Movie day...

Christmas day ...

Watched a bunch of movies, can't even remember all of them.

I am Legend, Sucked. The first hour was great, then the bottom just fell out and I almost turned it off. Will Smith played it great, I love end of the world movies. Too bad his dog dies.

Flight of the Living Dead: Outbreak on a Plane, No not Snakes on a Plane but Zombies.. haha
What a fantastic movie. It was made so cheaply they ran out of cast members to kill off, one flight attendants dies in the beginning and you see her later. Opps.

The new Blade Runner, sucked. I guess when you decide to update a movie don't do one that originally sucked. It just sucks in digital now.

Breach, Ryan who... yes Ryan Phillippe and Chris Cooper are great together. Well mostly Chris Cooper... who later is in the best movie on this list. Breach is good.

Gone Baby Gone, was very long and Casey Affleck is a billion times better actor then his lame duck older brother. Ben should stick to Kevin Smith movies, seems Kevin Smith can direct him where no one else can.

Transformers, HAHAHAHAHAHHA wow... what a horrible movie. Second worse movie ever. Second to only War of the Worlds.

Ocean's Thirteen, Great movie ... had to watch it a few times before I could understand each plot twist.

Rise of the Footsoldier, What? uh, so lame.

Resident Evil: Extinction, Zombie movie, Hot girls, yes... doesn't have an ending, but that was expected it's a comic book movie.

Rush Hour 3, Loved the first two, more of the same.

Live Free or Die Hard, Just more of the same die hard. I kept waiting for Justin Long to say that if they had a Mac a firestorm wouldn't be possible or something.
For all the incredible action it did deliver a message, and that was ... well I'm sure there was a message in there somewhere.

Next, Nick Cage still in his prime, the movie was light on actual content but wasn't bad. Some weird plot choices but if you take it at face value and don't worry about it. Hell the whole movie is based on a man that can see 14 seconds into the future.

Wild Hogs, Tim the Tool man, and Martin (da da dananda Mar'n) on Motorcycles perfect, done.

The Simpsons Movie, Just an hour and a half episode with the same jokes, it was good but nothing special.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets, again Nick Cage, nice bounce back from Ghost Rider.
Not even Eva Mendes naked could have saved that motorcycle wreck (haha).

The Man from Earth, ah, Great new movie plot idea ... I won't give it away but worth a peek don't pay 7 bucks for it. I'll send you it on DVD if you want to know the real story of Jesus.
And has Armin Shimerman/Quark from Star Trek DS9 as an added bonus.

Superbad, Ahhhhhhh Jonah Hill. great movie, thank you.

Jackass 2.5, YES!

Vacancy, HAHA It's Owen Wilson's brother and that hot girl from Underworld. Trying to escape a hotel room. uh. I don't see the problem. Oh yeah Hicks with a million dollar CCTV system and an expansive tunnel system dug under your nasty hotel room trying to kill you.

3:10 to Yuma, I'm a huge Christian Bale fan he dies at the end but I was on the edge of my seat all the way until the end. It's the classic frontiersman movie, he's got a hard life, his wife and dog are dead he's caught up battling some gang of rebels. Can never go wrong with Horses and Winchesters.

Good Luck Chuck, Say what you want to say about Dane Cook, but I loved this movie. It was silly and perfect.

Moving McAllister, Great movie, Best movie all YEAR. Mila Kunis was great and has fully broken away from her "That 70's show" days and Jon Heder is moving away from his Napoleon Dynamite type cast. It was perfect!

The Bourne Ultimatum, I'm glad Matt Damon got this series anyone else would have over played the role. Matt Damon unlike Bruce Willis in the Die Hard series doesn't change. Bruce Willis in the first DH was this family guy just doing with guys do and got forced into the situation. In Live Free or Die Hard, Bruce Willis is throwing police cars at helocopters I mean seriously, you don't get more super man powers by age you get slower and fatter. Anyways Bourne Ultimatum was great, the camera work was awesome and the action was non stop. Great addition to the series.

War, How much do you love Jason Statham. I know I do! Then throw in Jet Li. This movie has a weird plot about the Yakuza witch is a primarily Japanese mob and Jet Li is Chinese but over looking that fact the movie has lots of kicking and swards and a weird blind piano tuner.

I will finish my list with ...

The Kingdom, Now I muddle through all these other silly movies just waiting for one like this.
They don't come by very often and when they do you you have to turn off the light, make some popcorn and sit back and enjoy it.

The next one will be Charlie Wilson's War lets just hope Tom Hanks doesn't screw it up.
Just an FYI, Tom hanks is slated to star in Fahrenheit 451 and Tom will play Guy Montag. YES.