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416555780: i'm an asian guy who hates asian girls, they're so fucking annoying... i hate how they take pictures with the peace sign, try to be cute when they have mustaches and how they TyPe LyKe DiS~* ^_-, its really fucking annoying and unneccesary. They honestly can't take a hint that im not interested... theres this asian girl at my school who has more facial hair than i do and can throw a football harder than 90% of my school.. its pretty embarassing. and how they have no ass.. its like looking at a wall with jeans... i hate how they stare at me... they really need to spill battery acid on themselves...i mean you can't type your reports for your job LyKe ThiS~* its fucking unethical and retarded. i mean dont get me wrong there are some hot asian girls but thats rare, and even if they're hot they become more annoying and attach themselves to my arm like a fucking leach... sometimes i want to throw salt in their eyes to see if they'll shrivel up and die. and if you're not a somewhat pretty asian gir, you're disgusting... you can honestly cut some of their hair off and play them off as men. sometimes i get jealous because they have more facial hair than i do. oh and i hate it when they wear the color contacts... then be like AzN PRyDE! i mean wtf... you're trying to be caucasian.. i have no asian pride.. not with the asian girls i know... the only asian girl i dated was adopted by white parents... the rest were all white. i cant stand asian girls. DONT COME NEAR ME ANYMORE YOU SMELL LIKE CABBAGE AND YOU HAVE FACIAL HAIR.