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14 January 2016 @ 11:57 am
Ich bin dieses Jahr sehr, sehr spät dran, aber jetzt gibt es doch noch ein paar lustige Hoppalas aus dem Schreibbüro eines Krankenhauses. Viel Spaß! :)

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27 February 2015 @ 06:38 pm
Leonard Nimoy, Spock of ‘Star Trek,’ Dies at 83 - NYTimes.com

I'm in shock. I'm so incredibly sad and I can't stop crying, which probably sounds stupid, because I've never actually met him. But yeah. :(((

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09 January 2015 @ 10:38 pm
I spent New Year's Eve (or as we call it: Silvester) with my mom, my brother and my friend S. eating good food and playing board games. It was quite a lot of fun, even though I didn't win once. Boo! We watched Dinner for One, watched some fireworks and then we all went home. It was pretty nice.

The not so nice part was that I woke up with a cough, a runny nose and cramps. Meh. Since I worked between Christmas and New Year, I was able to take off the Friday and Monday after the New Year (January 6th is a public holiday here), so it kinda sucked that I had a cold the whole week I was home. At least I got to sleep in and I was able to watch Austria kick ass at ski jumping (Vierschanzentournee!!!). Yay!

I'm also quite enjoying the new WoW expansion that came out last November. It's really fun and the garrison stuff is pretty cool, although quite time consuming. However the Molten Core run I did was awful, it took ages and we wiped constantly. At least I got my Core Hound mount. It looks hilarious when my little gnome rides it. Heh.

I booked my flights for Fedcon in May and for the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Frankfurt. So excited for it!

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31 December 2014 @ 03:14 pm
Trotz meiner langen Absenz gibt es auch dieses Jahr die kleinen Hoppalas aus dem Krankenhaus! Viel Spaß! :)

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Hello, there! I'm not dead! I just keep thinking of posting stuff, but somehow I never end up actually posting anything. If I made New Year's resolutions, I'd totally put "post more to LJ/DW" on my list. But well, I'm not one for resolutions.

I still read my friends list, though. Well, at least the LJ one (sorry, DW only users!). I have not forsaken LJ/DW for Tumblr, which I don't actually go to all that often. Sometimes I will check it out for a few days and then not go on Tumblr for months. I'm mostly on Twitter* now.

Since I posted last (July) a few things happened:

I went to Wolfsbane 2, a Teen Wolf convention, which was lots of fun! Spent time with friends, went to panels, got autographs, got a picture with Tyler Hoechlin (and I don't actually look too stupid in it). All in all, very enjoyable.

Sometime during the summer I started to go swimming every week, which is really fun. In the fall I did a swimming class that taught how to correctly swim, so you don't damage your back. So yes, you can actually swim breaststroke without hurting your back!
The teacher was really good and since the class ended I've been trying to keep everything he taught me in mind, which is not always easy, but I'm getting there. The only thing that really annoyed me about the swim coach was his assumption that I started swimming to lose weight and his constant "advice" what else I could do to lose weight and his very judgmental comments after I mentioned I'd eaten a chocolate Nikolaus. *grmpf*
For the record; I go swimming because of my bad back and my almost permanent tense neck/shoulder/back muscles. Swimming helps a lot with that. Also, the really nice massages I'm getting. :)

My grandma had a pretty bad fall in October (I think), she broke her leg and had to have surgery. And a few weeks after that she had a stroke. :( When we visited her on Christmas Day she was doing a lot better though.
But it's weird to see her like that, because before her fall she was living alone and doing most things for herself. My aunt was helping her with some stuff like taking a shower and stuff like that. But now, she's in a retirement home and can't walk and she needs help in the bathroom and can't even feed herself (because she can't really hold the cutlery anymore). It sucks.

There are a few things that I've already planned for next year:
I'm going to Fedcon again. I'm going to see Robbie Williams twice next year, because he so happens to do two concerts in my home town. No one ever comes to my home town and of course I just had to get tickets for that! :D
I'm also going to see Queen with Adam Lambert twice next year. Once in Vienna and another one in Frankfurt! :D
I'm really hoping I can make Camp Sparkle next year!

So, I hope everyone had a good Christmas and if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you had a few nice days! I wish everyone a very happy New Year, hopefully it'll be a good one!

*This is me on Twitter. My Twitter is locked, so if you add me let me know (if it's an unfamiliar user name) so I can add you back. :)

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10 July 2014 @ 07:06 pm
I'm on holiday! Which is great, not that I managed to do anything at all. Well, I went to the hairdresser yesterday, but that was pretty much it.

Early tomorrow morning (very early in the morning!) I'm flying to Birmingham (via Frankfurt) for the Wolfsbane 2 (Teen Wolf) convention. The third and final convention for me this year, at least I don't have any more planned. Who knows.

I'm flying back Monday morning and on Tuesday I'm off to see the Backstreet Boys! Wohoo!

Lots of stuff for me to do, hopefully I'll survive everything. ;)

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15 June 2014 @ 07:23 pm
Sooooo..., I've been to AlphaCon in Vienna last weekend and... the bad stuffCollapse )

And now the good stuffCollapse )

So, that was AlphaCon. And despite all the bad stuff that happened, it was totally worth it! :D

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04 June 2014 @ 08:14 pm
So, I'm back home from Fedcon and I had a blast! It was a long weekend, filled with lots of awesome! Hee!

Spent time with awesome people, went to lots of panels, got autographs, bought too much and of course already bought tickets for next year! Whee! :D

Rambling about FedconCollapse )

And that's it! Fedcon done for another year! :D

Tomorrow after work, I'm going straight to Vienna for yet another convention. Alpha Con! With Teen Wolf people! Whoo!

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28 May 2014 @ 08:09 pm
I did a two week long extra job, which was quite exhausting, but yay extra money! Basically, I worked 8 hours, got home and did the same job I do at work for 4 more hours. Kudos to all the people with two or more jobs, because, damn, that's really very exhausting! Also, you hardly have any free time anymore.

