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Photography by Benedicte

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I use photography as my main form of self-expression as I feel I can share so many sides of myself, and open up to a whole new world of people and ideas. This also gives me the opportunity to meet new friends since they will see my true self through my art.

The world can be cruel, cold, and lonely, and my aim is to capture all the beauty I experience and see, to invigorate and stir curiosity, and to enable everyone to be reminded that the world holds so much more than the emptiness we feel sometimes.


shebreathes said: Benedicte - a rare soul with emotions and beauty seeping from her pours. She writes poetry with her eyes....leaving you still, calm and full of serenity with every image and word. She is a true inspiration to me, as an artist and woman. Her eyes, along with her heart are pure magic...and that is exactly what you see when you view her images. It has been a joy and pleasure to know her...even in this vast virtual world....I have grown so much because of it.

ohparamnesia said: As a young photographer myself, I find an endless amount of inspiration in Benedicte's work. Her photos are so orignal; I wait each day to get a peak into Benedicte's world. But the most amazing thing is that Benedicte is more than just an astounding photographer, she is a young woman who positively exudes compassion. This compassion is best veiwed through the keyholes into her world, her photographs.

valupak said: As some have noted, Bene's images convey more than the subject matter would normally suggest. Her artistic sensibility captures the symbolic and the beautiful in the sometimes mundane, and allow us, the viewer, to see the world awash with the emotions, both delicate and powerful, that the artist herself experiences.

laboli said: Benedicte's journal is a myriad of stories told through the lens of a camera. Her pictures invite us to share her perspective of the world around her; and for a brief moment we can visit Malta, feel the cold of winter, take a walk in the woods and gaze into the eyes of Ninja. They also give us that constant reminder of the simplicity and beauty of nature, which we all seem to let pass by us without a moments notice.

sugarplum said: Benedicte's photography skills continue to blow me away with every photo I see. She is a most wonderful photographer who is able to see beauty in just about anything, and is able to convey this beauty to us, the viewer, through her amazing photographs. However, not only is Benedicte a most wonderful photographer, but she is also one of the sweetest, most sincere people I have ever had the privelege of meeting. I wish her nothing but the greatest and sweetest of success for her future endeavours.

chickenfeet2003 said: Bene has the good fortune to live in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world and the talent to be able to share its beauty with the rest of us through her amazing photographs.

uofirob said: Benedicte's journal gives us a window into her thoughts, her fears, her life through her wonderful and often striking photos. These photos often take commonly seen items or themes and give the viewer a new perspective.

felixfleeting said: Benedicte's photos are quite enchanting. Their dynamic compositions are alive with vibrancy and texture. Its very refreshing to see such a high caliber of artistic vision. This body of work is truly a pleasure to peruse and I would sincerely recommend these pieces to anyone.

siirius said: Benedicte is one of the most amazing photographers ever! Ever ever! Her photos make me very happy!

mysticchyna said: Bene is the kindest, most beautiful person inside and out. She deserves every happiness in the world. The world needs more kind souls like her.

neke said: Her photography is amazing and a source of inspiration.

mykii said: If I could say it all in one word, it would be none other than... woot. I wish that could explain it all.. Benedicte, you're the bomb in the most formal way possible.