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Sweet Charity Video

Title: Attitude
Music: by Hardknox
Summary: Crossover action video for Jake (Jake 2.0) and Jane (Painkiller Jane).
Rating: R - for action violence and some gore
Format: wmv/zipped
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This video was created for saeva for Sweet Charity. She gave me the song and fandoms and asked me to make an action video. Sadly it took me longer to get around to it due to the semester getting more intense than I expected. When I did sit down to work on it, it was a bit of a struggle. I wanted to make a vid she'd really enjoy, and I wanted to make it seem the the clips belonged together. I also wanted to find clips that made it seem like Jake and Jane were a bit like rebels, which was easy for Jane, but not so much for Jake. This would have been a bit easier if I'd had time to watch the shows again in a marathon viewing, but sadly I had to settle for quicker scannings. I gave the clips a grungy coloring, and brightened them and upped the contrast so they would gel together. Overall I'm pretty happy with the outcome...

Any feedback is always appreciated!