After having had long hair for a few years, I chopped it all of last week. Well, my hairdresser did the chopping and the styling and everything and it looks really good! Got so many compliments! (Although, it made me wonder if I really looked that awful with the long hair.)
Picture hereCollapse )

I cried many happy tears when Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest 2014! I never really thought that I'd actually ever see Austria win, but how awesome is Conchita? She's great and really beautiful and I've read and watched a lot of interviews and she's just incredibly sweet and charming. And I've been a fan since before she won the ESC, I thought it was great that we sent her! :)

Oh! The reason I'm actually writing this post is because, it's Fedcon time! I'm so excited, because Nichelle Nichols is one of the guests and I'm so, so looking forward to meet her! There are tons of other guests there as well, like Alexander Siddig and Amanda Tapping. It's gonna be a great con! Whee!
Also, spending time with mabiana, chani_atreides, novalee17 and padfootie! :D
On the downside, I have to get up ridiculously early for my flight tomorrow morning. Do not want!

The weekend after Fedcon I'm going to be in Vienna for Alpha Con, a Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf con. Not that I've ever seen the Vampire Diaries...

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19 April 2014 @ 07:57 pm
Es ist vollbracht!

Der manuelle Import hat zwar knapp ein halbes Jahr gedauert, aber nun ist das GSSU Archiv (German Speaking Slashers United) vollständig im AO3 zu finden! Juhuu! :)

Ich möchte mich hiermit bei Open Doors für die immense Hilfe vor und während des Imports bedanken! Und natürlich, dass sie es überhaupt erst ermöglicht haben das GSSU Archiv in das AO3 zu integrieren! <333

Ich freue mich, dass das Archiv trotz meines Entschlusses die alte Webseite aufzugeben im AO3 weiterlebt. Ich habe mich auch dazu entschlossen, die GSSU Collection offen zu lassen. Das heißt, deutschsprachige Autoren können jederzeit ihre Storys dem Archiv hinzufügen, wenn sie das möchten!

Und jetzt! Der neue Link: GSSU Archiv


It's finished!

The manual import took about half a year, but the GSSU archive (German Speaking Slashers United) can now be found at the AO3! Whee! :)

I want to tank Open Doors for the immense help before and during the import! And of course that they made the import of the GSSU archive possible in the first place! <333

I'm happy the archive is staying alive at the AO3, even though I made the decision to close the old website. I also decided for the GSSU collection to stay open, which means that German speaking authors are free to add their stories to the collection if they want to!

And now! The new link: GSSU archive

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It's been almost three weeks since the accident and I'm mostly fine. The knee and hip doesn't hurt at all anymore, but the ankle is still giving me trouble. Walking, climbing stairs up and down and some movements still hurt, but that's to be expected. Who knows how long that's gonna take, according to the doctor who saw me at the check up I shouldn't be so "impatient". Meh.

I've got an appointment with my attorney (well, the one that my insurance company assigned to my case) on Tuesday and let's see what they've got to say.

In the past couple months we've had quite a few game nights, which I'm really enjoying. I really love board games and I don't mind losing as long as we have a good time. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it like that. There have been a couple bad moments with people being sore losers and also the one couple tends to fight with each other while playing against each other. It can get a bit frustrating, but mostly it's fun times!

My friend S is really into the Print & Play games and the two of us have tried out a few of those. We've tried Gods, which was nice to play. Also Hive, which was really fun to play. But this one is probably not for someone who can't stand insects at all! There was another tile laying game we played, but I can't remember the name of it.

It's Oscar night and I've got tomorrow off so that I can watch the whole thing live. It's become kind of a tradition for me to do that, even though I haven't seen even half of the movies (or a third or a fourth) that are nominated.

But I finally got to see Gravity in 3D today! I've wanted to see it since it came out last year, but I never managed to see it and no one wanted to go with me. But then I found out that one cinema had an Oscar special today, where they showed all movies that are nominated for Best Picture. So, I went to see it and it really didn't disappoint! The 3D was fantastic and I really enjoyed the movie! :)

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I'm home and on sick leave, because I had quite the "exciting" morning yesterday. I was on my way to work, on the zebra crossing almost on the other side, when a car hit me and knocked me over. He claimed that he didn't see me, but I had green and I was on the zebra crossing and I'm not exactly small and I had an open umbrella with me, but well.

There was police and the ambulance brought me to the ER. I was lucky, because the driver wasn't going very fast, but I have a banged up knee and a twisted ankle and I'm feeling very sore and bruised today. But other than that I'm fine. Meh.

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01 February 2014 @ 10:49 pm
This afternoon the German SyFy channel had an apocalyptic movie marathon and because I love cracktastic disaster movies I had to watch! Heh. They showed four movies and because it's SyFy they also showed them in Zweikanalton, which means the German dubbing on one channel and the English original one on the other. Awesome!

Anyway, on to the movies!

Earth's Final Hours
Some super-dense meteorites (created from a white hole) hit the Earth and go right through it. The effects are devastating, because this event causes the Earth to stop rotating and the magnetosphere is collapsing.
This was kind of boring and I didn't see all that much, because I fell asleep. Whoops. It had an FBI agent, a scientist, a hacker teenager (the son of the FBI agent) and in the end they saved the world with satellites that sealed (?) the hole through the Earth and then the Earth started rotating again. Or something.
See the trailer here: Earth's Final Hours

Collision Earth
The sun turns into a magnetar for a very short time, magnetizes Mercury and knocks Mercury out of its orbit around the sun. And because Mercury is now magnetized it's drawn to Earth's magnetic field, bringing it to a collision course with Earth.
This was kind of fun and it had Diane Farr (Numb3rs) and Kirk Acevedo (Fringe) in it and I like both of them. Mercury is such a strong magnet that lots of metal things on Earth randomly start floating. Also, lots of people (usually the bad ones) die, because things like cars fall on them. Awesome! ;D
Short trailer here: Collision Earth

End of the World
The heliosphere is collapsing and because of that some interstellar wave is about to hit Earth and destroy it. The only thing that can save us now are two SciFi nerds.
This was pretty hilarious with all the nerdy and geeky references, it didn't take itself too seriously. The nerdy guys had prepared for all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios, the scientist they try to find (who is in a mental institution) also had prepared for all kinds of apocalyptic scenarios in his bunker, all kinds of people die. It was pretty awesome. Heh.
Short trailer here: End of the World

I trust that everyone knows what this movie is about, I think quite a lot of people have seen it. It's one of my most favorite movies and I just can't not watch it when it is on. And every single time I cry! It's not as if I haven't seen it a million times and don't know what happens. ;)
Also, it's the first time I've seen this movie in English. It was a bit weird at first, because I'm so used to the German dubbing, but I got over it fast.
Trailer: Armageddon

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24 January 2014 @ 09:14 pm
For saba1789: Top three favorite ski jumpers of all times.

