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[05 Jul 2005|09:42pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

muh birthday iz tommarow!!!!

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[01 Jul 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oOOo yeah i just got back from elisa's cousins n it wuz fun now we r chillin here maybe gunna go to marcos's house kay byeeeeeeeeeee

Let's play Doctor, babe.

[28 Jun 2005|06:35pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

okay well yesterday this bitch started talkin shyt to me n so we were gunna fight n she tolled me to call her n i did n she goes do u even wanna fight n i go yeah n i go u called me a hoe n she goez cuz u called me a bitch n i go u are a bitch n then i go itz gun be 1 on 1 n she goez yeah n kathryn wuz lyke no1's jumpin in right n i go yeah n then tha gurl goes im havin ppl jump in so she wanted a group fight up at aragon at 230 so i got lyke 20 ppl n we went up there n she never showed up so i called her n she didnt answer then her dad answered n wuz lyke hoos this wutz ur last name blah blah blah so i hung up on him then kathryn jackie n kt call me n tell me that this gurl tolled her dad that we were gunna kill her so i might get tha cops on me n shyt so im lyke wtfffff but im tired now but i still wanan fight her mannn she fuckin pussyed out n i asked her if she wuz gunna n she goes no n she specifically sayd "ill fight you im not gunna pussy out" bullshyt mannnn n i wuz fuckin mad cuz i got all those ppl to go up there UGHHHH i dunno i wanna fight her soon!!

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[27 Jun 2005|09:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]

guess hoo's birthday is coming up :)

oh yeah n i gotta few pics i will put them in here when i feel lyke it

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[01 Jun 2005|11:15am]
[ mood | hyper ]

hey guys well dis summer has been funnnn so far dats why i havnt been updatin but i start summer skool in lyke on monday :(! but yes so basically we go to huskeys alot now n yeah so i cant remember everything i been doin lately but yesterday me randi n P.A.T went n chilled n i saw dis fineeeeeeee ass boy named lyke dre p hes one of p.a.t's friends soo yeah i wuz lyke soo hook me up wit himmmm n yeah but on da way back there were these fineeeee guys in tha car next to us n they were lyke puttin there fone up so i can give them my fone number n me n randi just put r hands up n start givin them our number but yeah they didnt get it soo :( but yeah imma go i hafta get readi!!!

julie is my boo!!!!!

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[28 May 2005|05:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

ay guyz well right now im at prestons hes cool well today wuz kinda boring until jacquelyn called me n asked me if i wanted to go to da galleria n i kinda didnt want to but i went newayz n we were there n we went shoppin den we stopped n got some food den dis guy comes up n says to preston "YO HOMIE U LYKE LIL FLIP N ZRO" n i just started bustin out laughin n preston wuz lyke yeah n so he sat down n started cleanin off da table n den he sat down n set his cd case on da table n he takes off his gloves n i go i lyke ur gloves n he goes thanks n he solled preston a cd n he gave da ppl next to us a card thing n i go can i have a card n he goes yeah u want my number to n i go yeah sureee n so yeah but den we hung out for a while n yeah sooo it wuz tight n all but imma go now

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[22 May 2005|10:05am]
aight well i've been findin out sum shyt bout someone n it really made me get ova him n i didnt no dat he wuz dat way but i guess i knew a different side of him cuz if i woulda known he wuz lyke dis i wouldnt have even gone out wit him but newayz yeah so da shyt i been findin out has really been pissin me off n so my friend had a party yesterday n i went n there were some finee ass bois there but newayz so yeah da party wuz tight i wish i woulda stayed longer but i couldnt :( i left at lyke 11 15 but da party wuz ova at lyke 11 but ppl still stayed so yeah i wuz kinda mad though cuz my friend tolled me some more shyt bout dis boi n hez been sayin shyt bout me her n randi so yeah but yeah newayz but my mom took my fone up last night cuz i wasnt answerin it only becuz it wuz dead n i couldnt get on da computer yesterday cuz my "attitude" but i got my fone back today n now i can get on da computer but i dunno if im grounded or not but newayz yeah imma go

