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♥ friends only.

Friends only.

UO 2 in _spreee - Batch 1 & 2 [Complete]

This post is for UO 2 [Batches 1 & 2] held at _spreee people.

Please view details under the cut and top-up according the the ORANGE COLUMN shown.
Total due includes shipping charges, local NORMAL postage and handling fee of 50cents.
Total due in red, negative value means you will need to top-up.
Total due in black, I'll be dropping you a refund.
Please leave me your bank details!

Please take note that REGISTERED MAIL(SGD 2.25) is highly recommended as I will not be held responsible for any LOST NORMAL MAILS.

For sunglasses/shades, I suggest you pay a little extra to get a postpac box (S$1.65) to protect your shades in the mail - cause I'm not responsible for any shades arriving at your place broken in pieces! But it's up to you to decide to get it or not.

Should any of you wish to have your items bubble wrapped or whatsoever, let me know.
However, that will incur an extra 50cents of handling charge.

View TopupCollapse )

Please post your details in the given format AFTER TRANSFERRING top-ups. (to POSB Savings 119-42008-3)
Items will only be mailed after top-ups have been received.

Items will also only be sent out after ALL SPREE-ERS HAVE TRANSFERRED TOP-UP AMOUNTS. I will be mailing everyone's items out together, at the same time.

Refunds will be done over the weekend.

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Now isn't this depressing. Someone is leaving me again.


Stop thinking of running away when things don't go the way you pictured in your mind.

Because chances are, things will wind up the same way as before in the new place.

It's an endless, vicous cycle.

when you're beautiful like that

My ideal work life would be to have the chance to work around the world for short periods of time. :)

Aug. 19th, 2009

Why can't I do one fantastic thing and become rich and famous so that for the rest of my life, I can sit around and chillax?

what's in a name

I'm wondering how come I can't seem to develop the proper habit of addressing people by their names.

Maybe I'm just so plain rude.


I dream a little dream...

of you