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Title: Sintonia
Isabela Lourenço (me)
Futsal (Malwee/Brazilian NT)
Disclaimer: This isn't real and they don't belong to me (hell, I wish).
A/N: They obviously love each other, I just added the slash into it. If you want to know the pairing a bit before you read, go straight to the notes in the end.
(Right: Falcão, left: Lenísio)


You were friends with everyone that played in Malwee and the national team, but inside the court it was all very technical. You were players, professionals. The rest came later. You looked to stay away a bit even from your brother¹, but with
him it was different. Unavoidable.

Your glances would meet by instinct, and immediately you'd understand². You knew what the other would do and you turned it into a goal, you knew if the other was tired, happy, sad or worried,  what you wanted in bed, what you hadn't even thought yet. There wasn't a way to not bring this to the court.

To you both, life without the other was unimaginable. The strong friendship wasn't just between you two, but your wives and children also³. You were neighbours and were always together in the club4. When you came back to Brazil, he was the one who took you under his wing.

Playing, you were the same – at least to one another. People around you would compare, measure, judge, but you saw it differently. You couldn't shine separately. You completed each other, and there was no greed or envy5.

Physically, your bodies and mouths would meet with tenderness, wildness or just naturally – always in the right way to the moment. You would smile and, as always, glances replaced words.

It was simply love, the most pure and truthfull.



¹ “It's hard playing against and with him. It's best to play with, of course. Since we're brothers, we try not to be together a lot so people won't talk. But if we're apart, they say we're fighting. But, in general, we try to look at each other as a common player” – Lenísio

“We recognise each other on glances. Beyond our relationship inside the court, outside of it we're as if the same family” / “ We have a really good relationship, and as I said, we make the plays by looking at each other. There are goal situations where a moment can make a difference” – Falcão


³ “We've been playing together since I came back to Brazil. I'm his roommate back at Malwee. Our families and children get along really well” – Lenísio / “My son and his will be the next pair of strikers in the national team really soon. They have a great link” – Falcão


4 “When we hired Lenísio there at Malwee, I soon searched for an apartment so he could live in the same building as me “– Falcão


5 “I never searched for comparison. I never tried to be the best in the world. If I had, I would've gone to the world cup (in 2004). He was the best in the world because of his own merits. There isn't any kind of vanity” – Lenísio


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