I'm all <333 about this question and that Saba asked that, because she knows how much I love ski jumping and the athletes. And we both have been all kinds of DDD: about Thomas Morgenstern, who crashed really badly a couple weeks ago during a training jump and suffered from serious head and lung injuries. Yesterday he announced that he'll do anything so that he can compete in Sochi!
I tell you, those ski jumpers are really crazy sometimes!

Anyway, top three ski jumpers!

- Andreas Goldberger: Andi "Goldi" Goldberger was in general a very popular ski jumper, not just in Austria, but in many other countries as well. He is only a couple years older than me and I might have had a little crush on him when I was a teenager. Hehe. He had a long and successful career (well, except for the time when he admitted to using cocaine and getting banned for a while) and he's now co-commentator for Austrian TV and he still makes camera jumps. :)
Technically, he was the first man to jump over the 200 m mark except that it doesn't count, because when he landed he had to put a hand into the snow and that counts as a crash. Boo.

- Janne Ahonen: Janne is one of the most successful ski jumpers. He pretty much one everything (several times over), except for an Olympic gold medal. Back in the day, he was never really emotional about any wins, he rarely every smiled. It was really huge when you saw a tiny hint of a smile on his face! ;)
The remarkable thing is that he already made his second comeback. He first retired in 2008, but after a missed season he came back for the 2009/2010 season. Then he retired 2011 and now he came back for the 2013/2014 season. He wants another chance at that Olympic gold. :)

- Noriaki Kasai: Noriaki is only a couple months older than Andi Goldberger, but the difference is that Noriaki is still active. He's competed in over 20 World Cup seasons, which is incredible! Think about it, he already competed when some of the current athletes weren't even born! He started out, when the ski jumping style was completely different to what it is now. So far he's competed in 6 (!) Olympic Games and I have no doubt that Sochi will be his 7th. And just a couple weeks ago, he became the oldest ever ski jumper to win World Cup competition, he's 41 years old. :)

So, this concludes my January Talking Meme! There are no more questions left for me to answer. It has been great! I think I haven't posted this much in a very, very long time. There's hope I can keep it up, but I wouldn't count on it. Hehe.

Of course, if you still have questions you can still ask me, there are a few more days left this month! You can do it here or here.

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22 January 2014 @ 08:11 pm
For [personal profile] lovis: What pet would you like to keep - or perhaps you would not like a pet at all?

I never had a pet, because my parents never allowed it. My great-grandmother had a dog, which I loved a lot. And my grandmother had lots of cats (and a few cows and pigs and chickens, she had a farm).

For a very short time I had kittens, but I couldn't handle it at all. They were cute and all, but I don't know. They totally stressed me out and I had to bring them back to the original owner. I still feel quite guilty and like an awful person because of that. I mean, who can't handle kittens???

I would love to have a cat again, but after that experience I'm very hesitant to try again.

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21 January 2014 @ 08:20 pm
For [personal profile] ephemera: Childhood memories.

Oh, nice topic! I think I'll just talk about random memories!

- When I was very little and my great-grandmother (on my father's side) was still alive (she died when I was little), we used to visit her sometimes. She had a big dog, at least he was bigger than me at the time. I can't remember his name, but I know that I loved him a lot.
He allowed me to do a lot of things, play with him, cuddle him, riding him, etc. My mom told me that she sometimes was surprised that he didn't snap or growl at me or anything, because often I wasn't that gentle with him. But he seemed to love me just as much as I loved him.
He was a very gentle dog in general, but the moment a stranger would come near me, he'd start to growl and bellow until they went away. <333

- My great-grandmother also had a big garden with lots of flowers, I loved her bleeding heart plants. Also, one day I decided it was a really great idea to just decapitate all her pretty flowers with the words "die geht baba und die geht auch baba" (this one goes bye-bye and this one goes bye-bye too). Whoooooops!
(I think this is why all the plants I've ever owned die, they just can't stand to be in the same space as a plant killer! ;))

- My brother and I used to spend all of our summers at my grandmother's house in the country. It was great, lots of space, lots of nature, sometimes we had to help out on the farm, but we usually spent most of the day outside with the other kids there.
And here comes the downside, because even then, I was not really big on going outside and playing with the other kids. I preferred to stay inside and read my books, except my grandma would not allow it. I don't know why, but I think it was not healthy for a child to be alone all the time and read all the time. She wouldn't even let me take a book when I had to go outside. I usually managed to smuggle one out, though. ;)

- I've always been very much into Science Fiction and I loved space and the stars and the moon and everything when I was young. I had tons of astronomy books, books with star constellations, etc. I could point out a lot of the constellations and name the stars. Unfortunately, I don't remember much anymore, but I still have the books somewhere.
My brother and I tried to catch the Perseids every summer when we were staying at my grandma's place. It's one of my favorite memories, sitting outside during the night and watching meteor shower.

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20 January 2014 @ 09:26 pm
For milenaa: What are your favorite books/stories and what's most important to you, style or characters or plot or certain tropes?

My favorite book of all time is probably The Neverending Story. I've read it the first time when I was a kid and it's one of the few books I've read several times (I don't tend to reread, not books, not fanfiction). The reader that is important to the story, who gets pulled into the adventures of the book, I always loved that part of the book. As reader, who doesn't want to be part of the book? :)

For books, characters and plot are certainly more important to me. Although, plot a bit less than the characters. I like strong female main characters, I like fantasy/SF settings, but I do read other books as well when they sound interesting. Although, I have to admit, I haven't ready many books in the past couple years.

I tend to read more books when I'm falling out of a fandom, but as soon as I'm falling into a new one, all my focus is back on fanfiction.

