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she is so hot

i hate snow

fugly sluts and whores; I sware this is all I ever see at East Highschool. I am getting so tired of this place for realssssssssss! Ultimately it's not really that bad [like the classes and shit] but dang I am so sick of the tons of people who work here that i don't evne know. For example the other day kevin was being a tard and came all at me to kiss me, whcih i'm fairly sure looked strange, and i pulled away and kissed him on the cheek or something then this lady stops and says something along the lines of "OH MY GOD GET A ROOM" and i screamed something abck like "shut up you old nasty bitch". haha no it gets better though! this other lady then stopped in the doorway with her lunch tray all wide-mouthed. I told her to fuck off too, and left the building

Ugh and yesterday I had to stay during 7th Hour a little bit to take a test(I have "early release") and these bitches all stopped me like "ARE YOU LEAVING THE BUILDING? ARE YOU SURE?"
seriously why the fuck would i want to hang out in East? whyyyyyy? THERE IS NO REASON. everything great is beyond these walls

i just don't understand how they can expect us to act like "adults" when they treat us like we are infants!