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[Merlin] Morgana

New layout

I needed a change, so I made myself a new layout. This time I decided I wanted something generic. The css was a bit of a pain to get right for this one, but I'm happy w/ the result!
Btw, can anyone tell me why the colors in IE7 don't match Photoshop? They matched in IE6... *grumbles*
I really need to make a new profile layout now, but I'm too tired. I'll have to catch up on everything else tomorrow.

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[Merlin] Morgana

LJ Layout

So Kim (oxy_irony) challenged me to make a layout a while back, & I have finally gotten around to finishing it *cough* Feel free to snag it if you like it.

Download Zip Here

Zip includes: CSS, header image, FO Banner, icon, lj user & community icons

Make sure to replace the image urls w/ your own or nothing will show up!

If you don't know how to set up your layout, mrecscilla has a great tut HERE at her graphics community street_of_mercy. (Thank you Mercy!)