For fanfiction, of course the important thing are the characters. Heh. I don't care so much for the plot with fanfiction, although, a good plot doesn't hurt. There are certain tropes that I really like, hurt/comfort for instance, pining, straight up romance, AUs. That's my thing.

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19 January 2014 @ 05:57 pm
For [personal profile] rikes: What do you have hanging on your walls?
For [personal profile] ephemera: Talk about the art you have on display in your space?

These questions complement each other, since most of the art I have on display is up on my walls. This is a post with pictures!Collapse )

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18 January 2014 @ 10:18 pm
For [personal profile] coreopsis: Since I love your posts about your holidays/vacations... What's your favorite place you've ever visited? How many times, do you plan to go back, most fun thing about it, etc.

Considering how often I've been there, London is probably my favorite place to visit. I definitely plan to go back there many times. Hehe. I mean, since I've been there for the first time, I think I've been in London at least once per year, sometimes more often.

The funny thing, the first time I've been there, I didn't really like it all that much. It was in the middle of summer, there were a ton of people there and I'm really not good with lots of people. Since then, I've avoided going to London during summer. It's still very touristy, but there are not as many people.

There are lots of fun things to do in London. I usually try to go and see a play, usually with actors I like. It's always nice to see them on stage, instead of on my TV or the computer screen. And of course there's the stage door experience, hehe.

The British Museum and the British Library are probably one of my favorite places in London. It's just really awesome and you can spend days, weeks in there and never get bored. The Greenwich Observatory is a great place too. I've been there a couple times and it's really nice. And you have a great view!

Aside from London, Stonehenge was also one of my most favorite places to visit. I've wanted to go there for many, many years, before I actually managed it and it didn't disappoint. Unfortunately, we didn't have much time there, so I definitely want to go back and spend some more time there. Speaking of Stonehenge, this is still one of the funniest things ever! Heeee!

Since I've already mentioned two places, I can totally make this a top 3 favorite places I've visited. So, the third one is Vancouver. I've been there twice, both times over 15 years ago, but I still have very fond memories. Beautiful city, great people and it's always fun to see places on TV that you recognize. Hehe. I really want to visit again, but no idea when.

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17 January 2014 @ 08:26 pm
For milenaa: If you had to move to another country, which one would you pick?

I'd probably pick Great Britain. I've been there so many times (in various places) over the years that I can imagine living there. I like the country, I like the people, I speak the language (somewhat), so it would be a good fit. ;)

Finding a job probably would be hard, since I don't have any extra special qualifications and there are office people "wie Sand am Meer" (like sand on a beach). But maybe after I've retired... so in 100 years or so. ;D

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16 January 2014 @ 08:49 pm
For saba1789: Top three female characters (can be from movies, books and tv shows or top 3 for each).

So difficult! There are so many awesome female characters! It's hard to choose!

- Nyota Uhura (TOS): She's beautiful, she's awesome and competent, she kicks ass. She's always been one of my favorite Trek characters. And of course Nichelle Nichols is also very awesome! :)

- Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy): She's beautiful and very competent, she's so focused on being the best and she does everything to reach that goal. She doesn't want children and I really loved it that, when she got pregnant, she didn't just magically change her mind. It caused a lot of friction between her and Owen (her husband at the time), but she went through with it and got an abortion. It's not a storyline that you get to see often on TV.

- Teyla (Stargate Atlantis): She's the leader of her people, she's very beautiful, she's very badass and kicks ass all the time. She's competent, she has the patience of a saint! And she needs it with Sheppard and McKay ;).

If you want to ask a question for the January Talking Meme, you can ask them here or here. Lots of dates still open!

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15 January 2014 @ 07:44 pm
For [personal profile] lovis: What's your favourite food? And why?

Not an easy question! At all! I'm a "Allesfresser". My favorite food is... food. ;D

But seriously, there's so much good food and I can't pick an absolutely favorite.

I love tomatoes in all variations, raw, as a salad, cooked, juice (with or without alcohol, Bloody Mary! Nom!), soup, with pasta, without it, etc. etc. If you're looking for something healthy in my kitchen, it's probably tomatoes. Heh.

There's one thing that my grandmother used to make and that my mom makes occasionally. It's pretty simple and it actually used to be a poor people's food. Mehlsuppe (gruel) with bread, it's really good and I love it. Also, from my grandmother and also a poor people's food, Mehlkoch. A pudding made with flour and milk, on top of it raisins and powdered sugar.

The downside is that I hate cooking. I don't cook if it's at all possible.

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14 January 2014 @ 07:23 pm
For [personal profile] rikes: Your favourite thing about living in Linz.

It's really hard to say what my favorite thing is about living here. In a previous post (DW, LJ) I talked a little bit about Linz and many of those are cool things!

I like that the city is not too big and also not too small. I like that I can get around without owning a car, the public transport is pretty good. It could always be better, but it's usually good enough for me.

I like that it's not a city with lots of tourists, but it's kind of fun to see them. I always wonder how they ended up here. Linz is just not as known as Vienna or Salzburg. ;)

I like that I live so close to my work place. Just a 10-15 min walk and I'm there! Pretty cool!

I like that I'm living close to the Danube park, just a 15 min walk and I'm there.

I haven't always thought so, but there are quite a few very beautiful places here!

I also like that my mom (and brother) live close by! I usually have lunch at my mom's place on Saturday and Sunday, which is really nice.

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13 January 2014 @ 09:35 pm
For turps33: What you think of boybands, past and present.

Let's be clear about this. I hate boybands! ;P

Okay, not really! ;)

When I was a teenager I was really into New Kids on the Block. Bought the cassettes and all. I guess, I was the typical teenaged boyband fan. Buying all the things, reading all about them in the Bravo (Bravo is a German magazine for teenagers), I never made it to a concert, though. Can't remember why.

At the time there was this supposed rivalry between NKOTB fans and Take That fans. I never really was part of it and thought it was stupid, but what do I know. Heh.

I wasn't that much of a Take That fan back then, but I liked quite a few of their songs. And there was this one guy in the band, who was quite dreamy. ;D

While I certainly knew about them and heard their music on the radio, I didn't really take notice of the Backstreet Boys and NSync until I somehow managed to fall into popslash fandom. And of course, I had to listen to their music after that and I actually quite liked most of it. I still do.