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[16 May 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | sad ]

yeah so this week sucked well... all except monday

well monday. wuz fun i came back n went to jacquelyns n hung out wit luis n oscar n jacquelyn
tuesday i wuz sick but i went to skool n then to jacquelyns
wednesday pretty much tha samething except no luis or omar
thursday went to skool n i got picked up early to go to tha orthadontist n ms boarders wrote me up for skipping when i didnt even so i should've had dmc on friday
but friday i didnt go to skool
saturday slept all day
sunday pretty much tha same
today wuz tha worst day though... stayed home n took my dad to tha airport n he left then he called me back n i noticed i had 2 new voice messages n i look n luis left one of them...n he broke up wit me...n that sucks cuz i really really really lyke him alot i mean he made me forget bout all my problems n shit n i dunno i jus wish he didnt cuz he means alot to me even though i havnt been wit him for that long n i dunno if he broke up wit me for a nother gurl or for wut n i jus dunno ne more it just hurts now n theres no point in going to skool cuz i only went to see him n shit n now jus its what ever.

4 Wanted to play.|Let's play Doctor, babe.

[15 May 2005|11:31am]
[ mood | sick ]

well lyke i said im sick n it sucks cuz i dont really eat or drink nething cuz it hurts n i lost lyke 5 or more lbs cuz of it n if i get dehydrated which i have came close to already i hafta go to da hospital so yeahhh but neways todays been aight boring really cuz i jus watched teevee so far i might go back to sleep oh yeah n i took my medicine n so yeah but newayz imma go


Let's play Doctor, babe.

[14 May 2005|11:03am]
[ mood | sick ]

aight guys so this fuckin sucks i jus came back from tha doctor n i found out i have strep throat n a hand foot n mouth diseases w.e that is so i didnt go to skool on friday n i prolly wont on monday either which sucks cuz i already missed alot of days of skool soo yeah but i hope i get better soon :)


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Day 1 [05 May 2005|08:36pm]
[ mood | i got a headach. ]

hey guys well im in georgia now n my dad n his company r havin a cinco de mayo party n i jus been hanging out wit him all day n jacquelyn called n i talked to my babi <3<3<3 lol then he wuz lyke someone retarted wants to talk to you den i wuz lyke hoo n he goes guess n i go jacquelyn? n he started laughin n tolled her then i talked to her then she said she'd call me back oh shit sorry i forgot i wuz writin in dis but now its da cinco de mayo party n so im jus gun be in here i miss luis though n i cant wait till mondayy imma have a few pics of him n his sexy self in here when i get a camera n take some pics so yeah so far dats my dayyy but imma go


<3<3I LUV LUIS<3<3

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[04 May 2005|08:27pm]
hey guyz well today wuz funnnn i went to skool n in first period jose wuz lyke "ur goin wit luis" n i wuz lyke yeah n he goes YOU BETTA TAKE CARE OF HIM ME N HIM BEEN TIGHT SINCE PRE K n he said dat to me alllll dayyyyyy i sware n wlyke it wuz borin most of da time except when i saw my babi afta skool i wuz standin wit luis n jose wuz comin n i wuz lyke watch he gun say sumtin bout me n u n jose comes up n wutta know he comes up n goes YOU BETTA TAKE CARE OF HIM n me n luis started laughin n i go tolled ya den i couldnt find randi afta skool n then i saw jacquelyn so me n luis went ova by her the l n alyssa went ova there den monica came... but it wuz so funni jacquelyn goes YOU TRIED TO FUCK LUIS n she goes nawh n L goes she lyin n L is her friend so i wuz laughin den da cop started yellin den me n jacquelyn n john went to jacquelyns n we smoked some stuff den we walked to da park by luis's house n went on da merry go round thang n we went back to jacquelyns n i luis came ova n so me n him were hangin out....den had to leave cuz her mama wuz gun come home soooo we went to his house n i met his sisters n brothers n his sister is nice n so is his brother den luis n his bro walked me home but we stopped at fiest n me n luis were kissin n his bro wuz bein so funni n he wuz lyke imma smoke a ciggarett n so luis goes 2 hit pass bitch n he goes aight so me n luis were kissin n his bro wuz countin da hits n he goes 8 hits n luis goes 1 kiss then he got to lyke 20 sumtin n i thought it wuz cute n his bro wuz bein hilarous den they had to leave so i left n i came home den went wit my ma to wal mart den came home n i have to pack cuz im leavin for 5 days to georgia :( but it wuz so cuteee today me n luis were kissin n he goes im not gun get ne of dis for a week n i wuz lyke yeah n i dunno it wuz cute how he said it n yeah well i gotta go pack :( prolly wont get on da computer for a while but i might so ya neva know but imma miss luis cuz he is so sweet to me no ones eva been dis sweet to me hes da best n i luv him hes sooo adorablee :) but i get to see him on mondayy!!! n i spent as much time as i could wit him today so yeah i hafta pack

