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Hello lj,

Ive missed you. :)

Life's been great here in nz. Im having lots of fun and meeting lots of interesting new people :D Auckland has a LOT of Brazilians though so I've been speaking a loooot of Portuguese and that's quite bad but...
My English's getting better or so they say! Hahah I'm really glad about it cuz it was one of my goals! But let me tell ya, after 4 months of txt5000 it's hard not to abbreviate everything hahahah
Well there's not much to be said is there. I have hundreds of stories to tell, things that Ive done, moments that will be kept forever. No one ever forgets such an experience. :)


Tags: life, nz

  • New Zealand is the best place in the world.

    No, seriously. I wanna stay here forever <3

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