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This weekend...

Before I head to class *feeling of dread*, I thought I'd post a to-do list, and get some opinions (for motivation)...

Finish layout Kim challenged me to do (no, I haven't forgotten) Done!
Make layout for Sharma Done!
Make icons for icontest Done!

& now for the opinions... It's been a while since I made a vid, & since I have the house all to myself this wkend *cheers*, I figured I'd make a new one. But I can't decide what to make it for, so I'm asking ya'll ^_^ Which ever ship/fandom gets the most votes by Sat. morning is the one I'll make a vid for...

There was a tie for Booth/Brennan & Clois, so I'll pick alphabetically, B/B. & I swear I will get it done before Oct. ends...
Tags: [misc] poll, [misc] to-do
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