Isabela Lourenço (_belbis) wrote,
Isabela Lourenço

Malwee campeã da Superliga 2010!

And it's É CAMPEÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃO once again!!! In the Malwee/Jaraguá do Sul colors today! They're my futsal team and they just won the first title of the season! I hope we continue like that so we can go back to winning everything :D last year wasn't that good, but this year we're back! Just waiting for the league to start now! ;DDD
I know nobody here really cares, but I'm so happy I just had to share. Aw I love my boys *-*'

AND I NEED A MALWEE ICON LIEK NOW. Brb making one to edit the post soon. (Or... later, cuz I know I'll get good pics from the victory today...)

Tags: futsal, malwee
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