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friday 1pm-11pm/10 hours
saturday 5:30am-6:30pm/13 hours
sunday 6:30am-6pm/11.5 hours

= 34.5 hours

otherwise, everything is going really, really unbelievably good:)
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she is so hot

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work schedule this week:
thursday 1pm-10pm/9 hours
friday 1pm-10pm/9 hours
saturday 7am-10pm/15 hours
sunday 8am-6pm/10 hours


43 hours


goodbye sleep
she is so hot

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xbox 360 games. in order of purchase, with descriptions from

numba one! viva pinata! i know i already showed a little of this, but there could never be too much.

Welcome to an enchanting world where pinata animals roam freely in the wild. Pinata animals are a very delicate species that require almost constant attention to make them happy. Observe as they eat, grow, socialize, fight and even dance. Their world is yours in this entertaining next-generation simulation for the Xbox 360.
As caretaker of this land, it's up to you to maintain harmony in the complex pinata society. Create a pet paradise for the pinatas by adding a touch of your style to their world. Interact with the animals to keep them entertained. Customize them, dress them up, give them personalities and keep them safe from troublemaking ruffians. Contact other gamers via Xbox Live to help them with their pinata gardens, trade items or challenge them to a fierce competition. Viva Pinata is unlike any simulation you've ever played before.

#2: dead rising. this game is the shit, you battle zombies and basically anything is a weapon.

Frank West is a freelance photojournalist on the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime. He travels to a small suburban town in pursuit of a hot lead, only to find that it's been overrun with zombies. What a way to start an assignment. Frank heads for the local shopping mall, assuming that he'll be safe there, but the zombies have taken over the place. Now it's up to you to help Frank survive this onslaught of the undead, using everything you can find in the mall to help fight off the bloodthirsty mob and search for the truth behind this horrendous epidemic.
With an open, free environment, you'll be able to explore plenty of areas both inside and outside the mall. Zombies come in never-ending waves, so be prepared to use the endless supply of vehicles, makeshift weapons and more against these former humans. A real-time system means that key events happen at certain times, so you need to pay attention. You can even use Frank's photojournalistic skills to capture the mayhem on film for posterity — if anyone is left, that is.

THREE: gears of war. this game is THE BOMB.

In a frightening future, the whole of humanity faces a new enemy of warlike creatures that have risen from the depths of the earth. As the Locust Horde marches forth to dominate the planet, you'll take on the role of Marcus Fenix, a former war hero who has his own internal demons to contend with. Now, as he faces his most dangerous enemy yet, he must learn to lay his past to rest and lead a troop of soldiers to victory. In this epic tale of blood and glory, the whole fate of humankind rests on his shoulders alone. You must help him fight through horrifying scenarios that will require every ounce of determination, intelligence and bravery.
With realistic environments rendered in stunning detail, you will be immersed in a living, dynamic world governed by the laws of physics. You'll be able to utilize the game's interactive environment to turn ordinary objects and natural elements into the tools of war as you make your way across battlefields riddled with enemy gunfire. Learn to wield a massive arsenal of weapons designed to give you the power you need to succeed against your foes. Advanced artificial intelligence means the soldiers you command are nearly indistinguishable from human players for exceptional in-game combat support. Multiplayer options abound via Xbox Live capabilities that help you take your online gameplay to the next level. This exciting game delivers next-generation gaming to the next-generation console of the Xbox 360 for intense action that will have you coming back for more.

numba4: rainbow six vegas

Sin City is under siege and it is up to you, a Rainbow Six operative, to protect one of the world's most famous cities. Take to Las Vegas' chaotic streets and fight to disrupt a terrorist threat that could bring the world to its knees. Global security rests solely on your shoulders as you defend classic Las Vegas locations and environments, such as Fremont Street, the Strip and numerous casinos.
Revolutionary next-generation technology brings Las Vegas to life and lets you experience the city like never before as you race against time to defend it from destruction. Real-time tactical advice and mission briefs provide a realistic experience. Maneuver through Las Vegas with precise tactical planning and utilize high-tech equipment to get an edge on your enemies. Next-generation artificial intelligence matches you against a smart enemy that will work in groups and counter your moves for added realism.

#5: splinter cell

An armed man slowly approaches you. You subtly lower your hand to your gun as you get to your feet. Your heart races and your muscles tense. You don't know whether to shake his hand or snap his neck. It's life as usual when you're a double agent who's infiltrated a terrorist organization.
Step into the shoes of veteran agent Sam Fisher once again and guide him through his toughest assignment yet. If you become too aggressive and kill too many terrorists, you'll surly be discovered and pay with your life. If you're too hesitant, the terrorist cell will kill millions of innocent people. Employ real-life tactics used by today's double agents to sabotage the terrorists' plans while avoiding suspicion. You better sleep with one eye open.

and finally, number 6: marvel ultimate alliance. just got this last night yo. it is so fun! i was playin as wolverine.

Choose from some of the greatest super heroes the world has ever known and form an alliance for the ages to fight a coalition of evil. Compose a four-character dream team of characters such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade, Elektra and more as you decide what powers you'll need to defeat your enemy. You're in control of the story — what missions you undertake and how you interact with other characters will determine how the story plays out.
Step into a world of more than 140 popular Marvel characters. Select from 20 playable characters and unlock more along the way as you progress. Name your team, choose an icon and a vehicle for customization. Enjoy an exciting combat system that lets you instantly change between your characters to use their special abilities as you battle on land, in the sea and through the air. You can even play online and defeat super villains with your friends or compete against up to three players.
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