Beka (_beka) wrote,

Southland's Dorian Missick and Harold and Kumar's Kate Kelton have landed recurring roles on the third season of Syfy's Haven, which premieres Friday, Sept. 21 at 10 p.m.

Missick will play Tommy Bowen, a street-smart Boston detective who comes to Haven investigating a suspected serial killer case. A shrewd, calculating policeman, he's also a fish out of water.

Kelton will play Jordan McKee, described as a "spirited" and "fierce" waitress at The Gun & Rose Diner. She is also an influential member of a mysterious organization of "troubled" people whose identity is known by a distinctive tattoo marking its members.

The third season of Haven, led by Emily Rose and Eric Balfour, picks up immediately following the events of the season two finale.

Emily and Lucas BTS video(Audrey and Nathan falling off a cliff?)
click here video won't embed

Emily's Twitter
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