I like boybands, I like that they are still around. It's kind of funny, every few years people say it's finally the end of boybands, no one will listen to them anymore. But they still pop up and some of them are still very successful, like One Direction for example. (Although, I don't really know much about One Direction, just what I've gathered from fannish osmosis.)

I like that the boybands of my youth are still around, too. Especially Take That seems to be even more successful now than they were back when they first started. It's incredible and all kinds of cool (with or without that one very dreamy band member).

Best of all, they still look as hot as they used to. No, they really are way hotter now! :D

And I finally managed to go to boyband concerts! Backstreet Boys and Take That and NKOTB (with BSB). So cool! :D

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12 January 2014 @ 02:17 pm
For the_milky_way: What absolutely has to be part of a TV show/movie for you to watch it? Is there such thing?

Well, first of all the TV show or movie has to sound interesting to me. In general, I like Sci-Fi/fantasy elements, action, comedy, to a lesser extent also procedurals and medical dramas. Sometimes I'll watch something (especially movies), because an actor I like is in it.

But even if it's something that I didn't find interesting initially, I might tune in if I get bored enough and I've heard good things about it from other people.
(Although, if something is really hyped as the next best thing and people tell me that I have to watch it, because it's just that good. I probably won't. In cases like that I get this really strong reaction of "do not want."
I get that reaction with other things as well, where people insist that this thing is so much better. And why don't you use it already??? Meh.)

After that initial interest, what really keeps me watching are the characters! Interesting, funny characters, the interaction between characters, their chemistry is what I really love.

Plot isn't all that important to me, I don't really care that much about plotholes or things that don't make much sense as long as I still care about the characters. I might get annoyed about things, but it's usually not enough to make me stop watching. I'm very forgiving and the things that I don't get out of the TV show, I usually get from fanfiction.

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12 January 2014 @ 11:19 am
This is a day late, because I went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon/evening and I didn't manage to do this before I went out. Sorry!

For [personal profile] rikes: Best concerts you've been to.

Pretty much all the Robbie Williams' concerts I went to haven been fantastic! No matter if I went alone or with friends, it has always been great. I don't know if he's even capable of doing bad concerts, but that's probably my love for him talking. Everyone must have an off day. ;) I can't even really say which of his concerts was my favorite, they are all really good. :)

There are lots of other concerts I enjoyed a lot. Die Ärzte are always great for fantastic and long concerts. I don't think they ever leave the stage before the 3 hour mark, even though they usually start with the encores after two hours. Heh.

A special highlight was the Backstreet Boys concert I went to with saba1789 and stellamira a few years ago. It was a great concert and apparently because Mira and I are so short (according to Saba) all three of us managed to get really close to the stage. It was awesome! :D

The Camp Sparkle outing to the Backstreet Boys and NKOTB concert in London was one of my best concert experiences as well. There's nothing better than watching a concert with a whole bunch of fangirls. Driving there with a mini bus, getting excited with BSB and NKOTB CDs, and making ridiculous plans for following the band with our Camp Sparkle tour bus on our way home! Just awesome! <333

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10 January 2014 @ 07:28 pm
For [personal profile] pensnest: What kind of jewellery do you like? What would you buy and wear, if you could?

This is a little bit difficult, because while I love jewelry of all kinds, I don't actually wear them all that often. I usually wear some, when I'm dressing up and go out, but other than that I'm just way too lazy for that in the mornings.

I regularly wear earrings, though. I have three piercings each ear lobe, I wear three pairs of stud earrings. One pair has a blue stone, the other two pair are just plain silver. I wear those 24/7.

I have all kinds of pretty other earrings, but I rarely wear them, because when I wear them too often or too long my ear lobes get itchy and irritated.

I have quite a few necklaces, usually long ones! And I love them. One of my favorite necklaces is one that my friend S made for me for either my birthday or for Christmas. It's made from big green Fimo (polymer clay) pearls and it's just so lovely, it also comes with a matching bracelet. :)

I actually have quite a few earrings, necklaces and bracelets that have been made for me by friends and co-workers. <333

When I was younger I used to wear lots and lots of rings. At some point or another I had a ring on every finger, but then I stopped. For a very long time I wore a thumb ring pretty much all the time, but I stopped doing that too. I don't really know why.

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09 January 2014 @ 08:03 pm
For keksmitmilch: When did you first become aware of slash and how? What was your initial reaction to it? :)

I don't remember exactly when it was, but it wasn't long after I found out that something like fandom even exists. I found fandom and met my first fannish friend (liriel_) shortly after. I can't remember if she mentioned slash, but I'm pretty sure that while we were in Vienna and meeting up with people from the Austrian Star Trek club I heard rumblings about something ominously called "K/S". They may or may not have explained it then, I really can't remember, that happened over 20 years ago. ;)

What I remember, though, is the first slash story that I actually read. A friend of mine gave me two stories, I can't remember why, but he told me it would be slash (by then I knew exactly what slash was) and he seemed kind of excited, so I read them.

I was never able to find one of the stories, but it involved Will Riker getting it on with everyone on the Enterprise including Wesley Crusher. The other one was called Riker Squared and you can still find the story here on Nifty. It's a Will Riker/Thomas Riker story and it contains great sentences like "He began exploring Will's body, knowing it like his own, which in truth it really was, he began gently licking Will's nipples, first the left then the right bushing them with his bread from time to time until both of them stood erect amongst the forest of fur on Will's chest." *g*

My reactions to all that? I don't know, I know that I wasn't shocked or horrified or anything. I wasn't very impressed with the stories for quality reasons. They were kind of amusing in a bad fic way, I guess. And they didn't turn me off slash forever, so that's good too. ;D

But I have to admit, that when I found the story years later, I saved it to my harddrive for nostalgia reasons! Hehe.

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08 January 2014 @ 07:01 pm
For [personal profile] ephemera: If you had a month of holiday and an unlimited travel budget, what trip or trips would you take?

That's a pretty easy question. I'd probably go to Australia and New Zealand and see all the things! I've dreamed of going there for a very long time and with a month long holiday and unlimited funds, it's the obvious choice.

