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Охуительное видео знаменитых американских трэш-панк-"фашистов", на песню Wigga, в которой они охуительно прошлись по белым любителям гангста-рэпа.


White boy, why you wanna say "sup"?
Why you braggin' like you bust shit up?
Jump, jump, jump around
Shake that booty, get down
White dude's can't jump or dance
Especially when their butt is hanging out of their pants
Now what the hell is that all about?
Here's a big boot to your ass hanging out!

So you think you're a gangsta
More like a white sub-urban pranksta
Tagging up the walls, hanging with the homies
Now you think you're a hoodie
You saw Colors and you got a woody
Then thought up the master plan
Gonna write a rap song and sell it to the white man

I remember when "phat" was spelled with an F
I remember if you couldn't hear you were deaf
I remember when you were where you were from
And not what you saw on the television, son

wigga, wigga - white boy
wigga, wigga - gangsta wanna-be
wigga, wigga - white boy
Your pants are falling down
could you find 'em any bigger?

All the wiggas in the house say sup - sup!
Will the wiggas in the house stand up - white boy
Please stand up, please stand up
Pull your pants up, will you pull your pants up

bustin out your funky fresh Tommy's
looking real dip in the hood, thanks to mommy
pull your hood up, twist your hat crooked
pull your hood up, boy you look stupid

you want that rap look - so you duped, you duped it
you want that rap sound - so you looped it, you looped it
pull your hood up, twist your hat crooked
pull your hood up, boy you look stupid

hey white boy, can't you find the beat?
you ain't street, you're trippin on your own feet
pull your hood up, twist your hat crooked
pull your hood up, boy you look stupid!

so you wanna live large - large
drive fancy cars and hang around with pop stars
pull your hood up - pull your hood up

I remember when.........
И по ссылке запись с концерта:
Connections, Clifton, NJ, September 24th, 2003

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