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fandoms and ships galore


Hi, crazy obsessive fangirl here. I'm easily amused & excitable. I tend to get completely immersed in whatever my latest obsession is, & it changes fairly often. I love to make fanart & music vids. However, college tends to really limit what I do. Please feel free to friend me if we share intrests, but be sure to comment HERE so I know to friend you back!

Oh so many, & constantly growing...

On-air Shows
Alphas Body of Proof Bones Burn Notice Castle Covert Affairs Criminal Minds Dance Academy Doctor Who Eureka Fairly Legal Falling Skies Flashpoint Fringe GH Grimm Hart of Dixie Haven Hawaii Five-0 In Plain Sight Leverage Merlin Miranda NCSI NCSI: Los Angeles Necessary Roughness Nikita Once Upon A Time Primeval Psych Rizzoli & Isles Royal Pains Sanctuary So You Think You Can Dance Terra Nova The Listener The Lying Game The Mentalist The New Girl The Vampire Diaries Unforgettable Warehouse 13 White Collar Young Justice

Off-air Shows/Movies
Battlestar Galactica Bela a Feia Bionic Woman Blood Ties Chuck Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior Crossing Jordan Dark Angel Demons Dollhouse Drive Earth2 Eleventh Hour Farscape Firefly Hellcats Human Target Jake 2.0 Knight Rider Lark Rise To Candleford Las Vegas Legend of the Seeker Lie To Me Life Life on Mars Life UneXpected Lipstick Jungle Lois & Clark: TNAOS Men In Trees Moonlight Mutant X My Boys New Amsterdam Off The Map Painkiller Jane Pushing Daisies Raines Remington Steele Robin Hood (2006) Rubicon Sliders Smallville Standoff Stargate Atlantis Stargate SG-1 Studio 60 Tarzan Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles The Black Donnellys The Cape The Closer The Dresden Files The Lost World The Nine Lives of Chloe King The Unusuals Tru Calling Women's Murder Club Gossip Girl (seasons 1-2) Grey's Anatomy (seasons 1-4) Heroes (season 1) McLeod's Daughters (seasons 1-3) Private Practice (season 1) Ugly Betty (season 1) Alice Lost in Austen Tin Man Becoming Jane Jane Austen (adaptations) Jane Eyre Iron Man Penelope Serenity Stardust Superman I, II Superman Returns The Chronicles of Narnia The Cutting Edge The Incredible Hulk Transformers etc...

For On-air Shows
Peter/Megan Booth/Brennan Jack/Angela Michael/Fiona Castle/Beckett Auggie/Annie Morgan/Garcia Christian/Tara Doctor/Rose Jack/Tess Sam/Jules Peter/Olivia Jason/Sam Wade/Zoe Duke/Audrey Marshall/Mary Eliot/Parker Merlin/Morgana Arthur/Gwen Gary/Miranda Tony/Ziva Nico/Dani Michael/Nikita Prince Charming(James, David)/Snow White(Mary Margret) Graham/Emma Nick/Claudia/Jenny Stephen/Abby Connor/Abby Becker/Sarah Matt/Emily Becker/Jess Shawn/Juliet Hank/Jill Evan/Divya Will/Ashley Toby/Charlie Ethan/Emma Jane/Lisbon Nick/Jess Stefan/Elena Matt/Caroline Tyler/Caroline Alaric/Jenna Pete/Myka Neal/Alex

For Off-air Shows/Movies
Helo/Athena Lee/Kara Rodrigo/Bela Tom/Jaime Henry/Vicki Chuck/Sarah Captain Awesome/Ellie Woody/Jordan Logan/Max Luke/Ruby Paul/Echo Alonzo/Julia Hood/Rachel John/Aeryn Mal/Inara Wash/Zoe Simon/Kaylee Jake/Diane Michael/Sarah Danny/Mary Richard/Kahlan Lightman/Foster Loker/Torres Charlie/Constance Sam/Annie Baze/Cate Kirby/Nico Shane/Wendy Clark/Lois/Superman Jack/Marin Mick/Beth Brennan/Shalimar Brendan/PJ Connor/Jane Ned/Chuck Remington/Laura Robin/Marian Quinn/Wade Clark/Lois Matt/Emily Sheppard/Weir Ronon/Teyla Daniel/Vala Danny/Jordan Matt/Harriet Tom/Lucy John/Cameron Tommy/Jenny Fritz/Brenda Dresden/Murphy Roxton/Marguerite Ned/Veronica Alek/Chloe Jack/Tru Chuck/Blair Derek/Meredith Alex/Claire Pete/Addison Henry/Betty Hatter/Alice Darcy/Amanda Cain/DG Tom/Jane Darcy/Elizabeth Wentworth/Anne Knightly/Emma Tilney/Catherine Edward/Fanny Edward/Jane Tony/Pepper Johnny/Penelope Tristan/Yvaine Clark/Lois/Superman Caspian/Susan Doug/Kate Bruce/Betty Sam/Mikaela

All my videos, & most of my art can be found at my website, Snarky-Dreams
You can send me an e-mail at becca84@snarky-dreams.net
All screencaps, graphics, vids, etc. are now being posted at puchre
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10tihay, alice, alphas, aragorn/arwen, auggie/annie, bbc merlin, bela a feia, belbin/agosto, blood ties, body of proof, bones, booth/brennan, brennan/shalimar, burn notice, castle, charming/snow, chuck, chuck/sarah, clark/lois, clois, college football, conservative, costume dramas, covert affairs, cranford, creationism, criminal minds, dance academy, dark angel, doctor who, doctor/rose, dollhouse, duke/audrey, earth2, education, eleventh hour, eliot/parker, eureka, evan lysacek, falling skies, farscape, figure skating, firefly, fringe, gh, grimm, hart of dixie, haven, helo/athena, human target, in plain sight, itv demons, jake 2.0, jake/diane, jane austen, jane/lisbon, jason/sam, john/aeryn, knightrider, lark rise to candleford, legend of the seeker, leverage, lie to me, life, life on mars, lightman/foster, lois & clark, lost in austen, marguerite/roxton, matt/emily, miranda, moonlight, mutant x, my boys, ncis, ncis: los angeles, necessary roughness, nick/claudia/jenny, nikita, nlock, once upon a time, ouat, painkiller jane, patrick/teresa, pete/myka, peter/olivia, primeval, pro-life, psych, pushing daisies, raines, richard/kahlan, rizzoli & isles, robin hood, robin/marian, rodrigo/bela, rose/doctor, roxton/marguerite, sasha cohen, serenity, sg-1, sga, sheppard/weir, smallville, standoff, stargate atlantis, stargate sg-1, superman, sytycd, teaching, terminator: sarah connor chronicles, terra nova, the black donnellys, the cape, the dresden files, the listener, the lost world, the lying game, the mentalist, the new girl, tin man, tower prep, tru calling, ucf, ucf knights, unforgettable, vala/daniel, vidding, warehouse 13, web design, white collar, women's murder club