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Love is a horse that rides the sky in chapters

blah blah and the dead poets
21 October
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aesthetic, akashic records, alpha waves, arabic, attraction, axiom of choice, ayahuasca, before sunrise, before sunset, binaural beats, biofeedback, body language, bodypaint, brainwave entrainment, brendan perry, buddism, chemistry, cinematography, cold-fusion, counterpoint, curiosity, dead can dance, decomposition, definition, dreaming, drum circles, electroencephalograms, entheogens, environmentalism, fight club, figurative drawing, film, freckles, freedom of choice, genetic memory, glass, glenn gould, gustav klimt, harmony, hemi-sync, holographic theory, hypnogogia, instincts, intelligent design theory, intention, intrigue, irreducible complexity, jazz, kahlil gibran, kissing, levitation, love, magnetism, melody, metaphysics, minimalism, neurobiology, neurofeedback, nicola tesla, palestine, peace, perspective, peru, peter greenaway, pheromones, phi, photography, pink floyd, pluralism, poetry, polarity, polyrhythms, psychokinesis, qualia, quanta, quarks, raw beauty, rem sleep, richard linklater, rick strassman, rumi, sacred geometry, sculpture, semiotics, sensuality, spirals, spirit, stephen laberge, string theory, tabla, the amazon, the ancient, the art of asha, the astral plane, the cosmos, the elusive, the future, the lorax, the mayan calender, the neurophone, the singularity, the theramin, theta waves, tibet, timelessness, transcranial magnetic stimulation, travel, true romance, universal constants, vas, vegetarianism, vibration, vunerability, waking life, world music, zakir hussain