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[Merlin] Morgana

I'm For Sale

Sweet Charity

What I'm offering...

I would be happy to make you 30 icons, 1-2 banners/headers, OR a complete LJ or regular layout.

I'm happy to work with any fandom (just point me in the direction of pictures or screencaps) or personal/stock images.

I'm very flexible with what you want, but I will NOT do the following: anything slash, anything for Clark/Lana (SV), or anything for John/Teyla (SGA).

I can make a vid for any of the following fandoms:

Blood Ties, Bones, Burn Notice, Dark Angel, Doctor Who (New), Drive, Firefly, Jake 2.0, Jane Eyre (2006), North & South (BBC), Painkiller Jane, Pride & Prejudice (2005), Primeval, Raines, Robin Hood (BBC), Smallville, Standoff, Stargate Atlantis, Superman 1&2, Superman Returns, Tarzan (2003), The Cutting Edge

Any song you want to use is fine with me, but I don't do well with rap or folk music.

I'm pretty flexible with whatever you want, but I will NOT vid the following: anything slash or John/Teyla (SGA).
And for Smallville I will ONLY make vids for Lois, Clark/Lois, or Oliver/Lois (this is mainly because I only have Lois episodes, so if you're willing to be limited with just that footage I can vid Clark, Lex, or Oliver).

Yup, I'm nuts. But it's for charity so...