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Wanted to post something on LJ cuz it's been a long time since i did so. :)

And, as aaaalways, I'm gonna talk about... Tv shows. :O

Under the cut, cuz I said a lot. o_o

First: Torchwood. FUCKING Torchwood. I cried soo hard watching Exit Wounds, I mean... OWEN? TOSH? MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS? HELL NOO!! ;__; I know I sound like a little kid but I can't help myself. I mean, it was Owen... And Tosh! ._. Ok, moving on.

Second: Doctor Who. Season 4 whoa! Watched Partners In Crime and I can't say I really liked it, I mean, Donna is boring ;x. But I was like squeeing around when Rose showed up - I didn't expect her on the first episode. They totally have to bring her back to the 'real' world, cuz... Donna is boring. Think I said that before. lol

Third: Supernatural. I'm watching it on the TV, and it's behind here on Brazil, so the last episode I watched was Mystery Spot. And WHOOOA I loved it. Poor Sammy. Poor dean who kept dying. ._. I don't want Dean to go to heeell! :\ Haha I'm not the only one, I know. But, that episode... The only thing that was missing was, in the ending, a dedicatory (sp?): "to all the slashers out there". Cuz... WINCEST, MUCH? HAHA <3

Fourth: ...k, I don't have a fourth. But huh, I have to say I love Psych. And it's a long time since I watched House - man, I'm still on season 2. And when I finish season 2 of Psych, I'm gonna download episode 1 of The L Word. And I think I'm not gonna like it (:X), so I'm thinking about downloading Lost, from the beginning, cuz I watched season 3 on the TV and I really liked it. It hit my nerves cuz there are no fucking answers, but I sill liked it.

Yeah, no one can stop me when I talk about shows. ;x

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