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Its been a long time...

Well life is back together and the peices fit. I am back home again, not in brandon but riverview. I am working and going back to school fall. I will also be playing softball thank god. I have missed that part of life. I am engaged, and we are planning our wedding date Oct.1.08 It will be amazing. I already have the place. My mom and I are looking at reception halls. Its exciting, having the world on your side. I mean the man I am with is my life, and yes we have had a few curves but it makes the path a whole hell of a lot stronger. We have been here three weeks, we both have jobs, just bought a car 2005 Scion and I am still driving out country-farm truck. I dont wanna sell it, he does. But I know the two cars I want next and he is down to get one or the other.
WE ARE GOING TO ENGLAND next year for one of my best friends weddings.
I saw my best friend brittney.

And life is doing me just fine.
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