There's just so much to see! I'd go to Sydney and Melbourne and a few more cities, south and north of the country, the Outback, I'd visit friends (very important part of the whole trip!). And after that, Xena and Hobbit land! ;D

It'd be totally awesome! :D

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07 January 2014 @ 09:00 pm
For mabiana: Your home town.

That's actually quite difficult, because I don't think about my home town all that much. I just live here! ;) Well, I do like living here, so it's not too bad. :)

I better put this under a cut...Collapse )

Um, there's still more to say about my home town, but I guess I'll stop here for now. If you have questions, just ask.

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06 January 2014 @ 08:10 pm
For giogio: This is inspired by this blog I recently read about what an Australian living in Germany finds puzzling about the Germans... What do you think non-Austrians would find odd about the Austrian people?

Haha, great question! I had to do a little bit research as well, because it's definitely harder than it looks to answer this. So, in no particular order:

- Most Austrians don't know what The Sound of Music even is. Of the ones who do know about it, even fewer have actually seen it! I haven't. I can't even remember, if they ever aired it on TV here.

- We love winter sports. Because we're actually good at it, especially skiing. Many people know how to and go skiing all the time. (Not me, though, last time I went skiing was when I was a teenager.) We even like to watch all kinds of winter sports on TV. What baseball, basketball, (American) football is for Americans, is ski races, ski jumping (my personal favorite), biathlon, etc. for us.

- We love football (soccer), even though we suck at it on an international level. We haven't managed to go to the World Cup or Euro in ages. Well, with the exception of the Euro 2008, but only because we were host country (together with Switzerland). Austrian footballer who doesn't suck: David Alaba.
On a side note: We're awesome on an European level in American football. In the past 11 years there has always been at least one Austrian team in the finale of the Eurobowl, 8 times an Austrian team has won.

- Austria is a heaven for smokers. Our anti-smoking laws are a joke. You're not allowed to smoke in public buildings or in places like the train station, even though many people do. When restaurants/pubs are a certain size, they have to have designated smoker and non-smoker areas. Smaller places can decide if they want to be a place for smokers or non-smokers, in most cases they decide to let people smoke. Meh.

- Many lakes (and even some public pools) have a nudist section. Here it's called FKK (Freikörperkultur = free body culture). Even in the regular section, it's not uncommon to see topless women.

- We like to be nude in the sauna, just like you should.

- Shops are closed on Sundays and public holidays. There are a few exceptions, though. In general, shops close 7:30/8 pm at the latest (there are exceptions here too).

- We have 5 weeks of paid vacation. Once you're 25 years with the same company, you get a 6th week.

- We have tons of public holidays (13), most of them are religious holidays. Which brings us to the next point:

- Austria is a very Roman Catholic country.

- We love beer! Every Austrian drinks about 105 liter of beer per year.

- We like to wear Dirndl and Lederhosen. Not all the time, but in recent years even young people like to wear them again, especially for festivals and fairs.

- Service is always included at restaurants, when you tip your waiter we usually just round up to the next Euro.

- At a restaurant, you'll only get the check if you ask for it. It is considered rude to get the check without asking for it.

- We don't believe in air conditioning. It's rare to have a/c in your house/flat.

- We like to drink from bottles, not from cans. You can buy stuff in cans, but bottles are more common.

- Legal drinking age is 16, 18 for the hard stuff.

- We can get our driver's license at 17. It used to be 18, though.

- Automatic cars are rare.

- We speak German. Austrian German, which is similar, but not quite the same as German spoken in Germany. There are different words for some things, some words even have a different gender. And of course there are tons of dialects.

- We love coffee. At coffee houses/restaurants you will always get a glass of water with your coffee. At least you should! There are about a million ways to prepare coffee and I'm not talking about "coffee" that you get at Starbucks. Here's a short list of different kinds of Viennese coffee (scroll down for the list).

- We have universal health care.

- There are no kangaroos in Austria! Well, except in zoos. And sometimes they escape. ;)

If anyone wants to add to the list, please do so in the comments! :D

If you want to ask a question for the January Talking Meme, you can ask them here or here. Lots of dates still open!

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05 January 2014 @ 09:00 pm
For [personal profile] turlough: Tell us about the places you would like to visit and why.

There are so many places I want to visit. It's such a long, long list. In general I prefer places that are on the cooler side, because I don't really do well with the heat. Well, I guess it's different if you're on holiday somewhere warm, but still.

I'd like to go to Northern Ireland, because it's the only part of the UK I've never been to. Of course, England, Wales and Scotland are still on the list, because still lots of places there that I want to see. Hehe.

Also, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Wanted to go to Finland for a really long time, mostly because of cute Finnish ski jumpers. There are other reasons now as well; fannish friends, people from my WoW guild (and of course the ski jumpers). :)

Not on the cool side, but Australia and New Zealand. I blame the Australian show "The Flying Doctors" for wanting to go to Australia, I loved that show! ;)

Canada! I've been there a loooong time ago, but it's a pretty big country. Well, mostly I want to go to Vancouver again. :)

The US, especially New York.

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04 January 2014 @ 07:54 pm
For [personal profile] extempore: Do you do some form of arts/handcraft? (e.g. needle work, carpentry, painting...) Anything you'd like to learn in that regard?

The short answer: No, not really.

The slightly longer answer:
Once in a while I get the urge to do something and then I try my hand at it for a while and then I lose interest again.
When I was a teenager I liked to knit and crochet, I also did some cross stitching. In recent years, I made jewelry, but those didn't turn out so well and I lost patience quickly. I also work with Fimo (polymer clay) once in a while.

I'd like to learn lots of things, but I'm lazy and I know that it'll be just a short time before I quit again. I guess, I'm not really a very artsy/crafty person.

If you want to ask a question for the January Talking Meme, you can ask them here or here. Lots of dates still open!

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03 January 2014 @ 07:12 pm
For [personal profile] sperrywink: What's the best and worst things about Teen Wolf the show and the fandom?

Hah! Where do I even begin?

The best things about the show are definitely Stiles and Derek and Scott and Allison and Lydia and the Sheriff and Melissa and Chris. And Danny, can't forget Danny! And definitely the actors, because they are funny and kinda awesome. And they are all so damn pretty. Because that's why I watch the show; for the beautiful... landscapes. *coughs*

On the downside, so much about the plot happens offscreen. Often I had the vague feeling that I must have missed an episode, but no, the things I wanted to see just happened offscreen. It was already annoying in season 1 and 2, but got ridiculous in season 3A. Meh.

