nice massages I'm getting. :)

My grandma had a pretty bad fall in October (I think), she broke her leg and had to have surgery. And a few weeks after that she had a stroke. :( When we visited her on Christmas Day she was doing a lot better though.
But it's weird to see her like that, because before her fall she was living alone and doing most things for herself. My aunt was helping her with some stuff like taking a shower and stuff like that. But now, she's in a retirement home and can't walk and she needs help in the bathroom and can't even feed herself (because she can't really hold the cutlery anymore). It sucks.

There are a few things that I've already planned for next year:
I'm going to Fedcon again. I'm going to see Robbie Williams twice next year, because he so happens to do two concerts in my home town. No one ever comes to my home town and of course I just had to get tickets for that! :D
I'm also going to see Queen with Adam Lambert twice next year. Once in Vienna and another one in Frankfurt! :D
I'm really hoping I can make Camp Sparkle next year!

So, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a few nice days! I wish everyone a very happy New Year, hopefully it'll be a good one!

*This is me on Twitter. My Twitter is locked, so if you add me let me know (if it's an unfamiliar user name) so I can add you back. :)

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I'm on holiday! Which is great, not that I managed to do anything at all. Well, I went to the hairdresser yesterday, but that was pretty much it.

Early tomorrow morning (very early in the morning!) I'm flying to Birmingham (via Frankfurt) for the Wolfsbane 2 (Teen Wolf) convention. The third and final convention for me this year, at least I don't have any more planned. Who knows.

I'm flying back Monday morning and on Tuesday I'm off to see the Backstreet Boys! Wohoo!

Lots of stuff for me to do, hopefully I'll survive everything. ;)

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Fedcon 23

So, I'm back home from Fedcon and I had a blast! It was a long weekend, filled with lots of awesome! Hee!

Spent time with awesome people, went to lots of panels, got autographs, bought too much and of course already bought tickets for next year! Whee! :D

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And that's it! Fedcon done for another year! :D

Tomorrow after work, I'm going straight to Vienna for yet another convention. Alpha Con! With Teen Wolf people! Whoo!

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Previously in my life...

I did a two week long extra job, which was quite exhausting, but yay extra money! Basically, I worked 8 hours, got home and did the same job I do at work for 4 more hours. Kudos to all the people with two or more jobs, because, damn, that's really very exhausting! Also, you hardly have any free time anymore.

After having had long hair for a few years, I chopped it all of last week. Well, my hairdresser did the chopping and the styling and everything and it looks really good! Got so many compliments! (Although, it made me wonder if I really looked that awful with the long hair.)
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I cried many happy tears when Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014! I never really thought that I'd actually ever see Austria win, but how awesome is Conchita? She's great and really beautiful and I've read and watched a lot of interviews and she's just incredibly sweet and charming. And I've been a fan since before she won the ESC, I thought it was great that we sent her! :)

Oh! The reason I'm actually writing this post is because, it's Fedcon time! I'm so excited, because Nichelle Nichols is one of the guests and I'm so, so looking forward to meet her! There are tons of other guests there as well, like Alexander Siddig and Amanda Tapping. It's gonna be a great con! Whee!
Also, spending time with mabiana, chani_atreides, novalee17 and padfootie! :D
On the downside, I have to get up ridiculously early for my flight tomorrow morning. Do not want!

The weekend after Fedcon I'm going to be in Vienna for Alpha Con, a Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf con. Not that I've ever seen the Vampire Diaries...