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"A rich love doesn't cost a thing" C. Angelina J.

This is where I begin a whole new form of life. Its not that different, Im still the new kid on the block, but I have made some close friends. Of course not one girl (besides the LEZY Committy) has talked with me. Oh well. My friendship can extend to any level, but if someone wants their own head stuck the their own ass..... I say "Dig Deeper". Its shit, trying to deal with drama, and so I simply have none . I am lucky. College is a time for me to really get the jump of things. I am so focused, so ready to learn from and educate others.

No more going back to old habbits. I am breaking free of them. I am letting things go, that should have been released long before now. I also am learning not to blaim myself, or live in a guilt trip where I have to lie just to sounds somewhat in reality. Things have been difficult the past four years, (even before) But just I experienced things, Turmoil was The key factor of my everyday life. Its not anymore. I am stopping it, even before it begins now in Indiana. I have my own space, so I can choose when and when not my company can come. I am closed minded to idea's of how to live college life. Of course I will hear you out, you can speak, I will listen but I make the decisions. Whose yo daddy? <>.

Im holding on to a stone, very precious. Im not making full committement, but I have apart of a heart, and the jewel once and for always has apart of mine. I am not able to give love up anymore. I was trampled, and then I turned around and trampled on hearts. I am now pacient (for the most part).

Goodnight, and dont worry. I will keep you posted.-Angel J.
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