I can't really say much about the fandom, because it's so Tumblr based that I don't know what's going on most of the time. I'm so very rarely on Tumblr and even then I just look through my feed and reblog a few things. Here and there I hear and see things, but in the end, the fandom is not really all that different to all the other fandoms.
So, I guess the worst things are the usual things: tinhatters, shipper wars, character bashing, people who think everyone else's opinion is wrong and only theirs is the right one, etc. etc.

All best things: the huge amounts of fanfiction, the fanart, all those creative people who write songs and make show themed jewelry, the people you can squee with, the people who help other fans and so much more. Also, slash! Fandom in general is usually pretty damn awesome! :)

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02 January 2014 @ 07:02 pm
For trobadora: Your earliest fannish memory?

I can't really remember a time where I wasn't fannish in some way. Of course, when I was little, I didn't think of it in those terms, because I had no concept of fandom at large. But looking back, I did many of the things I do now. You know, obsessively watching a TV show or reading a book, making up stories and adventures in my head, because I wanted to spend even more time with the characters I loved.

I remember, being maybe 5 or 6 years old, sitting in my grandma's living room and watching Star Trek.
I remember, a couple years later in school, playing "Raumschiff Enterprise" (Star Trek) on the playground with my friends after school (I was always Uhura).
I remember, writing down stories in a notebook. Probably very embarrassing self-insert stories. Heh.
I remember, finding all those Star Trek novels (by that time I was very much into TNG) at the bookstore and how I had hearts in my eyes, because there were books about my favorite characters! Lots of new adventures for me to enjoy!
I remember, persuading my dad to buy a satellite dish so that I could watch my beloved TNG. Until that point, I always tried to watch it when I was at my friend's house, because they had cable.

And all that before I even found fandom. ;)

If you want to ask a question for the January Talking Meme, you can ask them here or here. Lots of dates still open!

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01 January 2014 @ 06:26 pm
For keksmitmilch: Your absolute favorite character of all times in any fandom and why.

There's not really a competition for my favorite character of all time. He's been my favorite ever since I was a little girl and no other has ever come close. Not even a little bit. I think a few of you already know it, but just in case, my favorite character is of course Spock. :)

Spock is logical and not hindered by his emotions, which at times was very attractive to me. He's an outsider, always struggling with his place in the universe, but in the end he found exactly where he fit. I think many of us can relate to that.

Those are not really the things that fascinated (heh!) me about him when I was little, but it's probably why he stayed with me for so long. It was pretty much love at first sight and that love never really went away, it grew. :)

And really, what would be Star Trek without Mr. Spock? :)

If you want to ask a question for the January Talking Meme, you can ask them here or here. Lots of dates still open!

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31 December 2013 @ 05:20 pm
It's a few hours yet, but I'm going out tonight so I'm wishing everyone a

Happy New Year!
Guten Rutsch!
Prosit 2014!

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30 December 2013 @ 09:49 pm
Since I totally missed it when people were doing it in December and since a few other people are doing it in January, I thought I could do it too.

So, pick a day and tell me what to write about! I will edit the post with all the topics and dates. (You can also check the comments of either posts (DW/LJ) whether a date is already taken.)

1. Your absolute favorite character of all times in any fandom and why. For keksmitmilch: here or here.

2. Your earliest fannish memory? For trobadora: here or here.

3. What's the best and worst things about Teen Wolf the show and the fandom? For [personal profile] sperrywink: here or here.

4. Do you do some form of arts/handcraft? (e.g. needle work, carpentry, painting...) Anything you'd like to learn in that regard? For [personal profile] extempore: here or here.

5. Tell us about the places you would like to visit and why. For [personal profile] turlough: here or here.

6. This is inspired by this blog I recently read about what an Australian living in Germany finds puzzling about the Germans... What do you think non-Austrians would find odd about the Austrian people? For giogio: here or here.

7. Your home town. For mabiana: here or here.

8. If you had a month of holiday and an unlimited travel budget, what trip or trips would you take? For [personal profile] ephemera: here or here.

9. When did you first become aware of slash and how? What was your initial reaction to it? :) For keksmitmilch: here or here.

10. What kind of jewellery do you like? What would you buy and wear, if you could? For [personal profile] pensnest: here or here.

11. Best concerts you've been to. For [personal profile] rikes: here or here.

12. What absolutely has to be part of a TV show/movie for you to watch it? Is there such thing? For the_milky_way: here or here.

13. What you think of boybands, past and present. For turps33: here or here.

14. Your favourite thing about living in Linz. For [personal profile] rikes: here or here.

15. What's your favourite food? And why? For [personal profile] lovis: here or here.

16. Top three female characters (can be from movies, books and tv shows or top 3 for each). For saba1789: here or here.

17. If you had to move to another country, which one would you pick? For milenaa: here or here.

18. Since I love your posts about your holidays/vacations... What's your favorite place you've ever visited? How many times, do you plan to go back, most fun thing about it, etc. For [personal profile] coreopsis: here or here.

19. What do you have hanging on your walls? For [personal profile] rikes.
Talk about the art you have on display in your space? For [personal profile] ephemera: here or here.

20. What are your favorite books/stories and what's most important to you, style or characters or plot or certain tropes? For milenaa: here or here.

21. Childhood memories. For [personal profile] ephemera: here or here.

22. What pet would you like to keep - or perhaps you would not like a pet at all? For [personal profile] lovis: here or here.

23. n/a

24. Top three favorite ski jumpers of all times. For saba1789: here or here.


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29 December 2013 @ 11:19 am
Ich bin dieses Jahr etwas spät dran, aber hab es doch noch vor dem Jahreswechsel geschafft die lustigsten Hoppalas "meiner" Ärzte zu posten. ;)

Viel Spaß bei den

Sti(e)lblüten 2013Collapse )

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Since the 24th is the important day around here, where we open presents and such, I'm wishing you all

Merry Christmas!
Happy Holidays!