<3 jacky<3

<3i luv luis<3
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[02 May 2005|06:16pm]
[ mood | <3333luis<3333 ]

so guys dis is wut happend today
i woke up n got ready but i woke up late :( so i didnt get to see luis as long as i wanted to but i was late to first period cuz i wuz talkin to luis randi n chris but i didnt get a dhall n ms hefley wuz bein tight today n shes bringin us donuts tommarow :)!!! n so 2nd period wuz aight but i didnt see luis after 1st or 2nd :( 3rd wuz tight we played basketball n i skooled all dem :D but afta dat i STILL didnt see luis so i was all :( but i have 4th period wit him so i was happy n i got moved to da back of da room permanently to da "hole" which is perfectly fine wit me cuz luis is kinda right there but im right next to da desk n luis went up to da teachers desk n i kicked him in da but n he started laughin n i kept lookin at him n he looked at me n i would start laughin fo no reason maybe cuz hes so damn fine but newayz i went to b lunch n skipped 5th cuz i HATE ms boarders n den afta b theres lyke 20 minutes in between so me n randi went to da bathroom n walked around den went to da office n said we got kicked out sooooo yeah we were chillin talkin to ms daresbourge n shes retirin dis year :( but den da bell rang n randi wuz lyke can we go n shes lyke u got dis lunch n randi goes YEAH n so we left n den we went to dat lunch n i checked into lunch dhall den came back down got food n me n randi n julie n melissa were eatin den da bell rang n i went to go meet up wit luis wit randi den we couldnt find him n den i was lyke I SEE HIM n randi goes I SPY LUIS!!! n we started laughin den he walked me to my locker n den walked me half way down da hall way but he didnt wanna be late to class even though he already wuz so i wuz lyke :( :( but he gave me a kiss n i was lyke :D <3 den i went to spainish n we were doin our greenies againn den i was walkin wit justin n i saw dis lil gurl dats lyke up to my boobs dat always flirts wit luis n i was lyke oh hell nawh so i was lyke justin hurry up n i was lyke NOW so i was goin quick n i cannon balled justin g. lol i was laughin den i saw randi n i was lyke wheres luis cuz i saw dat lil gurl n den i turned around n he was walkin wit chris so i was lyke :D den i tolled randi to cum wit me but she didnt so i went by myself n so i went to art n dat lil gurl has class wit luis n after me n randi came out n lyke she was waitin for him so i walked up to him n i stood infront of her n i was talkin to luis den ms garza called him in da office n they were talkin bout who delivered wut to dis one gurl cuz they student assistants soo yeah n he said dat lil gurl n me n randi started laughin den we went n started walkin to jacquelyns n we saw a dead bird n randi screamed n i wuz lyke SHHHHH HES SLEEPIN n she started laughinden we went to jacquelyns n i stayed wit luis :) n den kathryn came ova n she brought a ciggarette n luis n chris started walkin n i was lyke bitch. n he goes oohhh im sorrryyy n den he kissed me n he was lyke ill be right back n kissed me again n he walked out n randi was lyke awww dats sooo sweet den randi was lyke lets jump jacky n i thought she was talkin bout jacquelyn n i was lyke HELL YEAH LETS GO den i was lyke oh wait me n she started laughin n i was lyke shit n i started runnin n i ran into da kitchen n i grabed a pan n jacquelyn grabbed a pot n broke her fuckin stove i walked away n went by luis :) n den jacquelyn hit chris in da dick n he fell n luis covered his dick den fuckin randi fell on jacquelyn n i was laughin n jacquelyn goes UR TITTY WENT IN MY MOUTHH!!! n i was laughin den me n luis went back inside n we were sittin on da couch n we were supposed to leave at 430 n chris goes "sry to inturupt but its 456" n i started laughin n den fuckin jacquelyn wuz drunk n was lyke JACKY U CANT LEAVE ME n i go yes i can but she had her friend kathryn n yeah so we were walkin n den chris wuz lyke lemme borrow ur fone but we were infront of fiest n den luis wuz lyke aight ill say bye to u now :) hes so cute den i walked home n den we went to k8's n gave her her birfday present n she wuz bein cute but den we went to dis store n dis guy had lyke no hair n he bought shampoo i was lyke ?!??!?!?! but we came home n now here i am but today wuz fun cuz my babi made it all good
<3<3<3 i luv luis!!he makes me feel good n he makes me forget bout my past relationship problems n omg hes soooooo sweet to me he always makin me smile hes da best boi eva! i luv him <3<3<3

