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Yet another new video! This one is for the new NBC show 'Chuck', which I already love! The footage is from the unaired pilot episode. I think it can be viewed as an extended trailer, but if you don't like any spoilers wait to watch it after it's Sept. 24th tv premiere.


C'mon, C'mon Music: Do What You Want - OK GO
Summary: A random fun look at the pilot episode of Chuck.
Size: 22.1 MB zipped/wmv

Feedback is always appreciated!

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby
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2 SV Vids

I finally finished some new SV videos. The first one was requested a long time ago. The second video is my first attempt at an AU vid. Feedback is always appreciated!!!

To download the videos, just right-click on the image & "Save target as"

This Kiss Music by: Faith Hill
Summary: Lois and Clark don't get to kiss much on SV, but when they do it's memorable!
Size: 29.9 MB zipped/wmv

Weapon Music by: Matthew Good Band
Summary: An AU video about Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) and his battle with Lex Luthor, and how Lois gets caught in the middle. Oliver will do whatever it takes to stop Lex and keep Lois safe.
Size: 48.3 MB zipped/wmv

Sweet Charity: Buy Me, Baby
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I'm For Sale

Sweet Charity

What I'm offering...

I would be happy to make you 30 icons, 1-2 banners/headers, OR a complete LJ or regular layout.

I'm happy to work with any fandom (just point me in the direction of pictures or screencaps) or personal/stock images.

I'm very flexible with what you want, but I will NOT do the following: anything slash, anything for Clark/Lana (SV), or anything for John/Teyla (SGA).

I can make a vid for any of the following fandoms:

Blood Ties, Bones, Burn Notice, Dark Angel, Doctor Who (New), Drive, Firefly, Jake 2.0, Jane Eyre (2006), North & South (BBC), Painkiller Jane, Pride & Prejudice (2005), Primeval, Raines, Robin Hood (BBC), Smallville, Standoff, Stargate Atlantis, Superman 1&2, Superman Returns, Tarzan (2003), The Cutting Edge

Any song you want to use is fine with me, but I don't do well with rap or folk music.

I'm pretty flexible with whatever you want, but I will NOT vid the following: anything slash or John/Teyla (SGA).
And for Smallville I will ONLY make vids for Lois, Clark/Lois, or Oliver/Lois (this is mainly because I only have Lois episodes, so if you're willing to be limited with just that footage I can vid Clark, Lex, or Oliver).

Yup, I'm nuts. But it's for charity so...
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New layout

I needed a change, so I made myself a new layout. This time I decided I wanted something generic. The css was a bit of a pain to get right for this one, but I'm happy w/ the result!
Btw, can anyone tell me why the colors in IE7 don't match Photoshop? They matched in IE6... *grumbles*
I really need to make a new profile layout now, but I'm too tired. I'll have to catch up on everything else tomorrow.

_becca84_ _becca84_ _becca84_ _becca84_
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Gators Rule!

Florida 84, Ohio State 75

Heck yeah!!! Back to back Basketball Champions!!!
I should feel sorry for Ohio St. since they've now been beaten by my Gators in football & basketball in about 3 mnths... But I'm just too happy!!! *bounces to bed*
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I have been a horrible flister! Between being busy w/ projects for school and being sick (is winter over yet?), I've really been neglecting LJ (and even my website). Hopefully I'll feel better & have time to go through my flist soon! & I haven't forgotten any requests, they're just taking a while to get to...
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We Won!!!

Before I go crash, I just have to say...

41-14 BABY!!!

OMG, I'm sooooooo happy right now *dances to bed*
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