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Title: Revenge

Rating: Mid R

Pairing: Implied Ricardo Kaká/Andriy Shevchenko; Kristen Pazik/Caroline Celico (yup, you read that right).

Warning: Implied sex
Disclaimer: This is fiction, I don't own these people.

A/N: No, I haven't gone crazy, I swear. Thanks to my beta supertrunfo <3.



     Your husbands were sleeping together.

     You remember the day she found out. She saw them. They didn’t know it.

     She told you, and you weren’t so surprised. You just let the younger woman cry on your shoulder for hours. But everything ends at some point.

     The tears dried and you could see the change in her eyes. Her lips met yours in a hungry kiss. Soon, it became a routine.

     Your husbands would meet in her house and you two in yours, in the afternoon, as usual. She would press you against the corridor wall, always demanding, the kisses becoming more heated. She let you take off your own clothes, except for lingerie – those she liked to rip off your body, always aggressive. You would lie together in the guestroom (but never, never the master bedroom) bed, and she would always be on top. You would moan quietly as her hands roamed everywhere, her long, brown hair tickling your skin. She would mark your body with bites and scratches, and you would let her, because you were also being betrayed.

     You also wanted revenge.

Tags: caroline/kristen, fanfiction, kakà/sheva
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