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oh my gosh the final i just took for this keyboarding class was so stupid. all the things she wanted us to type for the final we had already typed previously for class so i just opened up those documents and printed that shit off. now i have like an hour left and nothing to do but go on internet sites that are allowed by the school. damn i thought my teacher was a little slow but this final is just confirming her complete stupidity.

my first hour final was a little bit more challenging though. it had two essays which took me like an hour to write and my hand fucking hurt. i'm so glad i get to leave after this though and i don't have to sit around for the 45 minute lunch and then stay until 2 taking another final. hellzyeah. i am leaving this bitch ass place and chillaxin' fosho.

oh yeah. schuedle for next semester:

period 1 - english acamo11 - kelly
period 2 - us hist1950 - cohn. ALEXPEREZMEXICUNT i know you have this class with me do notnotnot change it!!!!
period 3 - adv geology - buege
period 4 - horticulture 2 - klecker
period 5 - wt trng/cond - mccredie
period 6 - justice/law - jones

i already know a lot of people in my classes since i made ms enright show me who was in them but i will really miss my schuedle from this semester :( oh well.