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[Merlin] Morgana

2 SV Vids

I finally finished some new SV videos. The first one was requested a long time ago. The second video is my first attempt at an AU vid. Feedback is always appreciated!!!

To download the videos, just right-click on the image & "Save target as"

This Kiss Music by: Faith Hill
Summary: Lois and Clark don't get to kiss much on SV, but when they do it's memorable!
Size: 29.9 MB zipped/wmv

Weapon Music by: Matthew Good Band
Summary: An AU video about Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and his battle with Lex Luthor, and how Lois gets caught in the middle. Oliver will do whatever it takes to stop Lex and keep Lois safe.
Size: 48.3 MB zipped/wmv

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby
[Merlin] Morgana

Clois Vid

Well, I guess I should start posting my music videos here, too. I'll start with a new SV Clois video...

Title: One Week
Music: by the Barenaked Ladies
Summary: Just some Clois fun
Spoilers: Scenes from up to & including 'Tomb'
Size: 32 MB zipped
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Feedback is appreciated!