16 Wanted to play.|Let's play Doctor, babe.

[01 May 2005|11:04am]
[ mood | <3luis<3 ]

heyyy guyss well yeterdayyyy wuz funnn i woke up n i was tapin down my room so we could paint n we started paintin n den randi came over wit jeremy n we chilled for a lil bit n jeremy was sayin shit bout my dog lyke "if hes deff why does he have a name" n it wuz funni but they left n i went back upstairs painted a lil bit more n it got borin sooo i came down here on da computer n was talkin fo a lil bit n i got sum food to eat den i got my eyebrows waxed n ray got a manicure n we came home n den i went up to fiest n met justin there then rH came n we chilled den jacquelyn called my cell n wuz lyke were r u n i go fiest n she goes wit hoo n i go rH n justin n she goes come to tha park by ur house so we didddd n she was there with her niece n she wuz bout to go down da slide wit her niece n this gurl comes up n lyke kinda is lyke move n i go uhh..... n then jacquelyn was sittin on da slide wit her niece bout to go down n dat gurl was lyke GO n jacquelyn was lyke WAIT CANT U SEE I HAVE A BABY WIT ME n those kids were playin spider n justin was tappin tha person on da sholder it wuz funni den me n jacquelyn were pushin her niece on da swing den i tolled jacquelyn to call luissss den she did n she wuz talkin to her brother n i talked to him n justin wuz cryin bout his fone jkay but he kept yellin at me n shit sooo i tolled luis i would call him back so i did n we talked for a lil bit den he said he'd call me back so i was lyke aight so me n rH were tryin to figure out wut to do n so we jus went to her house n such den luis called n i was talkin to him fo a lil bit n den my mom came n picked me up so den luis called me back n we were on da fone fo a while n he kept makin me laugh hes so sweet den he had to go :( so i went to sleep den i woke up n now im listenin to music but im go lataa