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First things first: Thank you, [personal profile] turlough and scolaro, for the lovely cards! :D

About memes:
This talkative December meme sounds really interesting, but as usual I'm way too late. And I'm not even sure I'd be able to talk a whole lot about things, also not sure if people would even leave me prompts! (I tried something similar a couple years ago, but no one asked me anything. *sadface*)

TV shows:
I watched the Psych musical yesterday and it was a whole lot of fun. Except in the middle of it, I got really tired so I took a nap (for a couple hours *coughs*) and then watched the rest. Whoops. But it was still fun to watch. :D

I find Almost Human really fun, especially the banter between John and Dorian. All the hearts around them. The cases are a bit boring, but they really make up for it. :D

Sleepy Hollow is still fun to watch. And Orlando Jones is quite the gift to fandom. Or something. And it just occurred to me that I might have mentioned that before, the gift to fandom thing. Whoops again.

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01 December 2013 @ 08:55 pm

- Pimping mfac, which is a fannish advent calendar run by saba1789. It's already the 10th year she's doing it and it's going to be awesome. Also, there will be a guest entry by me! The first door opened today!

- Last week I baked Vanillekipferl. It's pretty much the first time I baked anything since I was a teenager and had cooking classes in school. They turned out quite good, even my mom and brother liked them. :)

- I went Christmas shopping last week and I've bought all the presents! I'm mostly done with Christmas shopping. Yay! :)

- Woke up to the news that Paul Walker died. So sad. :(((

- Orlando Jones is a gift to fandom. ;D

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14 November 2013 @ 06:08 pm
Don't knock the weather. If it didn't change once in a while, nine out of ten people couldn't start a conversation.

More health stuffCollapse )

On the upside, the dentist's assistant was so, so sweet and lovely and very cute. <333

It seems that both Shannen Doherty and Holly Marie Combs are coming to Fedcon next year. I'm happy to see them both, but also a bit confused. Don't they hate each other? Maybe we're not going to see a joined panel. ;)

Even more exciting: Ray Park is coming to Fedcon! Darth Maul, my favorite Sith! :DDD

Nichelle Nichols will be there too! I've loved Uhura since I was a little girl, so exciting! :D

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08 November 2013 @ 10:13 pm
Blizzard announced the next WoW expansion, which is called Warlords of Draenor.


Not so sure about going to Draenor, I never liked Outland all that much. But I'm excited for the new character models. It's high time for that! I'm a bit surprised that they're raising the level cap to 100. They only raised it 5 levels each for the last two expansions.

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07 November 2013 @ 10:50 pm
So... it's been a while and since my last post I had a couple health issuesCollapse )

On a different note, thanks so much stellamira for the postcard! *hugs*

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I've got a bit of a cold. Well, mostly a really sore throat and a cough. It started Monday night, but it was really bad on Wednesday. So, I left work early on Wednesday and stayed home yesterday. Although, that was mostly, because my co-worker S. insisted that I stay home and not infect everyone at work.

It's a lot better today, which is really great, because I'm going to visit saba1789 for the weekend and we (that is Saba and mabiana too) are going to the Frankfurt book fair this weekend!

So exciting! I've always wanted to go the book fair, but never went. But now I do! Wohoo! :D

I haven't watched Glee in ages, but I watched last night's episode earlier and it was hard to watch. I was crying so much. I mean, I'm usually crying a lot when sad (or in general very emotional) things happen on TV, but it's even worse when you know that it's not just the character that died. :(((

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Last year I made the decision to close the GSSU archive after maintaining the website for many, many years. It was a hard decision and it made me sad, so after some people suggested it, I contacted Open Doors and asked about moving the archive to AO3.

A lot has happened in the past year, but I'm happy to announce that the GSSU archive is now moving to AO3!

I'm cross-posting the Open Doors Announcement (LJ version) behind the cut!
The announcement at the OTW website: English version, German version.

German Speaking Slashers United zieht um ins Archive of Our OwnCollapse )

Individual emails to all GSSU authors will go out soon!

Lots of kudos to everyone at Open Doors for all the work and the help! <333

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15 September 2013 @ 09:27 pm
saba1789 tweeted me this link and it's so awesome and hilarious. I was literally crying, because I was laughing so much! Also, Stonehenge! Is awesome, just saying. Also also, the snow globe in the video? I've got the same one! :D

(Video on YouTube.)

On a different note, [personal profile] tmz_cori shared this link on Twitter and now I'm sharing it here: Wentworth Miller Tells His Story at the HRC Seattle Gala - Human Rights Campaign
It's a great speech, worth listening to.

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05 September 2013 @ 08:16 pm
So, I'm back from the Wolf's Bane con and London and I had a great weekend! :D

OMG! The Teen Wolf cast is the best cast ever. They were all just great and fun and awesome and I love them to pieces!

- Tyler Hoechlin is even more beautiful in RL! And adorable! And a Sterek shipper. Hah.
- JR Bourne has probably the dirtiest mind ever. And you could see it on his face the moment his mind went there. After he learned about shipping, he pretty much shipped everything. Especially Stargent. :D
- The two panels with Keahu Kahuanui, Stephen Lunsford and Sinqua Walls were hilarious.
- Melissa Ponzio and Linden Ashby... just lots of <333
- The last group talk was probably the funniest thing ever, the Pivot Questionnaire. It was hilarious. Especially when Stephen said that he hated the word "moist" and Linden actually made that noise. And then, because Linden hates the sound of two cats fucking, Tyler made that noise! Also, lots of money was exchanged in this panel. ;D
- Also, there was the time I was in the hotel Starbucks and counted out the coins (British money, so funny!) and JR and Tyler had to wait behind me. Whoops.
- So much happened that weekend, it was just awesome! Still making lots of squee noises!

Also, shoutout to [personal profile] bingeling, chani_atreides, kat_fanfic, mamoru22, mareen, the_milky_way, tika_w and tmz_cori! *hugs* <333

the_milky_way and I spent another couple days in London after the con. We went to see The Internship in the cinema, a good way to round out the con weekend. :D

And on Tuesday we went to the Globe to see A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was really awesome. Also, lots of half naked men! :D

Monday night, I had dinner with raven_lore! It was so great to see her again and just talk about fannish things. I miss talking to her and it was so lovely! :D

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