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Unlife: Interrupted (3/?)

So, today us trainees are taking our part solver tests. I hear if you fail badly enough, they sack you. . . .

I kinda averaged out on the written. I passed the live telephone test (three calls) through sheer luck and by the skin of my teeth. I was so nervous I stammered and 'umm'ed--I'm just grateful I didn't swear.

I've sometimes--okay, a lot of the times--been known to say, "Oh, fuck me," or "Jesus-fucking-Christ!" when stymied. Note to self: stop doing that.

Tomorrow, I go live. Training-time is over.

I'm so not ready.
*will wind up working at KFC*

Previous bits here.

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Unlife Interrupted: Prologue

This is the prologue of my piece for the lynnevitational . . . killed two birds with one stone, I have. Talking like Yoda, I am.

Also? I lost the email telling me who I'm writing this for--but I remembered they wanted HC and smut, so--here goes nuttin'!

ETA! This fic? Is aaaaaaalllllll ladycat777's!

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Part I should be up by tomorrow evening. Apologies for the so-not-polished state of the prologue (though, lord knows, some of you out there may be thinking it's no worse than any of my other writing) but the rl and the editing process? Is a stone cold bitch.

And can I say? Oy! My head is killing me! I need glasses . . . again.

But I think I'm gonna like my job!

Did I just count my chickens before--ah, screw it.