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i <3 luis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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[29 Apr 2005|07:59pm]
well dis week has been sooo tightttt me n randi are hangin out alot but yesterday i hung out wit jacquelyn n randi but den afta dat justin came ova n so it was me justin randi chris n pierce n den we were hangin out den we went to fiest n it was tight there cuz i was playin wit pierces bee bee gun i felt cool n den randi left den justin left den we just hung out n chris played dis guy in basketball n i was shootin da ground wit da gun n i felt cool n den we just hung out n i went home n they came n got a drink n went home den i took a shower n went to sleep at lyke 11 sometin OMG ONE OF MY FAVORITE SONGS ARE ONNN!!!!lonley by akon :D but newayz i woke up at 7 today n sooo i went to school n it was funny luis goes HEYYYYYYYYYYYY JACKKKKKKKYYYYY cuz yesterday i tolled him he says my name lyke everone else n it was tight today first we re took dis test cuz NO ONE passed den 2nd we were in da computer lab n esp we went to da cafateria n dis lady kkept bitchin shes lyke IF NO ONES HELPIN GET OFF DA STAGE i mean i understand it but she got annoyin cuz we were all helpin for da 8th grade dance denn 3rd we jus sat there cuz its p.e n ppl were doin push up tests n 4th we took a test n i was talkin wit ms fray n justin n we were watchin a movie n den ms fray made fun of me i was lyke i dont appreciate dat n she started laughin n shes lyke u can be da teacher cuz i was lyke tellin everyone to be quiet but i had to sit in "the hole" cuz i was talkin n i couldnt watch da movie cuz da teevee wuz right next to us den i went to b lunch for a lil bit n i was late againnn dennnn lunch i didnt eat notin i was jus listenin to music n 6th we worked on our "greenies" for spainish review den art i was sad n shit n randi was tryin to cheer me up n she pretty much did it was funni n afta me n randi rannnn n we saw luis up ahead den we saw chris n hes lyke dat bitch didnt wait for me n i was lyke u can walk wit mee :D n so we were walkin n den luis came back n soo we were all walkin n lyke they pushed me up against da locker n was lyke lets rape her n i was lyke YESSS n they started laughin n randi was lyke WUT R U DOIN TO HERRR n she was laughin den we all leftt n luis n chris walked me home :) kindaa they walked me to fiest n den i went to jacquelyns n it was funni cuz she was high n on bars n she was dancin while she ate her soup n shit n lyke yeah den she called luis n was talkin n lyke it was funni den i was talkin to him n jacquelyn comes n tackles me n im lyke wtff n she got up n she goes im da best football player errr den she started chasin me n den me n jon were gun smoke but my mama picked me up n den we went to bed bath n beyond den to linens n things n i got new bed sheets :) there notica n they really pretty there lyke blue n pink so dats wut colors im paintin my walls but newayz she got me a chair too i was lyke LKHJDSGL;HASDLGH YESSS den we got in da car n luis called me :) n we talked for a lil den me n my mom went to sears n i saw coach wood n sum otha guy cuz they work there n lyke i was talkin to them n thay go why rnt u at da dance n i was lyke dont wanna go n i jus talked to dem fo a lil bit den i came home n went wit my mom to get gas n she got me whataburger n i ate it n watched teevee n now im here listenin to music but im go lata

<3 jacky <3
Let's play Doctor, babe.

[27 Apr 2005|04:22pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

today was pretty much fun well i went to school n i was late to math cuz i went n walked wit chris n was talkin to him for a lil bit but i ran in class n sat down im slick n me n jose were talkin n shit n i kept gettin da answers right :D but in 2nd period we went to da library to finish watchin a movie den went up to class n did dis project thang n da bell rang n she was lyke NO SIT DOWN YALL ARNT GOIN NO WHERE den da anouncemts say "all 8th grade gurlz go to da gym" n me n dayna were lyke yessss so me n her stayed togeatha tha hole time n neryada n sarah were there too n soooo we were sittin there watchin tha gurlz do color gaurd n i go i taught dem dat n they started laughin but i saw cindy n catlin den we left n i came back for p.e n we did push up test n i did 12... i tried to do more but he lyke basically wanted us layin on da ground i was lyke AIGHT IM DONE n he goes 12 good job i started laughin den i went to sit wit cody n robert n we jumped brandon except only robert did.... den 4th period rudy was bein a butthead n sayin shit n i was lyke w.eeeee so i went n walked wit luis n he kept wantin me to take a dollar but i didnt :D n he made me lyke 5 minutes late to class but it was tight cuz ms boarders wuz bein nice today it was wierd n she didnt give me a dhall den lunch was aight me n justin jumped ms green but she grabbed me in da throat but den she let me talk in her walkie talkie n she walked away n i was lyke u just scaredddd n den 6th period was aight i needa turn in sum stuff tho n 7th it was gay at da beginin cuz ms brown was bein meannn but den me n randi were talkin n ms brown started bein nice dennn after class luis me randi n chris were walkin togeather n den me n randi went to her grandmas house her lil sis is cute she reminds me of me when i was a babi but randi goes to her drop it lyke its hott n her lil sister went down but she wouldnt cum up n randi was like hahah she stuck n we both started laughin n her grandmas tight buttt newayz i came home n here i am but imma go lata

