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Hello yourself ;D


I need more icons. Actually I have LOTS of them saved on my computer, but I don't put them on LJ, God knows why.

And I need something to write. I talk about TV shows all the time but there aren't many right now. Ok, I can think of something.

Like... Psych. PSYCH IS COMING BACK AND I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT! *-* I miss it sooo bad! :\

And I'm almost finishing season 2 of Prison Break.

And I'm re-watching Lost with supertrunfo, I love season 1. :D

AAAAAAAND I don't know. Moonlight is over, 24 is coming back in november or something, I don't know shit about season 5 of Supernatural, I want the Christmas Special and the Children In Need of Doctor Who NOW.

And oh, my favorite band's new album comes out on august.
I freaking love them.

That's it for today. Gosh.

Tags: moptop, random, tv shows, wtf

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