2 little love birds lol

well this is markus davis updating for the infamous Jadie Stanley, Miss Jade Stanley has been pondering the male gender for quiet some time now and has finally found her match .. as of yesterday, february 27th, 2006, my friend jade stanley has been dating the sexy eric diets for one month .. i would just like to tell jade that it doesn't stop here .. this is simply a milestone that lovers cross .. as time goes on your feelings grow stronger and stronger for one another .. and you will be as happy as you've ever been .. this is not all their is to it, it is simply the beginning =)

would you like an insperational message like the one above especially for you?
Mark Davis at icq# 312-393-682 for the insperational boost of your life, try FREE until March 5th

but out of all seriousness i am proud of you miss jade stanley .. and i hope your relationship continues to go well =)

but im out peace

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this j0urnal is l0cked up

1. ADD ME FIRST, then i might add you back.
2. DoN`t tYpE lYke dIs.
3. Don't just add me to be nosy.
4. Accutally leave me comments on my journal.
5. Don't start shit.

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