<3 jacky

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i <3 rudy :) [23 Apr 2005|09:34pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

today wuz tight wellllll dis is wut happend
i woke up at like 11 sumthin took a shower n got on da computer for a lil bit den i got ready n justin came ova to give me money to go buy him shirts at foot locker cuz i was goin to da mall then i went there n got tha shirts n i went to buckle n tryed on some shit didnt get notin though then we went to rave n bath n body works n sephora n den me n my mama went to panera bread n that place wuz good then we went to kohls then i came home n went to fiest n gave justin his shirts den i saw ELISA N RANDI there n i talked to them for lyk 30 minutes about some shit n elisa wuz like wanna come to my sixteen party n i was lyk when n she goes in 18 months n me n randi just bust out laughin n jeremy was like thats a year n a half n so shes lyk shut up n i was lyk sure n she was like u can stand there wit rudy n i was like fine n so im prolly gunna go but im invitin that gurl to my party shes to tight n we talked for a while longer n me n randi kept sayin pretty much den jeremy was like SHUTTT UPPPP n rudy called me while i was walkin up to fiest n i talked to him for a lil bit den i had to leave but i think imma hang out wit thoughs gurlz there crazzzy but i luv um soooo i went to wal mart wit my mom n we went to lowes but it was closed n i was like FUCKKKKKK but me n my mama r gunna clean nowwww


i <3 rudyyyyyy

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[22 Apr 2005|09:48pm]
aight guys well today was fun
well first i wake up at 6 i was like lafgas;ldgjaljg damnit den i went back to sleep till like 710 n my mom asked if i was stayin home cuz i didnt feel good n i was like nawh im okay so i get ready n everything then i go take a pill to make me feel betta n i go over to tha sink n i drink tha water after i take tha pill then like 1 minute after i fuckin threw up then i went to school in tha mornin n i was talkin to justin then i went n talked to chris n luis but it kinda sucked cuz like rudy was SILL suspended then i went to math n i got kicked out cuz ms hefely was bein a bitch or w/e so i went to ms fitzgerald n me n her talked about wut i shouldah done ... i was suckin up :D... but newayz i went back in da class n took a quiz that i think i aced but theni went to 2nd period n tha fuckin principal makes this gay ass announcement n i was like mann shes rudeee n then everyone kept complimentin my hair today :D thenn i went to 3rd n did tha sit up test n i did 39 in one minute pretty good considering i havnt done ne in a while then 4th we were readin anne frank n den we took a quiz n i got a 105!!! thennn ms fray comes up to me n shes like i know u n rudy r togeather n i tolled ur mentor i was like WUTTT but then i layed my head on my desk so she knew... then 5th ms boarders wuz a bitch as always 6th was doin skits for spainish 7th was doin some quillin shit then we went to esp at tha end of tha day cuz locker clean out n me n randi were just walkin round tryin to find ppl to put on tha list for my party i might have thennn we were talkin to luis n chris for a lil bit then we were all walkin n luis was like guyz hide me cuz he was skippin i guess then they found a mirror in tha trash n i took it n bent it n they were like WUT R U DOINGGG n luis was like u gotta give me five dollars now n i was like nawhhh n he was like aight a piece of gum n i was like i dont have ne so now he keeps askin for some n i always n givin him a high five instead n hes like gurl u know wut i mean n i laugh n hes like u gon pay me back n i was like aight w.e then me tony n jose were walkin to go to my house n we call rudy n he aint answerin then we hook up wit chris n david so we walk n so rudy walked to by labay n yeah then we walked to tha park n all chilled there then we went to fiest n they played basketball n so me n randi went to her grandmas house for a couple minutes cuz she wanted to call reggie sooo we went n then came back n all these otha boys came like pierce humza demon justin alex n some otha ppl so we all went to huskeys n they got food n chilled there for a while then we went back to fiest n some of tha guys went home n randi was supposed to stay tha night but she isnt...then rudy n jose n tony came over n we chilled for a lil bit then my mom took them home n home im home n my ankles hurt from all that walkinnnnnn n im talkin to my dad n im fuckin tiredd but tommarow i might go to da mall n get some clothes :D but imma go watch dis movie talk to rudy n go to sleep halla
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[19 Apr 2005|08:02pm]
[ mood | blank ]

hey guys well today was pretty much gay we had TAKS n that shit was easy n like it took everyone 5 hours n like 6 ppl got written up for talking then like i went to 5th period n i reallly had to use tha bathroom n like ms borders wouldn't let me go n i was just sitting there arguing wit her for like 15 minutes then she sent me a pass to tha nurse i was like what? shes like get it signed n i was like w.e n so i went n then came back then i skipped 6th n went to B lunch n me jacquelyn n randi went outside n they had a spinning contest n they fell in tha pricker things n it was funny they were screaming then we went n talked to chris n luis for a lil bit then i went over by my boo cuz he left me then me n him were walking then jacquelyn n randi kept hitting me in my boobs i was like ahhhhhhhh then i walked around wit rudy :D n he came to C lunch except he ignored me for tha last 15 minutes but its okay cuz i was wit my good ol friends n we took jirous's spiral thing n was hiding it i dunno if he ever got that back.... i feel bad if he didnt but ne waysssss then i went to 7th n i looked in tha office n robert luis n demarcus were in there n i started tellin ms brown a story then they were like JACKYY n i was like wut n demarcus was like wuts my name n i was like demarcus n luis was like see she had to think for a lil bit n i was like no i didnt then i finished telling ms brown a story then we listend to lil jamesy boys cd thennnnnn we went to first period for like 10 minutes then we just talked to ms hefley n such n such then i went to my mama's car n came home n hung out wit my dad n we took him to tha air port n me n ray were going towards tha bathroom n i pretended i had a gun n i made a gun wit my hands n put it in my shirt n i was like IF U DONT FOLLOW ME ILL SHOOT YOU then we sat there till about 6 then he left then we went to wal mart n got some stuff then we came home n now im talking to my lil boo rudy

13 Wanted to play.|Let's play Doctor, babe.

[17 Apr 2005|05:57pm]
heyy guys well i havnt written in here in a while but this weekend was tight on friday i was board n didnt no wut to do then i had this great idea of going to da movies sooo i was like k8 rH yall should come but only rH did then i invited rudy n max n adrian went wit him but first i had to convince max to go to lowes instead of amc n i didd :D i tolled him it was my birthday n he was like alright then i get to give u birthday hits n i was like aight n he was like but not on tha arm n i was like???? n then i was like my face n then i knew wear n i just kept guessin wrong places then we went n me n rH walked over to whataburger n saw rudy adrian max chris n pierce n they waited for us then we went n sat down n tha cop was like if ya'll dont buy something within 5 min then ya'll hafta leave n max was like i am tha lines just long then these ppl came in n max went to tha line fast so he could be infront then i was talkin to adrian n rudy n rH n it was funny n max came n sat close to adrian n i was like aww thats cutee n then we all talked for a lil bit then on tha way back to tha movies n adrian punched me i was like ahh n he was like u can punch me so i did n then we were gunna go watch amityville horror but then i couldnt cuz my mom was like no u cant im comin to pick u up now n i was liek WHATTTTT so i went home n then i got on tha computer for a lil bit n talked to rudy then went to sleep then i woke up n i saw my dad n i was like whattttt heyyyy cuz i havnt seen him in forever n so hes here till tuesday thenn i went wit rH to get her puppy n might i add its very cute thennnn we went to go buy it shitt from petco n we took it to tha vet n that was my day saturday then today i went to go to wal mart n target n shit liike that n then i went to go see tha amityville horror n it was funny but then we went to rH's n got her doggy n took it to tha park n played wit it then i called rudy n we talked n then he was watchin a movie n i let him go then me rH n k8 made a sandwhich for ourselves then we came back here n so far thats my weekend
4 Wanted to play.|Let's play Doctor, babe.

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